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The speech which the George Bush made has set the media on both sides a fire! The media on both sides is in agreement that Bush was comparing 9/11 with January 6th riots. I have read the speech and I find no where does he do so. He does mention the “violent extremists abroad and the violent extremists at home”. The problem is that he did not clarify which “violent extremists at home” he was referring. GO READ THE SPEECH YOURSELF! The media has jumped to the conclusion that he was referring to the January 6th riots; but, he could have been referring to the 2 or more years of the “violent extremists at home” such as BLM/Antifa/DNC. It is his fault for not clarifying what he meant by the term “violent extremists at home”. The violence by the BLM/Antifa/DNC in democratic controlled cities could be more closely related to 9/11 than anything which happened on January 6th. The violence from the mentioned groups was planned, went on for months and years and many businesses were burned, citizens injured along with many police officers. There was but one death during the January 6th riots and it was at the hands of a police officer on a protester. As tragic as that was, it pales in comparison to the riots in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or a multitude of other cities to include DC. The loss of life, homes, businesses and the injury of both citizens and officers was overwhelming.

I think the media should confront George Bush so that he can clarify his thoughts before producing story after story giving their interpretation of his meaning. At one time in the past, I was a big supporter of Mr. Bush; but, now I have realized that he and his family are more for one-world order or at least big supporters of “BIG GOVERNMENT” which I’m not. I have come to realize that the man I thought he was is simply a shell; and, he took us to war when it might have been avoided. I am not a supporter of war except as a last resort; and then, I’m for all out destruction up front and to get out quickly. My motto as such would be, “KICK THEIR ASSES AND GO HOME AND HAVE A COLD ONE”. WE SHOULD NEVER TRY TO FORCE OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT OR CULTURE ON ANY COUNTRY! Just because it works here does not mean we have the right to force our life style on anyone.

It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to mention here and now that George Bush should explain the who, what and where of his statement and not allow the media to do so for him. He has always been a little “wrong headed” in some of his beliefs; but, if, he is indeed comparing 9/11 and the January 6th riots as comparable, then he has lost his mind. If by doing so he thinks the liberal media will love him, he has another thought coming. The minute he does not agree with them, he will again be compared to Hitler. They will immediately dismiss him and call him a “dumb ass” as they have done before. So, “COME ON MAN”, “DO THE THING”, “YOU KNOW THE THING”, just stand up and tell the truth and be a man and tell me, us and the media what you really think. “Quit beating around the bush”! HAHA!


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