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I guess you would like to know what you’re getting blamed for; so, I will tell you.  Not only are you at fault for this Obama fellow being elected (twice you dumb asses), but also for this mess we call Oscamacare.  Is this not the biggest scam ever pulled on the American voters?  But, as I said, “it is all your fault”.  You, the American voter, put in him office twice.  “COMMON SENSE” says “screw me once, shame on you; but, screw me twice, shame on me”.  Well, it is shame on me time for the voters.  I’m sure that some of the blame goes to the Obama campaign because they could not help but cheat; but, that does not relieve you, the voter, of your part in this scam.

This law was passed without one republican vote, so the democrats truly own it.  They, the democrats, passed the law and have stood still for 27 changes in the law.  It is not what they voted into law; but, these spineless bastards just keep allowing this to happen.  The House could start “impeachment” proceedings; but, it would be blocked by the democrats that control the Senate.  If the democrats in the Congress or the Senate want any chance of reelection, they should start the process as it is their law that is being trampled upon.  Are they really that stupid that they cannot see the “big middle finger” that Obama is flashing their way?  He has told them in effect that they are too stupid to handle this; so, he will over ride the bill and make the changes himself even if it cost them their jobs.  We, the “COMMON SENSE” folks, tried to tell them from the start of his term that he “cared only for his well-being”; but, they were blinded by the “black hood” over their eyes.  The democrats have no one to blame for the “black cloud” hanging over their heads except themselves.

The President has just changed the “employer mandate” yet again.  Everyone was saying, “just wait until the  employer mandate kicks in just before the mid terms” it will be mass mayhem.  The administration realized everyone was right; so, they postponed the mandate until after the election.  “ALL ABOUT POLITICS”.  Talk about trying to “rig” elections.  They, the democrats, know that will postpone the pain that the voters will experience until after they have been reelected.  You know what?  It just might work as the American voter is just that stupid.  I challenge anyone reading this to walk down the street in any town they choose and ask the people on the street about the delay of the “employer mandate” and I will “kiss a fat man’s ass” if more than 20 percent even have a clue.  Therefore, my conclusion is “AMERICA, IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT” and it really pisses me off.   We have men/women fighting and dying so that you have the right to express yourselves by casting an informed vote and you just throw it all away.  Again, “SHAME ON YOU AMERICA”!!!

It is time for all you “liver-lilied dumb asses” to educate yourselves about the issues before you cast your next vote.  Get “off your ass and on your feet, outa the shade and into the heat”.  This is your country so get out there and take it back from this “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER” and his minions.  They are leading you to slaughter and you are dumbly following along.  I, myself, am embarrassed for you since it seems as though you are too “brain washed” to be embarrassed for yourselves.  You are going to wake up someday and say, “what the hell happened to my America?” and I’ll simply tell you that the “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER” just screwed you while you were sleeping.  Please do not let this “fool” steal this great country from you.  I know most of you are not like me as “I would like to pinch his head off and swear to GOD he just died” but at least make yourselves aware of the issues.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



Boy howdy, am I going to stir up some liberals! We have just recently come off of the MLK holiday so I thought I might present some thought provoking ideas. They, the liberals, may have a heart attack after reading what I have to say.  That is OK with me as I have for sometime been trying to rid the world of their plight.  I truly believe that MLK would indeed be a conservative today and here is a news flash: he may have, or was borderline, at the time  of his death.  Just like Governor Martinez said after a meeting with the republican committee in New Mexico, “Damn I’m a Republican”; and just like her, I think, MLK probably said to himself, “You know I find myself agreeing more with conservatives everyday.”  Now I realize that this is a hard pill for some to shallow; but, I will make my point in the words to follow.

First off, MLK was a “man of the cloth”, a “God-fearing Christian,” which tells me he had to be more conservative than all those so-called Christian “Dixiecrats”.  There is no way you can be a Christian and be a democrat.  As I have stated before, the two are opposing ideas and are 180 degrees at different ends of the scale.  So, MLK was a Christian thusly more conservative.  He also believed in equal pay for equal work which is a conservative principle.  Democrats believe in the union where you get paid the same, but that you can not be fired so the guy next to you can get the same pay for half the production.  MLK applied for a gun permit but was denied.  He surely believed in the 2nd amendment or he would have not applied for the gun permit.  Yet another conservative principle.  By the way, the blacks, as slaves, were not permitted to own a weapon or gun powder for that matter. Just another restriction of rights, so the black community of today better be careful of what they wish.  He as a Christian would never have thought it a great idea to pay a person unemployment for almost three years and to allow welfare to be spent on other than basic survival items.  Again, another Christian, but also conservative principle.  He was big into a man being judged by “his character rather than the color of his skin”.  Yet another conservative principle.  The republicans are the party that freed the slaves and yet the “old yellow dog democrats” convinced the blacks to vote for them because of the welfare system.  That system is just another form of keeping people on the plantation.  It is truly amazing that the democrats preach one thing in the light of day and practice something completely different in the dark of night.  Be a man, stand on your own two feet, take care of your own family, get a good education and get in the game.  That is not only what republicans stand for but it is the “AMERICAN” way and shall I say makes “COMMON SENSE”.

So, here we are after taking a look at the material presented; and, I for one can only conclude that MLK, if alive today would not only be more conservative today than he was before he was assassinated; but might very well be promoting the election of conservatives over liberals to public office.  I can only imagine how he would have changed and how he might have changed the landscape of American politics.

It is hard to view our America in the shape it is in today knowing all the while that with a few simple “COMMON SENSE” changes we could get back to the ideas that led us to the  greatness of yesteryear.  Please inform yourselves on the issues and vote for the people who really want to turn this ship around.  We need people in office that are not concerned with their own well-being, but with the well-being of our country. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to support the true patriots.

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