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War On Women!!

The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign machine are touting a “War on Women” in referring to the GOP and Governor Romney.  Although, I can’t see this; I would like to go through but just a few points for both sides and then let you decide for yourself.

First let’s list what the Dems say is their reasoning:

1. They list equal pay for equal performance. Got to give it to them, I lean this way also. But if we look inside their own party and White House Staff, you will find that they do not practice what they preach.

2. They continually rant for equal rights in all fields. I, too, feel or lean that way.

3. They have and are currently espousing the reproductive right or more directly they rant about the right to be compensated for $7-$10 a month contraceptive drug. On this issue I part dramatically, in that I should not be asked to pay for their pills, when I have to pay if I want or need Viagra or testosterone. Be consistent here folks. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Now, let’s make a list of how I think the Dems are the ones who really promote a “War on Women”. This is a list of “one factor” and it will in a “Common Sense Way” show that they are by far the culprits.

1. The Democratic Party and the Obama Administration fully back abortions, and the Planned Parenthood  Organization and their belief in gender based abortions. That’s right, they believe if you do not want to carry a female to term, you should have the right to abort the pregnancy.

Now, that really defines what a “War on Women” is all about. Common Sense tells me that all these other factors that Dems tout are not important or even relative if you are OK with killing the female fetus and never giving it a chance to want equal rights or pay.

Now women, go vote accordingly for equal pay which the GOP also wants, or for the Democrats that feel you are so unimportant as to use your gender to decide to abort.


Don’t Be Just Another Old Dumb Ass!

That’s right, I said Dumb Ass! If you believe what the Obama campaign is trying to feed you on Medicare, then you are a complete Old Dumb Ass, period.

Folks, the Dems are currently stealing $716 billion, that’s with a B not a M, from Medicare to fund ObamaCare. The thievery will result in reduced payment to doctors and hospitals which in turn means all you old dumb asses will no longer have enough services to tend to your needs.

This is one of those things Nancy Pelosi was talking about when she said “We have to pass ObamaCare to find out what’s in it”. They certainly did not tell you this ,or want to do so, before they got it passed 100% by the Dems in the House and Senate.

This is going to destroy Medicare if you sit by and allow Obama to be re-elected. If you do so, then you’ll deserve exactly what you will get.

The Dems say they are trying to save Medicare.  Common Sense will tell you they can’t be trying to save it by cutting $716 Billion out of the program. Wait! Maybe, just maybe, it will work as well as stimulus. Remember that one?  They said they could get us out of debt through spending more– and borrowing more– and paying more interest on the debt. Let me ask you something, can you spend more than you get from social security without going broke?  Common Sense tells us no way!

So get out there and help remove Obama from office and let’s show them we do not believe in his “Obama Scare“.

By the way I am in your age group, but I am not an “Old Dumb Ass” just an “Old Ass”!

Do The Job, Keep Your Job!!!

Hey, what a novel idea. If I hire someone to fill a position, it is because I need the help in performing the tasks accompanying the job. That is because I do not have time, nor desire, to perform the tasks. Thus, the position is a need that I fill by hiring the person.

If for some reason that person is not, or will not, accomplish the requirements of that position then they must be relieved of their position. Was that Politically Correct enough for you? As Common Sense and my Ol’ Dad would say, along with The Donald, “Your FIRED!”

Now let’s look at the performance record of the President Barrack Obama.

1. He never really had the experience for the position in the first place.

2. He is a complete enigma. No one knows anything about him. No past relationships while in college, etc. I will assure you there would be at least a few girl friends come out of the woodwork if I ran, along with a few guys with fat lips and black eyes.  Get my drift?

3. All of his bio info is sealed — social security #, college thesis, admittance records, transcripts, selected service records, etc.  Just ask yourself, “Does it make any Common Sense to spend millions of dollars to seal the information from inspection of your potential employer unless you have something to hide?”

4. He has demonstrated that the truth is just not in him. He can’t tell the truth even if he wanted to.

5. He has failed miserably on the economy — the #1 Job he was hired to fix.

6. He has performed in violation of the Constitution and by all rights should have been “Impeached”.  That means “FIRED” for you who do not understand.

Please go back and review the record of this man and decide: if your were his boss, would you continue paying for a job he has not fulfilled?

Everyone says “He is a nice family man.”, but we did not hire him as a nanny. He can not fill that position either as he would teach your children to be lazy and to lie.

Some may love him, and that’s their right, but they do not need to rehire him for a position that he is completly and utterly under qualified to fill.

Common Sense says to fire the person and hire someone qualified to fill the position.

The U.N. to Control Laws in the U.S.

Yes, you read it right. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and others in our government are at the present time negotiating with the U.N. to require that you register your firearms with the U.N.

Does anyone want to take a “shot” at what will come next after the registration is complete?  Just in case you have none, or just fail to exercise it… let “My Daddy’s Common Sense” help you out. Does total confiscation ring a bell? That’s right, they are out to confiscate our firearms.

It really makes no difference your party affiliation, or if you even own a firearm or not, “Common Sense” says that by my owning a firearm it protects not only my Rights but also serves to protect your Rights as well.

There are two things the government wants to control: guns and food. If we ever let them control the food, you will have to submit to their demands to feed your family.  Along with food, if we let them control our guns, then we can’t fight them to keep them from controlling the food and eventually every aspect of our lives. (Common Sense – why the current, big push to get people enrolled for food stamps?)

Please use the “Common Sense” God gave you and do not let this happen.

DIAL 1-800-588-4889 to sign the petition to stop this nonsense. It takes less than a minute and costs you nothing.

Now, go forth, shoot your gun, and practice Good Ol’ Common Sense.

Discounted Membership Touted for NAACP

The NAACP, now here is an insane group of people, real thinkers, movers and shakers. They vote overwhelmingly and suggest strongly that all of their members vote democratic.

They invite the opposition to speak: and then put out fools like Hilary Shelton to dry what might be the best move in years to help the black community. Mitt Romney said he would “let all federal education funds follow the student”. Dummy Shelton, said it was code for “vouchers”. Here’s my take: Let’s not speak in code for “vouchers”. Lets not speak in code, lets scream it from every roof top “VOUCHERS YES FINALLY!!!”   That will allow every parent in every community to send their child to better schools, thusly becoming a better and more affluent member of society.

Member, oh yes, that gets me back to membership in the NAACP. One reason Shelton and the NAACP do not want vouchers is that just might limit their membership. I say this because as it turns out, the NAACP gives a hefty discount to convicts for prison membership. The regular fee is $30, but the prison fee for membership is $12. That’s a whopping 60% discount for prisoners.

Now that’s just what I would want to attract to any organisation I might start. “Common Sense” would be to attract the finest your race has to offer, not the worst. I know I must be missing something in this  common sense stuff and maybe, just maybe, it does make “common sense” as they are all of the same persuasion.

How do you like them there “Common Sense” apples?

This is Low, Even for a Democrat!!

This week a pro-Obama Super Pac ran an ad that is so dishonest and misleading that even for the Dem’s it is a new low. In the ad, they accuse Governor Romney of helping to kill a lady due to her husband being laid off his job and losing their insurance.

Here we go with the real facts:

1. Gov. Romney left Bain Capital, in 1999

2. The company in question closed in 2001

3. The wife also worked where she had insurance thru her employer

4. She lost her job and insurance in 2005

5. She passed away in 2006.

Please look at the time line and study how this tragedy happened. she was layed off from her job, at a completely unrelated company, lost her insurance, became ill, and passed away.  Nothing, NOTHING, to do with Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, has been caught in a blatant lie about this and has been in coordination with the Super Pac which is a criminal offense. She is a lying, low life and has the morals of a snake. Her and Obama are like “two peas in a pod”.

Where is the  Common Sense you ask?  My daddy always said “Birds of a feather flock together”.  I say Common Sense in this situation is:  One low life always has another low life around them.

You know, this “Common Sense” stuff seems to make sense.

Chicks and Hicks

Boy, has the Chick-fil-a incident brought out or shown some true political stripes?

The President along with Mayor Emanuel, the Mayor of Boston, and the Mayor of San Francisco have all shown their true stripes of wanting to control everything by the government. Thus, from the Chick-fil-a incident, they were able to test the water to see how far government could go in denoting who can or can not have a business. They found out the public is not ready for that much government control!

Folks, that bunch, and the whole democratic party feel they are smarter than the hicks in the rest of the country. That’s right, I said hicks. They consider everyone between the Northeast sector and the left coast as hicks. Truth be known, they feel that way about the left coast also; but since they, along with the goose stepping blacks, are a dependable voting block they simply tolerate them.

They feel that all the other states are filled with hicks. Do you hear me “Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Nevada? They only want your vote and afterwards you can “Kiss their Ass” on the queer’s “Kiss-in Day”.  That is right, I said “queers”. That’s what they were always called (fits the definition in the dictionary) and they are striving to change the wording to “Gay” to make it more palatable. By using the word “queer”, I am not trying to be ugly or disrespectful. Just making the point that words are being changed to make them better accepted by the public for political purposes and perhaps by those of that inclination to make them feel better about themselves.

I have always believed that the queers are only 3 to 5 % of the population. So, it makes good business sense to appeal to or design a business for 95% of the population, not the 5%.

The queers should be respectful of other groups opinions, but most are not. They want to flaunt their beliefs to the world and you better not disagree. When I and my wife walk into a business, I do not announce our sexual orientation or that we have been married for 37 years. I do not ask if the owner is black/white, queer/straight, republican/democrat or any other personal info. I will find out over time; and if I so deem that I do not want to give them my business,  then I simply never return.

Just “Good Old Common Sense“, if you do not agree then take your business elsewhere.

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