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Economic Growth!!!

Well folks, I’ve been laid up for a while. I fell in early March and tore a shoulder. After that, while waiting to get if fixed, my back “blew out” and I’ve never had such pain — 24/7.  No sleep, couldn’t eat and lost about 26 to 27 pounds.  But, I finally got the shoulder surgery and now I’m waiting on the back surgery. That’s why I’ve not been posting on my blog.

Now, let’s get started on this “Economy Thing”. Just this last Friday, I think it was, the GDP numbers came out for the 2nd quarter. It was at 4.1% which is the strongest in about 12 to 13 years. Sometime my numbers are not “right on”, but they are close. All the “Liberal Bastages” heads exploded. “How could this be?” they screamed. I’ll tell you how, you simpletons, if you care to listen. This is what “Trump” was elected to do. He has American winning once again and the whole world is taking notice. And, if they, the Liberal Bastages, would get their heads out of that dark passage, they would notice he keeps kicking them in their heads while simply trying to “kick them in their asses.”  “Dark Passage should ring a bell!”

Look at all he has done, which they said would never happen. Obama said he could not bring back manufacturing, but he did. The democrats said no one could ever expect to see more than a “normal” of 2% GPD, but he did. The “Liberal Bastages” said no one could have a meeting with “Little Rocket Man” but he did. All of the “left” said he couldn’t get fair trade deals, but he did. The EU is even considering 0% tariffs on autos! And now, on that same Friday, a plane landed on US soil in Hawaii with the remains of possible war vets from the Korean War.

My Mom and Dad always said, “Can’t Never Could Do Nothing!”

When will they, the left, ever realize this man is simply “kicking your ass” while you run around with yours on fire, screaming, “Russia, Russia, Russia”. All I can say is “Get Off your ASS and Get ER Done!” He has made them all look like fools. He has exposed the “Liberal Bastages” for what they really are which is “Liars, Leaches and Sour Lemons.”

It only makes “Common Sense” to be skeptical of Trump’s ways, but although not a fan of his speech, etc. you should realize he is good for America. And to that end I say, “Mr. Trump or President Trump, go on with your bad self and thank you, SIR!”




You know I never thought of Trump as someone I would like or would go fishin’ with; but damn, if he isn’t proving me wrong.  I really never saw in him the intelligence level he has displayed of late.  I hate to point it out because the “liberal bastages” haven’t caught on to his trickery, as yet; and, I certainly don’t want to “aid and albeit” the ignorant SOBs. I knew all along he would be a President to show compassion and “COMMON SENSE”; but, I never realized how intelligent he truly was in his maneuvers.  He has completely out maneuvered the “liberal bastages” and made them the “blunt of the joke” on the school yard quarrels. I know some of you need this explained in simple language which I will do; but first, you have to promise you won’t disclose this to any “liberal bastage” you might know or have the horror of being trapped into a conversation with at anytime.

Let’s go back a couple of months to the last “bigly” disagreement on DACA.  The democrats went “off the rails” wanting 750,000 exceptions for the “dreamers” after President Trump tried to make Congress make it legal thru an act of Congress.  He knew where they would go and they damn sure took the bait.  After several days of  “fake news,” he came forth and said he would give in and go them one better and allow 1.8 million exceptions.  The democrats ran like “scalded dogs” from his proposal proving that they, the “liberal bastages”, had no interest in helping the dreamers; but, just wanted it as an issue or hammer to hit the republicans on the head.  I say they were caught in a lie. But that would give liars a bad name.  They were offered over twice what they wanted– but they still said “NO”.  Why do you supposed they did that?  If I put my truck up for sale for 50K, but wasn’t real sure I wanted to do the deal, and along you come and fall in love with my “new truck”, and it is a “hum dinger”, and to make sure you will be top bidder you offer 100k. When I say no, then you can assume that I never really wanted to sell but just wanted everyone to come by to see my pretty “new truck” called “WHITE HEAT”. BTW, she runs like a “scalded dog”, also. It proves my point that the demos just wanted to obstruct and never gave a “hoot nor holler” about the dreamers.

Now, let’s jump forward to yesterday.  The President led the “liberal bastages” by the nose right down the path he set up for them once more.  He got them to display “fake rage” (which we know from above was fake concern for the dreamers) just as before, so, he could then offer to “do them one better”.  In poker, he raised and called their obvious bluff.  He signed an executive order to not only keep families together but to furnish them clean, safe  quarters in which to wait out their turn in court. The detention centers are, as stated, much cleaner and safer than what they had from which they came, but now there are medical evaluations and educational classes as well as a balanced diet and most importantly “air-conditioned” quarters.  These folks never had it this good at home base. And once again, the democrats have been forced to only display what liars and hypocrites they are, have been, and always will be.  He made them look like a band of fools which they are, you know that, and I know it to be true.  If you did not know it and have read my last two blogs, you now know how the democrats have “pulled the wool over your eyes.

It has now been exposed as to what the democrats have been doing to you.  Now that you see their “trickery” right before you eyes, you should be “madder than an old wet hen” and “COMMON SENSE” would say you have a right to be. BUT, BUT, if you are a “liberal bastage,” then you are absent anything close to “COMMON SENSE” so you’ll not be able to decifer the information provided. But don’t feel so bad, it’s not your fault you’re a “stupid SOB”, it is because your brain was hardwired completely “180 degrees” out of balance.  Sorry, I’m so sorry, if you can’t understand the above example. How could I ever think you would be able to understand 180 degrees out of balance.  It simply means your brain was hardwired completely backwards and that is I guess a “handicap”. In “COMMON SENSE” terms, it could be said to mean, “get your head outa your ass.


Hey, this is the question we have to ask ourselves.  Did all these children just appear out of then air or is there a reason that in today’s market people are bringing in children as they sneak into our country illegally? In years gone by, it was mainly singles or heads of households coming here to work and send money home so that their families could have a better life.  It seems as though that has changed and the word has drifted back that if you bring a child with you your chances of being allowed to stay are much better. The illegals are gaming the system and everyone knows it. They are at times bringing a child; but, they are not related.

Everyone is upset that the children are being separated from the adults who are supposed to be their parent.  How many are really their parents is almost impossible to determine as the countries from which the are coming have no real records. Scant records at best. By all accounts, they are fleeing all sorts of crime, poverty and corruption. They say it is so bad and that is why they leave and bring their children with them.  Let me point out that, until now, they have been told it is to their advantage to bring the children with them.  They have made the decision to put their children in harms way– not you, not I, and not the US government.  It is and has been their decision to do so, and they, and they alone are responsible for any and all hardship that effects the child. I know, as a parent, you can bet your last dollar that I would not put my child thru such nonsense.

As we know of today, the centers in which these children are being housed are clean, have bath rooms and such. They are being fed, given educational classes, clothes, a clean bed, play and exercise time, and medical evaluation.  They are in a safe environment with adult supervision with most things a child needs.  In some cases, they are getting or have it better as to living conditions than many of the children of the working poor who are citizens of our country. So with this all being said, the question has to be asked, “are these children that we are housing better off here than where they came from on their trip? Would the parents rather have us housing them here or would they rather we just load them up and return them all to the countries from which they fled?” Both parent and child should be loaded up and dropped off in the country of origin.

It just makes COMMON SENSE that if I come to live in your house and you furnish everything, and I’m not happy, then I can just leave and return to my original home setting.  If what you are furnishing me is not up to my standards, then I’m free to return. It would be much cheaper for us to run buses back and forth or even fly them back home. The Obama administration had the same policies in place of separating children but now the “liberal bastages” are hollering because Trump is in office.  This law was passed by a democratic congress; but, now they want to blame it on the republicans and the media is more than happy to oblige all the while knowing when and how the law came into being. Just proves once again that the media and the “liberal bastages” are like “two peas in a pod”.  Let me know what you think–although I really don’t give a rat’s ass. You may not agree with me; but, if not, you are most probably wrong.


     Well, it is with a sad heart and a somewhat broken spirit that I come here to tell you of the passing of “Shotgun Simba”: call name “Simba”.  Many might say he was just a dog but all that met him would say, “my what a dog”. He was a real man dog. He could do it all. He, along with, Sassy, Shadow and Sammy stood by my side and helped me in the “training seminars” at Cabela stores, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain and Sportsman Warehouse stores for years.  They were all more than “special” in their own way and each had their strengths. But, he was by my side morning, noon and night. He was with me when I went to bed and with me when I awoke. It was he that awoke me and brought me my “panties” every morning for years. He was a sweet loving “soul” who would lay by my feet or on his bed. Yet, when it was time to hunt or work, he was always “up to the task”. He loved to sit and have his ears “scratched;” but, loved to perform the task at hand. I can’t remember a time that he said “no” when ask to do whatever I asked of him. He, along with several of the above mentioned “greats” worked in both English and Spanish. His ability to learn different types of training always amazed me. He was a really muscular dog with an attitude to match. He never met a stranger and everyone that met him was “pulled into his world”. It seemed as though it was “his job” to make you feel welcome and for that you should be more than “pleased” to sit and pet him. Even cats liked Simba and they would rub all over him when he would lay out for his “sunbath”. Not so long ago, we got a new member of the family, Valentine, which I call Weiner, and although she was stand offish at first, when she saw Simba it was like “he’s my man” and she ran to him and slept with him all the time. Women loved him, men loved him, and dogs wanted to be him, if you get my drift.

I mentioned I had a somewhat broken spirit; but, I’m trying to mend that for that is what he would have wanted for me, his Master. Mom and I were at the coast when we got a call from the caretakers that he wasn’t doing well. We broke and ran and all the way home I “talked to him”, saying, “hang on Simba Daddy is coming”. When we got to the ranch, I went directly to him and “scratched his ears real good twice and stroked his body twice and told him “I’m here, son” and said good-bye as I could tell the end was near. He raised his head “once” as to say the same and he was gone. Maybe 3 to 4 minutes. It was as if he was struggling to hang on for one last visit. I really feel that we had a special bond more because of him and his attitude than because of me . He just seemed to think, “I was the berries”. He would greet me every morning and he and “Tugger” would “tuck me in every night”.

Please review the pictures and video below which I hope gives you a sense of what a “great dog” he was and how much it meant to have had him in my life. I have been blessed to have had many really fine dogs in my life and he was one of them. I have always said he was Simba and “Mustoffa” was his daddy. I have had more than my share of great hunting dogs and have loved each and every one of them until it hurts. I have always tried to ease the pain of friends by telling them “the only way to get over the loss of one is to get another and love it twice as much”. But, to tell you the truth, I do not know if I can follow my own advise.

I could go on and on with stories of our adventures and travels together but let me just say, Simba, “you were loved” and you are missed and will always be in my heart.  I know, what a reception it will be when I meet all my dogs at the “RAINBOW BRIDGE”. Until then make every “mark” a good one, every blind a successful one, and lick someone’s hand until I get there. GOOD-BYE my beloved friend!


Watch the following video to watch the “Simba Man” at work….



The democrats, led by Obama/Kerry, will swallow anything to try to make themselves look strong while all the while being very,  very weak.  Case in point, the “Iranian Nuke Deal. It was these two idiots that negotiated that deal and Iran ran over them like a “MAC TRUCK”. Iran got hoards of cash and the US did not even get the right to inspect most military sights to make sure they were following the agreement.  Anyone with any “COMMON SENSE” knows the Iranians are a bunch of liars and cheats so you can never take them at their word. The Mullahs would “go climb a tall tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground in the shade and tell the truth”.  The truth is just not part of their chemical make up. Even as the negotiations were in process the Iranian’s were burning our flag and chanting “death to America” in the streets. Everyone says it is the Mullahs that hate America not the Iranian people; but, I only saw the people in the streets not the Mullahs. The Mullahs only encourage the Iranians from afar.  They do not get their hands dirty. That is left to the “commoners”. When someone tells you they want to kill you, you best believe them.

I have said this before but will repeat it for all the “newbies” to the blog.  I would have told the Mullahs at the table, “I know you want a Nuke really bad. So, if you do not sign what I have here, then I’ll see to it that you get a Nuke”. “It will come by overnight delivery and be dropped on your doorstep at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning. Thank you!” and I would have walked away from the table and down the hall and with all the Mullahs in tow. That is how you negotiate from a point of strength, not weakness. They would have worn their “sandals” out chasing me down the hallway.

Watch what happens if the sanctions, real sanctions, are put in place.  Their economy is already shaky so it will sink like a rock. The people will take it for a while and then they will decide the Mullahs are not as smart as they have been given credit. That is when unrest among the people will finally start once again; and, they will remove the Mullahs from power. At the same time, the people in the street will show more hate for Americas because we decided we have had enough. They will be just like the “welfare junkies” here in America. The “welfare junkies” will go “bananas” if we ever decide to cut off the spicket of funds they collect each month.  The inner cities will erupt into turmoil if they do not get what they think they are deserving of and it will be “hell to pay”.

This “pull out” will help get the whole process back on track with better terms for the US. That is my opinion for whatever it is worth. It will, in my opinion, help with the upcoming negotiations with North Korea as “Little Rocket Man” will realize that America is finished with being played and he had better “straighten up” or else.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall to watch that deal and would pay good money. Maybe they should televise it on “pay for view” and put the monies toward paying down the national debt. It could be titled, “The Diarrhea from Korea”. It might get a little “stinky” but would be worth watching. Notice the rhymes just like my songs do all the times.  After all, it would just be “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

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Well, I have had it up to my eye balls with all these people being offended by what someone says. Sorry, I meant to say “liberal bastages” being offended by what a “conservative bastage” has to say.  The “liberal bastages” can say and do anything about or to a conservative and they think we should just let them have their way.  Well, not me my friend. I will call them out; and, I will call them whatever I want as that is what “free speech” is all about.  It is easy as hell to allow speech that you agree with; but, it takes a “set” to allow someone with whom you disagree to have their say.  That is what “free speech” is all about.  The act of allowing someone to express their opinion when you think it borders on or is “hate speech”.  I will continue to say what I want, when I want, and where I want and you’ll have to accept it as my right or try to shut me up. Please try! I served my country for that right as well as for your right. If you try to silence my voice or restrict my right, then do so at your own risk.  I use this forum to express and somewhat debate but I really do not debate well.  I think when it comes to point and I really want to end the debate–I’ll just drag you across the desk and slap “fire from your ass”. I put that in quotation marks as I was quoting my Dad. It is over at that point and I win. YEA!!! I know that is childish, but what can I say, I’m from the old school.

This thing about the high school kid who held the sign asking a gal to the prom with something like “if I were black I’d be pickin’ cotton, but I’m white and I’m pickin’ you for my prom date”.  I thought it was funny but here comes all the “liberal bastages” being offended.  It is a joke “dumbasses”!  This day in time there is still some racism in the world, or in our country, but “get over being a victim”.  There may not be anyone still alive in today’s world that lived during the time of slavery in this country.  BTW, do you know who it was that wanted to keep you “black folks” in slavery?  It was the party of “Dixiecrats” which evolved into the Democratic party of today.  And, the black community votes almost entirely for the democrats. REAL SMART, eh?  They, the liberals, have raised so much hell that the poor guy can’t even attend the prom or any other school functions the rest of the year.  How stupid. He made a joke.  I’ve done the same thing. “If I’d have known it was going to be this much trouble, I’d of picked that damn cotton myself”. Before you go jumping all over me, I said that to a Latvian friend of mine who really did pick cotton when he and his family came here from Latvia. See what jumping to conclusions leads you “liberal bastages” to.

It is a crying shame that we have all these hyphenated Americans when we ought to be just Americans.  I do not give a damn where you are from as long as you work, take care of your family and don’t expect me to do it for you– then you are a man and I will treat you like one.  BUT, come here and “lay on your ass” and expect the American people to care for you and yours, well you can simply kiss my ass. Is that plain enough for you to get my drift? No welfare. No rent subsidies.  No healthcare. No free lunches for kids. And no damn “ANCHOR BABIES”.  After all, it is only good “COMMON SENSE” that you take care of your family and I’ll take care of mine. If need be, any of you who want can now use my “soap box” as “I will sit a spell”.


Well folks, President Trump once again “put his money where his mouth is” so-to-speak.  He once again “laid down the law” to Syria and backed up his words with action. This is the second strike and the third strike may be the fatal blow. And, please take notice, Putin so far has hidden under his desk.  The Obama administration made an obvious mistake by not enforcing the “red line” he laid down. It made the US look weak and afraid to confront anyone.  Can anyone say North Korea?  They became bolder during that time due to the lack of “backbone” shown by Obama. Don’t think for a moment that they, North Korea, are not watching these events unfold and trying to figure out the same thing as everyone else. Is this Trump fellow a “crazy SOB” or is he one “badass SOB”.  I really don’t know my own self. BUT, but, but, it seems to be working so “if it ain’t  broke, don’t fix it”.

Let me tell you a short story to illustrate what I meant from above statement.  Years ago I used to visit a lot of “blues joints” in East St. Louis.  They were known to be rough places and were “black joints” if you get my drift.  No place for a “cracker cowboy” to say the least. But, there I was with my black cowboy hat and gold jewelry hanging everywhere including a solid gold “belt buckle”. People said I was crazy; but, I liked the music and was “pretty cocky”.  I got to know some of the regulars and had no problems although you would have thought so.  I walked thru the door of one of the “joints” late one night and heard someone from one of the tables say, “what’s this cracker think he’s doing in here”.  Someone else, one of the regulars at the table said, “That cracker is here quite often and is either a “crazy cracker” or one badass SOB so we just let him be”. Word spread and I never had anyone else ever challenge me. Same with Trump and the rest of the world.  They do not know which he is so they are choosing, for now, to “just let him be”. Funny how that works!

I’ve never met President Trump. But, people who have seem to say he is a pretty nice guy, so who knows if I’d like him or not. I do know that I do not like some of the things he does and some of his speech is not my style. Having said all that, he is accomplishing great things and is really trying to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and for that he deserves credit. If I have a leak in my roof and the roofer comes out and says to me, “toss me that F-ing hammer”, I will not tell him not to fix my leaking roof.  I want the leak fixed, he is getting it done, so I’ll toss him the hammer and stay out of his way. After all, it only makes COMMON SENSE to do so. When he is done, I’ll pay him and be glad he came by.  And guess what, Trump is not taking any pay as he is donating it straight to the VETS, I think. Now that is a bargain.

You can bet your last dollar that all the “bad actors” in the world are paying attention to this and thinking maybe, just maybe, “we ought to just let America be”.  If they have any COMMON SENSE that’s just what they are thinking and for that I am grateful.


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Hey, these “kids” first wanted to control “guns” and now they want to control “free speech”.  The calling of boycotts because you disagree is a form of limiting “free speech”.  I and millions of others disagreed with what these “kids” said and did; but, we did not call for boycotts of the stations which put them on air. It continues to amaze me that the media, of all professions, does not see the “folly” in their actions. Does no one realize that the only reason we have the 1st amendment is because of the 2nd amendment? It just makes “COMMON SENSE”. These “kids” have no life lessons and need to get educated about the process before trying to advise the “adults in the room”.

They are now calling for advertisers to boycott the Ingraham Angle to try to shut her up.  She has every right to say what she thinks; and, if they do not like it, then that is their problem.  Just shows what they were not taught in school. We did not call for boycotts of stations which put them on air.  They have the same right to “free speech” as everyone else although I disagree with their ideas. How ’bout we try to shut them up and see what response we get.  They, the “kids” and the media would be screaming for their right to “free speech”.  Well, dumbass, you can’t make this a one way street and neither can I. That is why I stand by and listen to the “liberal bastage’s” BS.  If I want my right, then I have to understand that I must afford them the same right and protect it at all cost.  Without “free speech,” we cease to be a free nation and the only thing protecting our “free speech” is the 2nd amendment.  Redundant, redundant, I know as it was mentioned above; but, so important, that it requires repeating. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to beat this into some hard heads.

I saw on some show the other day a group of “kids” saying, “if only we could see with our eyes what they saw”.  I can understand that a little; but, let me ask you and them a question, “I saw a horrible auto crash last week—blood and guts everywhere. So, because I saw that am I now an expert on auto safety and everyone should listen to me on what safety laws should be passed? I also saw, with my own eyes, a dog chasing a car.  Now, does that make me believe he could drive the “damn thing” if he catches it?  And furthermore, are you going to listen to me about if he catches it we must give him a driver’s license? This just shows the stupidity of the entire debate. I have a right to free speech and use it here.  I also have a right to own a gun and will exercise that right if you come on my hill to try and confiscate it.  In fact the “kids” have me thinking maybe we ought to buy more weapons although we have plenty; but, again, it is my “right”.

Now, if you see it differently, that’s OK. But if you disagree with me, maybe you should check your “hole” card as you are most likely wrong.  And I promise I will not force you to own a gun. See how simple this is. You stay in your house and run your business and I’ll do the same.  The only time I will confront you is when you come to my house and try to interfere in my way of life.  So simple it’s stupid to do any other way. And besides, it makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Hey, that is really an important question! I do not think a lot of people know enough about history to answer that question.  We are slowly losing a portion of our freedoms and the young people of today do not even realize it. They, along with the “liberal bastages,” do not have a clue.  Just think of how the “right” to free speech is being trampled on at colleges around this country. The right to worship is being attacked if you are “Christian”. The right to assemble is also being trampled on if you are a “conservative”. These are rights that every American is entitled to under the constitution. The “bill of rights” with all its amendments  gives us all equal protection under the law, or so some seem to think. BUT, not everyone sees it that way. Take a look at the nonsense happening on campuses around the country and you will see that the some on campus are not allowed to assemble or to speak their mind.

Take a gander at the young people of today that are gathering to “protest” for gun control. They just had a “day of protest” and their right to do so was clear and not obstructed by the people with different views on the subject.  It was mostly a “peaceful protest” and they assembled in several cities across the land. Now, let’s have an “anti-protest” and see how “peaceful” it will be.  You see, the anti-gun control people stayed away and let them have their say.  Tell me the truth now, do you think if the anti-gun control people formed a protest do you think we would be allowed to express our opinions without the other side interfering and causing riots in the streets. You see, it is the “liberal bastages” that are the fascist. They will not allow anyone to speak or assemble peacefully without intervention.

They intervened when people marched to express their opinion on tearing down the “Civil War” monuments. That caused riots; but if they would have stayed at home, as conservatives did for the gun control protest, there would have been no riots.  The conservatives on campus never riot or shout down a “liberal bastage” that comes to a college; but, all hell breaks lose if a conservative wants to express their views on campus. It simply shows how the “liberal bastages” really think.  They believe that you have the right to express your thoughts as long as they are in line with their thoughts. If that is not a restriction of freedom of speech, then “I’ll kiss a fat man’s ass” and I like neither a fat ass or men. Oh my, I’ve done it again. The left will tell you I’ve attacked the “fat” people and the “queers”. Oh well!

And do not get me started on the “liberal bastages” trying to restrict the right to worship.  They have taken prayer out of school and you can not even mention GOD within the classroom anymore. They say it offends them to see such things as a “cross”. The cross offends…but, the “QUEERS” dancing half-naked in the streets for the “QUEER PRIDE PARADE” they seem to like and be OK with such crap. You see their minds are “hardwired 180 degrees out of balance”. They have no “COMMON SENSE” and have been short on “logical thought” for years. I know this might offend you, “liberal bastages” .  But, I don’t really give a rat’s ass. Although, if you pay attention to this blog, it may help to educate you. Let me say right here and now that I do not expect for everyone to agree with me and that is ok, but if you don’t there is a good chance you are wrong.

I truly believe that the young people have a right to protest; but, do you really think they paid for all the buses, stages and equipment that it takes to put on such a march?  No, they did not!  They were funded and being used by a bunch of “liberal bastages”, plain and simple.  It is proven because almost every one of these young people on TV said how they hate President Trump and will never vote for him. They are right about never voting for him because they are not and will not come of voting age before he is out of office. No, just think back to when you were in Jr. high or high school and tell me that you hated the President of that time. Most of you can not tell me who was President during you sophomore or junior year. It’s just another way of realizing someone in the back ground is “pushing the buttons”.

I would like to commend all the young people for trying to make a difference; but, they must be careful for what they wish. They seem to be leaning more towards banning guns and that means doing away with the 2nd amendment. Just let me point out that: without the 2nd amendment, they will shortly be without any of the amendments which support their freedoms of such things as speech and assembly. It was and has been this important amendment that has kept us a free nation all these years.  If these young people had been taught “civics” correctly, then they would have the knowledge to think thru all the blabber from the “liberal bastages” wanting to run and control their lives. The best thing they could do is to study history before opening their mouths and preaching to people like me who have some knowledge and have served “MY COUNTRY”. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

BTW, I just noticed a post on my FB was pulled and it was a quote from a book that one side does not want others to know about. Shame on you FB!


As stated above, I aim well. Thusly, I’m practicing “GUN CONTROL” and “COMMON SENSE” all at once.  I’m getting ready to buy a couple of extra AR 15s.  I have an older model but everyone who knows me knows I like the last model. New trucks, new guitars, new boats, new rods/reels and new GUNS.  “Is this a great country or What”? I work hard and I play hard.  I once heard it said, “that the one who dies with the most toys, WINS”. I might not win but I bet I get “honorable mention”.

This thing about “GUN CONTROL” has gone nuts. It is “plumb out of hand”.  Maybe it’s just the people calling for “GUN CONTROL” who have gone nuts or maybe they are truly just nuts.  How in the hell do you suppose we get control? Go out and try to confiscate them like some on the left aspire to do.  There are approaching 4/5 hundred million guns in the public’s hands. That is higher than the listed number because I know that no one ever counted mine.  No “GUN OWNER” with a set would ever tell you how many he has. I know for a fact that there are ranches in Texas with safes full of guns and ammo buried with GPS numbers recorded. Now, I’m not one of those “GUN NUTS”, no never not me!

The “liberal bastages” tell us about immigration that there are 11 or so million “illegals” in the country and always ask the question, “How could we ever find and remove that many?” Well, “COMMON SENSE” would then tell you to ask, “How the hell can we round-up and confiscate 4/5 hundred million guns if it is impossible to remove 11 million “illegal” immigrants?”  BTW, the guns are legal and the immigrants are not.

Like I mentioned, I’m shopping for more AR 15s now; but, haven’t found the right ones just yet. Maybe you can help me out here.  You see, all I can find are those ordinary AR 15s.  And me being who I am, I want and deserve a few of the special ones.  You know, the ones that will get off the gun rack, load themselves, go to a school, walk into the school, pull the fire alarm and then shoot the kids all by itself. Like a smart phone that would be a smart weapon.  And I have the smart phone so I want the same type of smart weapon. Please tell me you see the ridiculousness of my statement.  There are no such weapons on the market but you can “BET YOUR ASS IF THERE WERE I”D HAVE MORE THAN ONE”.

Now, having said all this “COMMON SENSE” stuff, I want you to watch and listen to Governor Bevin of Kentucky in this face book post.  Read my comments that follow as it is important that we all realize that this is not the same country we grew up in years ago. If you do not see that, then you are blind and you are part of the problem.  I, personally, think we need to change our culture and “PUT GOD BACK IN THE SCHOOLS” and in our homes. I know this might shock a lot of you but most gun owners are good law-abiding, GOD fearing people of good moral standing.  Let’s come together to change our culture of pornography to a culture backed by the “TEN”.  Then and only then will we see change.

My Comments:

There is a lot that is different in today’s world–kids spend time with a screen not with parents and brothers and sisters–for those who might know me personally, they know I have guns, use guns and this has been since a very young age—12 years old when I got my first gun—22 single shot–bought my first gun at 17/18 years old from Joske’s of Texas–on payment plan–mom had to co-sign the note–a Browning 12 gauge gold trigger hump back–still have them both and I’m 72–saving to pass on to my Grandson–every Sunday after church the entire family met at Mom’s for lunch–we interacted with the entire family all afternoon–we said “grace” before lunch although we had just come from church–we still say “grace” at our house before meals–grandkids are the ones to say it now–they find it refreshing or fun–it has become their place to say “grace”–how many of you can honestly say that the culture you grew up in has not changed–Think seriously about where we are heading and what are we teaching most of the kids today–we have failed the masses and we are seeing the results–BTW, I had a gun, as did a lot of guys like me, at school every day and yet no one was shot–let that sink in–all we had to do was walk to our truck or car and yet we knew better—SOMETHING HAS CHANGED—

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