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Obama Promotes “BIG LIE TOUR”

President Obama is promoting the “BIG LIE” about Libya on his campaign tour.

For two weeks he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the American public that the Libya attacks that killed 4 Americans was attributed to a video. Hell, he even repeated it six times in his U N speech. An Ambassador from the State Department appeared on five news shows, five days after the attack to promote the obvious lie.

Please think about this folks–He and Clinton even made an ad with which they spent your tax dollars to broadcast it in Pakistan promoting the “BIG LIE“.  Are you understanding this? They bought ad time on Pakistani National TV!!!!

Now, with his hand caught in the “cookie jar”, he says he called it a terrorist attack from the get-go. Are you kidding me??? This man has no shame–he knows that the world knows he is lying but just continues to promote the “BIG LIE“. He has always had a problem with telling the truth, but this is ridiculous. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass!

We tried to tell you folks about this “con man” before YOU elected him; but, no, you thought he was the “second coming”.

Common Sense says: If he will lie to you to hide this, what else is he hiding besides his birth records, college records, attorney records and social security records?

Let’s face it, you really know nothing about this person. I use the term person instead of man, because a man would disclose all the information and “let the chips fall where they may”.

If you vote for him to serve 4 more years, you will deserve what you get and it won’t be pretty.

Vote Accordingly


Auto Bailout – My Foot!!

During this campaign season, I have noticed/heard President Obama (it pains me to say that) refer to his bailout of the auto industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. He did not bail out the auto industry, but effectively bailed out the unions. The auto industry was merely a side effect.

He fired the CEO of GM (which I still contend was unconstitutional); then used millions/billions of tax payer money to transfer the majority ownership of the corporation to the union bosses. In the process, he arbitrarily put the bond, or stock holders, on the bottom of the list. If you had GM stock, you took a beating.

The irony of all this is, that if the government would have stayed out of the process, GM and tax payers would have come out in about the same place except that both would have been better off. GM would be in about the same spot, but would not have the massive pay back hanging over its head; and the tax payer would not still be on the hook for all the monies. Thusly, both would be better off.

Just to mention one more way GM would be better off is that they would still have me as a loyal customer. But, alas, I will never buy another product from GOVERNMENT MOTORS.

You see, we have laws in place to handle such problems. The bankruptcy laws, in this case–chapter 11–for reorganization, would have been sufficient.

Please refer to, or watch, the following video:

After watching this, you can see why the union bosses should be furious. President Obama has now turned against them (under the bus comes to mind). Obama, GOVERNMENT MOTORS, and China what a group! Who will crook who first?

Common Sense says to buy American so that GOVERNMENT MOTORS, China and Obama get what they deserve. GOVERNMENT MOTORS goes bankrupt, China rots from the stench within, and Obama becomes unemployed.

The Rule of Law in America!

Where is the rule of law in America? I am going to expose two examples where there are laws, passed and ruled constitutionally sound, that the Obama Administration and the left leaning judicial system are selectively choosing not to enforce.

The first is the notification of lay-offs by defense contractors. There is an approaching deadline for these contractors to send out pink slips. The law states that if the deadline for the pink slips is not met, then the contractors are subject to fines, late fees, and law suits plus attorney fees. The contractors were preparing to send these out in accordance with the law and to avoid the fines, etc. But, the Obama Administration stepped in and told the contractors to delay the process until after the election and deadline; and the government (really taxpayers) would cover their costs of fines, etc. Think about this for a moment, PLEASE, the Obama administration told the contractors to purposely break the law and they would cover the fines with tax payer dollars. The only reasoning is that they want to keep the workers and the American public in the dark about the lay-offs until after the election. Totally, a political move! Obama is really using my tax dollars, and yours, as a political donation to tramp down bad press. “Common Sense” calls that “HUSH MONEY”!

The second example is a left-leaning judge in Pennsylvania who has declared the law for voter ID as constitutional; but, he has declared “it shall not be enforced until after the election on Nov. 6.” Now, who do you think had a hand in this decision? If you can’t figure this out, then you are too stupid to be reading this blog and getting anything from it. Do you really understand this? It is the law, but we will just disregard it for political advantage until after the election. The judge is saying to the polling places…break the law.

Obama, his administration, and the judge all took oaths to uphold the constitution.  “Common Sense” is to tell us this includes any laws deemed constitutionally sound.

Folks, if you, as a nation, do not awaken to the fact that this man, Obama, and his minions are a pack of liars and crooks from Chicago you will awaken and ask, “What the hell happened to our country?”

It is as plain as the nose on your face and just “COMMON SENSE” for heaven sake.

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