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Hey, now here is a real question that may have never been answered.  I may not answer the question to many readers liking; but, at least I’m going to give all of you “food for thought,” or better yet, let you take a look at information from a “COMMON SENSE” angle.  My hope is that each and every one of you will pass this on to any “democrat” you may run into.

I know I will offend the democrats. But, do you really think I care? Although, it is the democrats that I want to reach so that maybe, just maybe, I might convert their mindless thought into something close to a “COMMON SENSE” thought.  I know, I know, you are screaming at me for thinking I might rewire their brains from “backwards” to “COMMON SENSE” but I must try.  The information about to be presented is on many sites; but, no one ever takes the time to look it up.  Most democrats know it is there; but, they really do not want the truth to be known as “truth to a democrat is like sunlight is to Dracula”.  It really does destroy them and their argument and I guess that hurts.

I will try to explain or present the information so as not to offend and I will try to keep my personal feelings hidden so as not to influence a readers decision about the subject.  YEA, RIGHT !!!!! So here we go democrats, read’um and weep.

Here is a list of the nation’s top listed crime cities in no particular order.  They all have bad crime rates and this is a list of the “top ten”, as David Letterman might say.

     Top Crime Cities                White/Black Ratio  

  • East St. Louis, IL                   4/95
  • Saginaw, MI                        48/42
  • Atlanta, GA                          34/58
  • Birmingham, AL                 42/52
  • Detroit, MI                            10/81
  • Memphis, TN                       35/58
  • Miami, FL                            11/19/70
  • Baltimore, MD                   28/63
  • Kansas City, MO                62/26                 
  • Cleveland, OH                    39/51 

Now, aren’t all you residents proud of yourselves for making the list?  I bet every Mayor is just jumping with joy since their leadership is working so well.  If you didn’t notice, these are all in areas where the democrats are in control and have been in control of government for years.  Quite a “testament” to democrats.  These democrats are going to squirm under this type of exposure; but, maybe the folks that elect these “clowns” will have their eyes opened to the facts.  What is that old saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome”.  The people keep electing democrats over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  For example, the “black” population continue to be a “block” vote for the democrats and the party does nothing for them.  The “black” population has just moved from one plantation to another plantation.  For goodness sake, open your eyes.  It was the democrats that owned the “plantations of the south” and it is the democrats that own the politics of the cities, “new plantations”,  in which you live.  Get the hell out or change your leadership!  It will not get any better until you make the change.  The numbers to the side of each city represent the percentage of whites verses black population (note that in Miami, the third number is the Hispanic and others).  This is a very interesting and telling comparison also.

Cities by Poverty Rank         Democratic Since

  • Detroit, MI                             1961
  • Buffalo, NY                            1954
  • Cincinnati, OH                     1984
  • Cleveland, OH                      1989
  • Miami, FL                             forever
  • St. Louis, MO                        1949
  • El Paso, TX                            forever
  • Milwaukee, WI                     1908
  • Philadelphia, PA                  1952
  • Newark, NJ                          1907

Now let us look at the poorest cities list.  Notice that only three show up on both list. But, if we ran down the list a bit farther, we would find more of the cities on both list.  No one is pro-poverty; but, the two parties have completely different ideas on how to solve the problem.  Democrats want to raise taxes so as to “give” the poor (black or white) a small token, “the new plantation effect”, while the republicans  want to create jobs/opportunities to move the poor (black or white) off of welfare, or off “the plantation”.   Much like what President Clinton did by co-opting the republican’s “Welfare Act”.   It worked and the welfare rolls went down until we got democrats back in control and here went the “give me programs”.  It really has nothing to do with size of the city.  If you elect democrats to run small towns, they simply make smaller messes than their counterparts do in the big cities.  Like, “two peas in a pod”, so to speak.

If these lists and the information presented does not enlighten you, then you must be a “thick-headed liberal” whose brain is hardwired backwards.  If the “light does not come on” after reviewing these facts and lists, then you have no “COMMON SENSE” and must be ” written off as a lost cause”.  I would love to help you; but, you must want to help yourself.





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