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Hey folks, where is this nonsense coming from ?  Do the protesters at the “Trump rally” really feel they are practicing “the American way”?  Now I’m just an average guy who works, picks a little guitar, loves his wife and daughter, not to leave out the grandkids, and for the life of me do not understand these morons trying to limit “free speech”.  Do they not realize that I and many others served in the military to protect this right?  That is why they can protest; but, to shut down the opposition is to limit your own right.  They have been taught this in the colleges by professors who do not operate in the “real world”.  I served six years and I want them to have the right to hold their signs and such. But, I did not serve to allow them to “shut me up”.  I have had enough of this garbage and I’m sure I’m not alone.  They need to remember that we are the ones that served and were trained.  We were trained to fight and to handle weapons not to sit on our butts and make signs.  If you really want a fight, then let’s “get it on”.  You fools with you signs and us with our weapons.  Not one of these “lily-livered assholes” will do well when the likes of me finally explode.  ***Here’s a video that you should watch:

It is horrible that America has allowed the colleges to teach our men and women of tomorrow such crap.  The graduates holler for a job; but, in many cases, they do not have the skills to fill the job; but, they feel entitled.  The “Good Book” tells it like it is and it says, “serve the employer as if you are serving the Lord”.  Bet they never heard that from any “smart professor”.  These protesters want to shut down the likes of “The Donald” all the while it is people like him that are furnishing jobs.  I myself have and feel a responsibility for the families which we support through the companies we run.  We support hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs by our efforts everyday.  And yes we also indirectly support these students and professors thru “pell grants and student loans” with the taxes we pay.  Do these morons not realize that without the working folks and taxes that the government produces nothing and could not help with their education?  So, they are “biting the hand which feeds them” when they go after job producers like Trump. They need to simply ask themselves one question: How many jobs have Hillary or Bern or Ted or Marco or John produced in their lifetime?  Let me tell you.  NONE.  They have all worked in government their entire adult life and government produces no jobs unless someone like me produces a “widget” –makes income –and that “ugly” word a profit –and pays taxes. So, sit back down on your lazy asses, shut up and learn. It is like they do not realize that is the working stiff who pays taxes that have furnished and paid for their complete education.  These fools do not realize that “public schools” are not free.  They are paid for thru taxes on the working man. And, the working man would not have a job so he could pay the taxes if not for the business owners, large and small, like Trump and myself.  Jesus-peaches, this is not “rocket science” folks. It is just good ole “COMMON SENSE”.

So in closing, please get educated, keep your nose clean, get a job and obey the 10 laws which we were given thousands of years ago. If you just do these simple tasks, you life will be a “cake walk”.  After all it just makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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