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Now, I know a lot of folks from around the country will disagree with me; but, Texas seems to be on the verge of restoring my and your right to carry without charging me a fee. If you disagree, that is alright as the Constitution gives you the right to be wrong and even stupid if you so desire. That is your right and I will stand with you to protect that right. All I ask in return is for you to respect my right in return. Please go read the Constitution and show me where it says that I can carry if and after I pay a fee. I am a law abiding citizen, never been in jail (although some think I should have been) or convicted of any type of crime. If you run a background check for me, all you will find is that I was issued a speeding ticket for 10 miles over the speed limit in Oklahoma about 15 years ago. So, you see, I believe in “law and order”. I’m probably the kind of good guy you would want to be carrying if you got into a bad situation.

Who is it that is always called to the scene when a “bad guy” with a gun goes crazy? I’ve noticed that it is a good guy with a gun. It can be the police or many times it is just a good citizen that is present to stop the bad guy. I have for many years always had or carried a gun to protect not only myself but my family and also anyone in my area. Someone asked me the other day, “when or how long have I carried?” and I told them it has been so long that I can’t ever remember when I did not carry. I do not openly expose the fact but you can “bet your ass” I have one close by at all times and anyone who knows me is aware of that fact. It is not a “macho” thing…it just makes “COMMON SENSE” to protect yourself and your family. I am charged in the “good book” as head of my family and I take that responsibility seriously. It is my right stated clearly in the 2nd Amendment and I take that seriously also.

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Now, I’m not saying you have to carry or even trying to convince you to do so. All I’m saying or pointing out is you have the right to do so if you so choose. Please, as you read about the 2nd Amendment, realize that not for it none of your other rights would mean anything as they are all supported by the 2nd. You would not have, say, the right to free speech or the right to worship as you please! Think hard and long before you give even an inch on any of your Constitutional rights. The 2nd amendment is what has kept America so free and so great for so long. Other nations know of this right and they realize we are an armed citizenry and that fact helps hold them at bay.

I would be more than happy to discuss this fact anytime or anywhere. You are certainly within your right to leave comments either in agreement or not. If you do not agree, remember it is the 2nd amendment that supports your right to disagree and I will fight to the death to defend that right or to defend you and your family from harm from a “bad guy”. Hopefully, you or I never find ourselves in such a situation; but, like the boy scout saying, “always be prepared”. Well folks, I will always try to be prepared enough for us all as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to be so.



Hey, ever take a minute and think how America, and the west, was won? How did this great country arrive and end up being the “GREATEST COUNTRY EVER”? Well, it all started with the founding father’s dream of freedom from the King of England. They put together our “CONSTITUTION” and it has served us well for over 200 years. Think about that and it might just amaze you. But, what I’m really talking about is how was it that the people supported it and why? Well, you have to go back to the “old wild west” and men like Matt Dillon, the US Marshall of Dodge city. or maybe the likes of Wyatt Earp a lawman from the rough old days. What about Roy Rodgers or “The Lone Ranger”. I know these might not be household names today; but, go check them out. What they all have in common is the “COMMON SENSE” idea of law and order and always doing what was right even though no one was watching. You might say figuratively that they were the guys who always wore the “WHITE HATS”. They believed their word was their bond and in the principle of “RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG”. And no matter how you cut it, that principle is still the best today. We still have some of these old timers around today; but, they are fading fast.

Now, after you think about the “good guys” awhile, let’s stop and think about all the bad guys that they had to fight to get to where we are today. They had to fight the “bank robbers”, “stagecoach bandits”, “cattle and horse thieves” to mention just some of the things bad guys did back then. Without these good guys of yesteryear, true or make believe, we would not have this wonderful country we have today. Some of these good guys of today are our military forces, police and just good old country folks that SFT2(stand for the 2nd). That is the 2nd Amendment if you did not catch it. (BTW, go to for firearm accessories you might like). All these people, although none perfect, are who stand with us and the protection of our freedoms. All our freedoms are tied to the 2nd, because without the 2nd our freedoms would be a thing of the past.

I’m going to give you a list of names for you to check out. Please pay attention to what these people say and more importantly what they do as they are known liars. The names are JOE Biden, Kamala Harris, better known as “JOE AND THE HOE”, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. These are people in our government and YOU need to know what kind of stupid thoughts run thru their heads. BTW, besides being bad guys/gals they have something else in common with the thieves of yesteryear. Can you guess what it might be? Think hard now to try to come up with the answer. Here it is, they like all the bank robbers of the old days wear mask. Wearing of the mask is to hide who they really are. They are the modern day “BANDITS” and they steal from the American citizens every single day. I of course, simply call them “LIBERAL BASTAGES” which covers all the bad things they do without an itemized list. Look up their polices and you will see they have no morals/ethics and they believe you, the average voter, are too dumb to catch on to their thievery. They believe in “killing of the most innocent” but not in punishing murders. They believe in open borders while trying to keep you restricted to your house. They believe in trying to force vaccinations on you while allowing “illegals” into the country while testing positive for Covid 19. They want to restrict the free speech and also restrict the pronouns you use. They do not believe there are only two genders; and, they have the nerve to say conservatives don’t follow the science! They believe our children should be taught to hate America and all she stands for, not to love and be proud to be an American. The list goes on and on. If you really check out what they believe, a large part of you will come to the “COMMON SENSE” thought that they are “BAT CHIT CRAZY”. USE THE COMMON SENSE GOD GAVE YOU AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY!


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Now, for the real title of this blog, you must be able to see thru all the “FAKE NEWS” out there to see the truth clearly. This nonsense of wearing a mask even when you are outdoors is just that, “NONSENSE”! I see people driving by themselves and they are wearing a mask. This, in my opinion, is really over kill! The mask, that most are wearing, offer little to no protection from Covid. But, here is the great part folks, I do not care if you wear a mask. That is your choice. It is none of my business just as it is none of “YOUR” business if I do not wear one. That is what is so great about this country. FREE CHOICE, FREE WILL and FREE TO KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG….UNLESS YOU WANT IT PUNCHED ON A BIT! That is the beauty of this country and all the GOD given rights we hold so dear. Remember, “GOD GIVEN, NOT GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT”!

BTW, get ready for a lot of extra taxes coming your way. “JOE THE HOE” seems to think he is going to tax the corporations and that will not somehow reach the average citizen. No CEO worth his salt is going to sit still for the company’s profits to be swilled away in extra taxes. The increases will simply be built into the companies price for their products. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for this to happen. Can anyone say “INFLATION”? Get ready as I think you will be able to see this clearly!

Now, to the immigration issue. Can anyone tell me how it makes any “COMMON SENSE” to try to force mask wearing on your citizens; but, then, allow “illegals” to cross the border even after testing positive for Covid? Folks, if this does not prove to you that they, this administration, are using no “COMMON SENSE” in their governing policies, then you might just be part of the problem. The cartels are making approximately 14 million a week; and, I would love to trace that money and see just where it might end up. The members of this administration have been paid supposedly by China, Ukraine and Russia. Could there be “CARTEL” money getting into the system also? Think about why this problem has never been fixed when both parties have had complete control. It will make you say, “HHHHHUUUUMMMM!

And now to the most important part of this blog, support of the 2nd amendment! Without the second none of the other amendments will continue to exist. Think about that folks. Do you really think all those Jewish people would have loaded on to the trains if they would have had weapons. No, they would not have. Never, and I mean never, give up your weapons as it may happen one day that they are all that stands between you and your family being loaded on the same type of box car trains. Use the “COMMON SENSE” GOD GAVE YOU!

I could go on and on. But, if you haven’t gotten the picture already, then it makes no “COMMON SENSE” to continue as you will never get it. That “light bulb” will never pop on in your head. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person….it simply means you are “thick headed” just like your Mom told you you were. HAHA! Have a great day and hope you see clearly now!

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