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Is common sense no more?

Don’t Be Just Another Old Dumb Ass!

That’s right, I said Dumb Ass! If you believe what the Obama campaign is trying to feed you on Medicare, then you are a complete Old Dumb Ass, period.

Folks, the Dems are currently stealing $716 billion, that’s with a B not a M, from Medicare to fund ObamaCare. The thievery will result in reduced payment to doctors and hospitals which in turn means all you old dumb asses will no longer have enough services to tend to your needs.

This is one of those things Nancy Pelosi was talking about when she said “We have to pass ObamaCare to find out what’s in it”. They certainly did not tell you this ,or want to do so, before they got it passed 100% by the Dems in the House and Senate.

This is going to destroy Medicare if you sit by and allow Obama to be re-elected. If you do so, then you’ll deserve exactly what you will get.

The Dems say they are trying to save Medicare.  Common Sense will tell you they can’t be trying to save it by cutting $716 Billion out of the program. Wait! Maybe, just maybe, it will work as well as stimulus. Remember that one?  They said they could get us out of debt through spending more– and borrowing more– and paying more interest on the debt. Let me ask you something, can you spend more than you get from social security without going broke?  Common Sense tells us no way!

So get out there and help remove Obama from office and let’s show them we do not believe in his “Obama Scare“.

By the way I am in your age group, but I am not an “Old Dumb Ass” just an “Old Ass”!


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