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Well, the Democrats are at it again with their support of another pervert running for public office.  That’s right, the head pervert of today, in the democratic party, Anthony Weiner, is running for mayor of New York City.  The no-classacrats are actually supporting this pervert; and he may, or most probably, will be elected.  It is a shame that the democrats could not find a better candidate.  Not only is he a pervert, who should be registered as a sex offender, he is a liar.  He lied for weeks on national T.V.  Remember, I have told you before that a “liar will steal from you and a thief will lie to you”; well, I guess we now have to add that they will also send you “dirty pictures”.  How has this country sunk so low as to even letting this pervert think about running for office?  I guess after all the other “sex offenders” the democrats have elected and supported like “Bill-the-blue-dress- Clinton”, “Barney-the-queer-Frank”, and “Marion-the-crack-whore-Barry” it should not be a surprise. Think back and you will realize that all these offenders had their party’s support even after the offences were exposed.  The party just has no morals or ethics.

How can you support a person like “Bill-the-blue-dress-Clinton” after such horrible acts in the “Oval Office”?  And, just like “Anthony-a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-Weiner” he stood in front of the media and lied to the American public time and time again.  How “on God’s green earth” did this man ever face his daughter?  He could not keep the most important contract with his wife. So, why did anyone ever expect him to keep his word in office? He is a disgrace to humanity; but, he is a democratic super star.  What a shame!!!

If these two aren’t perverts enough, let’s move to “Barney-the-queer-Frank”; and this one really is a piece of work.  This person, because he is not a man, is an openly and admittedly “queer” person who has had the support of the democrats for years. If, it was that he was just “queer” that would be one thing. But, he and his “boyfriend”, or at least his “boyfriend”, were running “queer prostitutes” out of the basement in the house they shared.  Of course, when this was brought forth, not only did Barney not know of it, the democrats circled the wagons in support of this pervert, also.  Again, what a shame!!!

Now, just to show you that this is no “Johnny-come-lately” attitude for the democrats we shall revisit the offences of “Marion-the -crack-whore-Barry”.  He was caught on video during a “sting” smoking crack cocaine with crack whores in a motel room.  It was on video and the democrats still supported him and he got reelected.  Can you imagine that?  The people of  D.C. voted a “crackhead” into office!!!  That is when I realized that D.C., itself, was perverted.  Let me say, they deserve what they got then and are deserving of what they get today.

Let me say that I am not judging these people for that is not my place; but, believe me when I tell you their ” judgment is coming”.  The democrats will also face that same judgment someday.  I see and hear, everyday, democrats declare they are “Christians”, which I feel is impossible.  The two just can not be compatible. Do you remember during the last election when the democrats tried to remove “God” from their platform? Does that sound like a “Christian” to you?  They support the “queers” and their right to marry in direct contrast to what is written in Romans. By the way, that is just one reference, there are others and don’t take my word, go research it yourself.  They do today and have always supported the “killing of babies”, “innocent life”. Does that sound “Christian” like to you?  It sure does not sound that way to me.  Again, don’t take my word, do your own research, read the “BIBLE”.  The “BIBLE” is full of good old “COMMON SENSE” so check it out and use that “COMMON SENSE” in you daily routine.



Hey, all that know me, know of my Faith, and my belief in “My God”, and my patriotism. So, when I found this, or rather it was sent to me through e-mail, it certainly struck a nerve.  And yes, I will admit that I am intrigued by anyone who has the touch to perform magic, any magic. Or shall we say, the skillful art of any person to really perform, has always amazed me. But, card tricks have long been a favorite.  The art of the ventriloquist has also been a favorite; but this young man is talented and has a message to share.  All of you who follow me, know how I love to share a message; but in this case, I would love to share “the Message” with you.  Although, I will never be as talented as this young man. I would like to join him in being a conduit for the sharing of “the Message”.  It is a “COMMON SENSE” message so it makes “COMMON SENSE” for me to share on this blog.  I could go into details about “the message”; but, I think this short video says it about or better than I could thru all my words.  Hopefully, you will enjoy and get “the message” about the “LORD” thru the presentation.

I mentioned my patriotism  and it comes from, I guess, my service to my country.  Some have done more for their country than myself, but none have loved “HER” more.  There is just something that happens when you serve “HER” and you never look at “HER” the same after you have served.  It is a brotherhood that crosses all races, party lines and economic status and is for life.  I’ve always believed that it is the “oath” all branches take that instills that love for “HER” in our hearts. And let me tell you, that oath is not only for the duration of service, but every man I have ever talked to believes the oath they took is for life.  Each of us gets a tear in our eyes at the sight of “old glory” in a parade or at the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” or “America the Beautiful”.  Can’t explain it and should not have to. It just stirs the emotions deep inside about how lucky we as Americans are to live in this great nation.  Now, please stay hooked up until the end and have your sound turned on as the ending will hopefully make you feel like I do about America.  Enjoy, as this is really what this blog is all about, good old “COMMON SENSE”.  Please click on the following link:


Only a few of you who know me personally know that I was raised by my “MOM”, a strong Christian woman.  My dad was absent; but, she did a great job of trying to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I really do not know who to credit or blame for my writing of this blog, but my “Father” had a lot to do with what little ability I have for the writing of this blog.  I would like to give credit where credit is due– so I’ll take a stab at it.

My “Father” was and still is instrumental in my having a back bone and being able to stand up to adversity.  He always taught me to think for myself and to believe in “Truth and Justice”.  I guess that is where some of my attitude comes from about this blog.  He taught me that “the truth will set you free” and now I write about “the truth” on a regular basis.  He taught me that “hard work would pay dividends” and it has proven to be true. He taught me rules to follow  through out life that would always lead me in the right direction.  The  knowledge he passed to me has helped in my relationship with my wife of 38 years.  He has taken the time in the past to show me how to befriend people and to respect their friendship.  He also taught me that if I or my family faced danger, that I was to “strike out with a mighty right hand and sword”; all the while, knowing when to turn the other cheek for lesser offenses. He taught me not to chase the dollar but to put forth effort and to recognize and accept opportunity and to benefit from it when “it comes knocking at your door”. He taught me to believe in myself and to have the confidence and conviction in my beliefs to withstand the “naysayers”.  He taught me the “joy of giving” and the benefits that are derived from the helping of others.  I could go on about many more things he has taught me; but, I think you get the picture.  Now that you know of some of “His” teachings of me, I would like to tell you a little about “Him”. Hopefully, you will find the following to be enlightening.

He was born into a small family many years ago.  The family was not rich by any standards.  He grew up to be a carpenter by trade.  He was not a highly educated man by today’s standards but possessed a wealth of knowledge.  He was an articulate man and was not bashful about speaking to groups of people.  He had an “air” about him and could get people to not only listen but to follow his words. He spent a lot of time in fishing villages, so maybe that is where I got my love of fishing.  He was a simple man with little in worldly possessions but rich in character and was really into morals and ethics.  He lived his life and went out as he came into this world–with honor.  Although I write a lot, he was more of a speaker of truth than a writer of truth.  Although he wrote and can be credited with some very profound statements, he was an orator not a writer.  He was written of in many “books” and was quoted in many “books” but was not given credit to writing books himself.  It has always amazed me that a man with so much to say did not write more than he did during his time here on earth.  Although I never got to hear not even one of his speeches, I have read accounts of all of them in the “books” of which I spoke earlier.  He was an appreciative man and gave credit for his success to his “Father” just as I give credit to my “Father” for my success.  He had a small group of close friends with which he “broke bread” and sipped wine.

Like I said before, he was not a writer, but he was written about in many books.  He appeared as the main character in one book.  If you haven’t figured out the plot to this story, let me explain it for you.  The book in which he was the main character is the “BIBLE” and “HE” is “OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN”.  If you have not read it, please accept this invitation to do so.  You see I did not get an invitation, but was shamed into reading it when I discovered that my daughter and her friend had read it from cover to cover when they were eighteen years old.  I got busy and am glad I did.  The “book” is full of “COMMON SENSE”. So, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that it should be read by all.  And by the way, when I mentioned He taught me rules to live by; those rules for life are “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” and they really are “COMMON SENSE” rules for life.

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