My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Typhoid Mary was a song years ago as was the disease. I don’t think the song will rebound; but, the disease is trying to make a “come back”. And, with the help of the “liberal bastages” in this country, it might just raise it’s ugly head again. Now for all those with your head up the dark passage, called your ass, because of the squalor in California, LA/San Fran, the disease has been discovered in the homeless neighbor hoods. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that the waste attracts rats and the rats carry the disease. If we are not careful, it and other diseases will spread like “wild fire” across this country.

We have seen this movie before many, many years ago. It was during a time before we had the sanitary conditions which we enjoy now. But, alas, that is changing as we have homeless camps lining the streets of many cities. These people are drug addicts and mentally ill persons and the streets are lined in their waste. Now we are importing “illegals” from Africa who possibly have all sorts of diseases and they are joining the homeless as there is not enough housing to accommodate them all. They, in many cases, do not speak “English” so they cannot find work. If they can’t speak to a customer, how can any employer hire them? Again, up pops this thing called “COMMON SENSE”.  If you can’t  help my customers then how the hell can I hire you or “why would I”? We need people who can get to work and support themselves and their families and that have been screened for diseases. You wouldn’t take your pets to a place that they might contract a disease (by the way have you checked into where Chagas, which affects your pets, originated?); but, yet, you’ll send your children to school with “illegals” who have had no screening. Again, this “COMMON SENSE” thing.

We, in this country, have allowed the “liberal bastages” to take control of most of our services thru government control; and, it is having dire consequences. Our “founding fathers” were a Christian group and studied the “BIBLE” searching for how they should structure our Constitution and it has “stood the test of time” for over 200 years. We, as a nation, are moving away from that structure and trying to take steps not allowed by that document; and, we are experiencing more and more problems. Both sides, left and right, seem to think they know better; and I believe, in my opinion, that we must get back to the “old tried and true”. Let me take just a moment to mention Ecclesiastes 10:2 which says, and I’m paraphrasing, “A wise man tends to lean to the right while a fool tends to lean to the left”. It amazes me that way back in biblical times that it was known as right and left. Again, that “COMMON SENSE” thing makes me crazy.

The “illegals” from Africa have been moved to San Antonio, Texas and the plan is to relocate them across the country with a large part going to Maine. Let me ask please, I have to have all sorts of IDs to fly; but, these “illegals” have no ID, so how the hell can they be flown to Maine or anywhere else with our citizens? If by chance they have a disease, then we are simply spreading it as fast and far as we can. Again, the “COMMON SENSE” thing. They are planning on moving some to Austin…so all you “liberal bastages” in SA/Austin get ready to have you children exposed to “Who knows what”. When and if people start “dropping like flies,” remember this is what you voted for when you elected democrats. There is an old saying of “be careful what you wish for” that can also be stated “be careful of what you vote for”.  Remember it is only “COMMON SENSE” and that “liberal bastages” were out chasing “butterflies” when that gene was being passed out.



I am always amazed by the who, how, and when people elect others to do their bidding in the government. Most voters have no idea of the life style of their representatives who for all practical purposes are making laws that affect their everyday lives. Shouldn’t you know something about them and their lives before deciding that they kinda match your lives? That is what the Constitution is all about: electing representatives from folks of like minds and ways to represent you in Congress and as President of the country. Although you may not like him and some of his ways, you certainly knew a lot about President Trump; and although “richer than 3 foot up a bull’s ass,” he is kinda like the blue collar guy in a lot of his ways and actions. Like it or not, which I do not like it all, he is one of us. Just a “REDNECK” who made it “BIGLY”. He is trying to do everything in his power to help the “middle class guy” where as most others in government seems to have their best interest at heart. Don’t think so? Then let’s look back at the OBAMA administration and just see for ourselves if he is one of us.

Sasha, Obama’s daughter just graduated from high school. She graduated from Sidwell Academy a private school in the DC area. It is a “Quaker” school for some of the most elite children in the area. I say “most elite” in that the tuition is $42,375 a year…but wait it does include a hot lunch! Transportation can be arranged between DC and Bethesda for $1600 and there are other arrangements that can be made for a price. They have pre-K thru 12th grade. Now let me ask you, especially, the “black community”, who all thought Obama was one of you, just how many of you can or could even think about that amount of fees to educate your child? I’ll bet you did not know that fact. I realize that probably “the Donald’s” son goes some where like that, but he, did not spend a million dollars hiding his past, as did Obama. No one has ever come forward–like an old girl friend from high school or college–to say they knew the fool. Believe me, if I ran, they would come out of the “wood work” with both good and bad to tell a story. Isn’t it funny how he must be ashamed of his past? And yet, no media coverage at all, the way they have “raked Trump over the coals”.

So, in conclusion, just let me say, check out who you are voting for and as the Constitution says elect your representatives from those who walk among you as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. And I for one, will consider if they have the morals/ethics close to my Christian beliefs in making my decision as to who I want to represent me. I would not ever tell you who to vote for but I can tell you that the DNC platform is for abortion on demand, queer rights, higher taxes and “bigly” government. So if you vote for them, don’t be surprised when they do not represent your values.


Hey folks, every time President Trump does something that is better for our country and they, “the liberal bastages” oppose these “COMMON SENSE” issues they get their “ass handed to them in a bag”. The latest is the tariffs proposed on imports from Mexico. They, the “liberal bastages”, “threw a shoe” but it seems as though President Trump got this deal pushed thru as Mexico signed an agreement to do some of what he requested to help our country with this immigration mess. It seems they will never learn to try to help him instead of trying to express their hatred for the man. He has accomplished more for this country than any President since Ronald Reagan. They continue to fight him at every turn in the road and he keeps kicking them in the teeth. Mexico is now moving “troops” to their southern border to stop the flow of South Americans thru their country to our border. They, Mexico, signed the agreement and he canceled the upcoming increases in tariffs. He again did something to help our great country.

He removed “regulations” which were choking our businesses. He has gone farther with “Little Rocket Man” than any other President. He is working on trying to keep China and Russia in line. His tax cuts have the economy on fire. The stock market is booming which helps every American with a pension plan. And for all this, he gets a snide remark from Schumer about “now that he has solved the problem of immigration we can stop hearing about it”. Just shows the depth of stupidity that Schumer and the media has about the subject. If Schumer and his pals in both the house/senate had done their jobs, we would not be in this mess in the first place. Congress has “kicked the can down the road” for 25/40 years now and the “chickens are coming home to roost”. Congress could fix the problem, but they continue to sit on their hands. It is time to vote them all out of a job including the “never Trumpers” in the republican party. They hate Trump because he is not a politician and does not play by their rules. Playing by their rules is what has brought us this problem and it will never be solved until we,the people, take back our government by sending all the dead wood back home.

The media has joined the democratic party and they are one in the same. Every time the President comes up with a new and novel idea, the media right along with the entire democratic party do nothing but scream and yell. Then after the idea works out to our country’s favor, they simply take it out of the news. Just shows how the game is played. Have you ever noticed that all the anchors of the “fake news” networks repeat the same talking points on any given subject. I do not know who passes out these talking points but they seem to have the attention of all the “fake news” anchors.

It is time and only makes “COMMON SENSE” for the American public to express their displeasure with the DNC/media and to reinvest in their country by voting. I will certainly not tell you who to vote for; but, I will go so far as to tell you if you vote for any democrat you are a “dumb ass” and you are a big part of the problem.


This is a great question. I, of course, am not a democrat and if I was I would lie about it. Shame would simply overcome me.  They, themselves, do not believe the same things. There is the moderate wing and the “left” wing of the party; but, there are a few things that unite them or their message. They certainly all believe in higher taxes on everyone. They claim that they only want to raise taxes on the “rich.” But, when you get them to explain, you realize they really want to raise everyone’s taxes. They, the democrats, now want to rescind the Trump tax cuts which have helped the economy catch fire.  They all want open borders. But, they will lie and try to hedge their way around it. Then they really get back to policies which are for any and all immigrants to have easy access to our country. They want them here, but just not in their back yard. This was proven when President Trump said he or the government could fly the “illegals” to places like New York City or to Pelosi’s town of San Francisco.  Both Mayor De Blasio and Pelosi almost “threw a shoe”. Oh no, not in their backyards. Hypocritical is the word that comes to mind. And they all are for the killing of the most innocent. In fact, they think it is alright to have a child birthed and then decide if the child will be allowed to live or die. They, again, will argue for hours and talk around in circles trying to confuse the issue but it is murder and they know it.

Just look at a few of the candidates that are running in what is a ever increasing number of “liberal bastages” jumping into the 2020 race. Some or most, you nor I, a political junkie, have never heard of… but let’s look at just a few.  There is the wonder boy, “BETO” who seems to never grow up. He rides a skate board into several of his gatherings. He puts on social media a trip to the dentist and barber. He should have shown us a clip of him getting his oil changed as he is a real “DIP STICK”.

Then let’s look at some of the women running in the democratic primary for 2020. Harris has openly admitted that she will take your guns by executive order thereby ignoring the 2nd amendment. Then there is “Pocahontas” who wants to “scalp” all the big corporations and wall street which will destroy the economy.  And then, you have Gillibrand who calls herself a “young lady” although she has lived more than half her life. She is 52. She is for anything and everything on any given day. She changes her positions more often than I change my “DRAWS”. And Mom always told me to “make sure they were clean in case I had an accident”. I never really understood that as I thought if I had an accident that would make them dirty. Who knows!

Then there is the “socialist” Bernie Sanders who wants to give anyone and everyone everything for free. If we go to lunch together and you get a freebie, it’s because I paid the tab. It is always that way. No “free lunch” as someone always pays. It is the same with college or healthcare. Someone other than you has to pay until they run out of money; and then you will have to pay ten times as much. Why, you ask? Because it has become your time to pay and you will “pick up the tab” for yourself and a a bunch of “deadbeats” of which you were once one. Good luck with that mess.

And last but not least, we have Biden, or as I know him, JOE THE HOE! He has and his family have taken millions from China and the Ukraine. He and his son are as “crooked as a dogs leg”. Just wait until all this comes out about his trading favors for cash from both countries.  He and his son wouldn’t “know the truth if it bit them in the ass”. All you democrats vote him in during the primary and watch all the filth and under the table stuff that will come out in the general election. He and his son may very well be in prison.

Well folks, this has been just a sampling of the candidates in the democratic primary. Oh, I forgot, Yang wants to give every one in America 12K a year. Doesn’t that just make you want to “wet your bloomers”. The democrats are a bunch of fools and anyone who supports them is the same. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that TRUMP WILL TROUNCE IN 2020.


Well, the democrats rolled, or packaged, all their “marbles into one bag” or “put all their eggs in one basket” and it did not work out like they thought.  The democrats said, at least a thousand times, just wait for the Mueller report and you will all see the truth about President Trump. Robert Mueller was the “God send” that would prove them, the democrats, completely right. He, Mueller, was just one step behind the “Almighty Himself” according to the democrats. Well, that ship has sailed! What happened to all the truth which was sure to be exposed. It was exposed!  NO COLLUSION! Now that the truth has been exposed, Mueller needs to be brought before the House to explain what happened. I can tell you what happened. He found no evidence of any chargeable collusion and the democrats “heads are exploding”. This was their “savior” and now he is a complete “idiot” according to those who were kneeling at his feet before the report destroyed their world. He, Mueller, has gone from a “hero to a zero” in days. The democrats can’t believe he had the gall to exonerate President Trump. He and now Attorney General Barr have shattered the democrats world. Now, they must be destroyed like they have tried to destroy President Trump. These two men have gone from the “savior” of the democrats to just two “sluts” of the political world. It makes no “COMMON SENSE” but we all know the democrats were hiding behind the door when that gene was being handed out.

The democrats have now decided they must take a new line of attack as the other line was erased by Mueller.  Their new “number one enemy” is Barr and he must be destroyed at all cost. He was just approved a few months ago; but, that was when the democrats thought they might be able to influence him to work with them. Now, they want to walk him out in hand cuffs. They want the complete “unredacted” report or they will hold him in contempt of Congress. The only problem is that he would have to break the law to do so. This law just so happens to be one that the democrats voted for as did their chairman “Rolly Polly” Nadler. The report contains grand jury testimony which can not, by that law, be distributed. They know this to be true so it leads one to the “COMMON SENSE” conclusion that it is all a political stunt. They, the democrats have no ethics/morals so they have no shame. They are running scared because all this collusion crap is about to “bite them right in their ass”. A lot of people are going to be proven guilty of spying on the Trump campaign and they know it will help elect Trump for a second term.

Just watch the news and you will see every democrat repeat the same “talking points” one after another. It might be “bombshell” today and every democrat politician and anchor will repeat it over and over. Tomorrow, the word or words will be “explosive proof” and they all follow in cadence. It is funny to see them all exposed for who and what they are. And, remember if you vote for them,it is because you have no “COMMON SENSE” either.

It will be a wild ride all the way into and thru the 2020 election so watch for the key words of all the democrats, laugh your ass off, and then go vote them out of office if you so desire. Remember, if you vote for the democrats, then you are voting for higher taxes, lower wages, open borders and the killing of the most innocent. If that’s really what you believe, then all I can say is “GOD help you as you are a lost soul and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that you need help.


Well, I always said that the “liberal bastages” of this country had their brains hardwired completely backwards and this latest crazy crap about the Mueller report proves my point.  They are so thick-headed that all we heard was “let’s wait for the report” to see what is in it. Well, it has been delivered and now they say, “well, let us go further” because Mueller did not deliver what they wanted.  It is always this way with “liberal bastages” because they have no logic or “COMMON SENSE”.  After almost 3 years of investigation, the Mueller report has concluded that there was nothing between Trump and Russia.  Oh, but wait, the democrats just know this can’t be right.  Why, because “Chitty” Schiff has said he has evidence but when asked he “hides under his desk”. The democrats do not realize he is a lying SOB because he is just like all of them. They have lied to the American public so long that it has become natural for them. BUT, I must try once more to see if I can reach at least one democrat to save them from their own lies.  According to the report there was “NO COLLUSION”.

It is hard to listen to these fools everyday on TV say, “just give us another year or so and we will have the goods on Trump.”  They want to “impeach” him so “badly” that they will lie, cheat and steal to get it done.  BUT, wait, that is all democrats have ever done.  You can have a discussion with a democrat and show them that “2 plus 2 is 4” and they will argue with you about the facts. I have never met a democrat that had any “COMMON SENSE” and could for years not figure out why! I finally realized it is because NONE of them have the “COMMON SENSE” gene.  Their make up is completely void of such a gene and it can not be taught unless you are born with the gene.  So, I guess it is not their fault that they are so stupid about such simple stuff such as, “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION”. That is as simple as “2 plus 2=4; but, again, they cannot grasp the concept.

Now, after all the FBI agents, special prosecutors, witnesses galore, thousands of interviews and 30 million dollars spent, they don’t believe what the experts have found. Zero, nada, zip and nothing.  It is like their brains are hardwired completely backwards.  Oh, sorry I think I already said that but it just makes me so damn happy to finally understand that I just had to repeat myself.  So my conclusion is,: do not waste your time trying to present a logical argument to one of these “liberal bastages”; as you will just waste time and energy; and you will never make them understand; and it will just add frustration into your life.

So, here is what we as conservatives can and should do. Ignore the “liberal bastages” and for heaven’s sake never hire one.  I had to work with one for a while because his dad died and left him the business. But it did not take me long to “cull him from the herd”. What can I say but to say he was impossible to work with and he has run off most of his long-time customers and employees.  And did I mention “NO COMMON SENSE”? So do yourself a favor and when you happen upon one of these “liberal bastages” run the other way as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



Now there is a great question! Are you sure you are a democrat or even want to be one?  I really do not believe that most people today even know what the democratic “platform” is and where it is headed in the future.  Most people are so “drove up” worrying about the “knife and fork” that they have no time to follow what the politics within the party really are and what it means.  They are just too busy trying to make ends meet and to feed the hungry mouths at the table. If they had time to concentrate on the issues, they would run from, not walk away from, the democratic party.  It is for this reason that I’m going to give you a short list of what the democrats believe and what they really want for each and every person who votes for them; but also, for the entire country as well as for the world.

  1.  MURDER!  The democrats just voted down a bill making it “illegal” for a doctor to do everything he can to save a “baby birthed alive after or during an abortion”. I want you to really think about what they are saying.  It is birthed alive, independent of the mother and the doctor is supposed to let it lay on a table and die! This is murder! So, if we carry this train of thought to the ultimate end…then if the mother decides when her child 2 years old that this just isn’t going well, having this child is just a burden, then she can, along with her doctor, decide to end its life. Argue all you want folks but this is where the “liberal bastages” are headed. Oh, and by the way, have they mentioned anything about the father having a say?
  2. IMMIGRATION!  The democrats are “all of a sudden” against any laws restricting immigration including the “WALL”.  This is odd as the leaders of the democratic party all called for and voted for the “WALL” during the Obama administration. What has changed? POLITICS, that’s what. Not what is good for the country; but POLITICS and trying to make someone else look bad. Illegal immigration is bad in so many ways…but lowering of wages, effects on education, effects on our medical system and the welfare system are but a few. Not to mention the crime numbers.
  3. VOTER FRAUD! The democrats are against having to show ID’s when voting.  Why hell, you can’t live in this country without proper identification. You can’t travel by plane, can’t cash a check, can’t go to the doctor or even enter most if not all courthouses.  I have to show my ID if an officer stops me while driving and breaking a traffic law. ( which of course, I never do.) But, they say it is a burden on people to have to get an ID….I say BS!
  4. LAW ENFORCEMENT!  The democrats are calling for the abolishment of ICE.  That means no “immigration law enforcement” once the “illegals” enter the country.  Do you think this just might have the MS-13 gang members dancing in the streets?  A “SANCTUARY COUNTRY” what a great idea!
  5. THE NEW GREEN DEAL!  They, the democrats, are supporting the proposal by AOC, the idiot representative from New York, wanting to do away with air travel, cars, home heating fuels and cows.  That means, “there goes your hamburgers”. The reason–cows “fart”.  So do “illegals” that eat the “musical fruit” at every meal.  Do they not realize that if the “illegals” fart from the “frijoes” that it makes “COMMON SENSE” to keep them out of the country for the good of the climate in our country. Next will come the “FART TAX” or just another “STINKING TAX”.

Folks, please wake up before it is tooooooo late!  The democrats want to control everything in your life all the way to what you eat! Then they want the “FART TAX” because, as sure as “SHIT STINKS” if you eat you will fart.  A sure tax for sure and everyone will pay. That of course was meant as comedy but it could be closer to the truth according to the democrats.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to educate your self before you vote and truly know who and for what you are voting. This is just a partial list of things the democratic candidates for President are supporting so check your “HOLE CARD” before you give them any power. Check out what they support, I DARE YOU!

Does the following not apply to Item 1?




Hey, as anyone who knows me well will attest, I served my time in the financial industry and that does not make me an expert; but, it does mean I have somewhat of an understanding of the industry.  I am a licensed agent and have gone through numerous classes, not only in life and health, but financial stability.  I understand the relationship of time, money and interest paid better than most.  I also understand the importance of “life insurance” which is for protection of those you love.  If you have nothing and love no one, then you have no need to protect anything; so, thus you need no insurance.  Health insurance is to protect what you have for yourself; because, if you have a “real” sickness, you can lose everything you have acquired in your life. I have given you these “nuggets” of wisdom to clarify that.  So, you just might want to listen to what I have to say while all the while “taking it with a grain of salt”.

Some years back, we, as a country, hit a real rough spot in the road.  We had many “chug holes” along our financial road.  The Prime lending market for home loans went south and it affected a lot of other financial markets as well.  There were many Americans that were affected in the down turn and many people lost their homes and the equity which was tied up in that home. It also bled over into other markets, as mentioned, and many people really took a bath during that time. I was fortunate to have seen some of it coming and had everything paid off; but, most people were not so fortunate. Credit is a wonderful ally if used correctly.  It can also be a way to help increase your net worth if used correctly.  But, it can also be a “double-edged sword” and help to shred your net worth. I am trying to justify the warning I’m about to pass on to you and the information I’ve given you is to say, “I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer” but I do have some experience in this field and you might want to take heed. This is being done for “free” so you know what that’s worth. LOL!

Now, to the point of all this.  Most people do not realize that there is another “bubble” arising in the market place.  There are somewhere just over 7 million people in this country that are at least 90 days past due on their vehicle payments. Now, you may not be one of those folks; but, that does not mean you will not feel the “heat from the fire”.  Hopefully, this “bubble” will not burst like the “home mortgage industry” did and affect other markets; but, it certainly has the potential to do so. Just think of that number of people “in the rears” and the damage it might cause if the market does turn south.  We have already experienced a slow down in new car sales and that along with the “in the rears” for over 90 days may be an indicator.  I said, “maybe”.  It may not happen and everything may turn out sunny; but, all I’m saying is to be thoughtful and protect you and your family.

And, in my humble opinion, the best way to do so is to invest in silver and gold. I have done so for years and feel it has helped my financial “well-being”. There are a lot of companies to choose from and many ways to invest. You can buy what I call “paper gold”or you can buy actual hold in your hand silver and gold. I prefer to have something I can hold in my hand even if I have to make a short trip to town to do so. I have a company that I have purchased from and you can do so too.  To me this makes “COMMON SENSE” to protect you and your family. You can certainly contact me and I will be happy to share companies that I have worked with, one of them being a local Texas company.


If you think for a moment that the “liberal bastages” are not trying to change America, then you are part of the problem.  Let’s look for a moment at how they have changed the way “smokers” are treated in today’s world.  Years ago, even decades ago, most everyone smoked. It was a choice that each person made.  Then the government got involved and things began to change.  First, they told you it would kill you! I’m not a smoker and I do believe that it can have an effect on your health; but, I also know people in their 90’s who have smoked all their lives and they out lived most of their relatives who didn’t smoke. They then decided that “second-hand smoke” was bad; so, they made it to where about half of all restaurants were “nonsmoking areas”.  That lasted a while and they decided that only about 25% of the cafe’s needed to be “nonsmoking areas”.  Then, it went to 10% and now you have to go stand out in the rain, sleet, snow or the blistering heat to take a “toke”.  Do you see any pattern here? If not, you need to rush to the eye doc for an exam. They slowly remove your rights, even one which might be bad for you, so that you wake up some morning and it feels normal to be living without whatever right they seem to think needs to be removed.

This process has been used to restrict the ownership of guns as well.  First, you were told by them thru a designed campaign that guns were “BAD”.  Then, because the American public rose up against “gun control,” they backed up and took smaller steps to keep the public uprising to a minimal.  Then, they stormed the “gun shows”. Then, they wanted “background checks”. Then, they decided that the look of the AR-15 was bad. Although, it is semi-automatic–they screamed “automatic weapons” until most uninformed people have to some extent bought into that idea. (And I have to say here–it is a false idea.) Now, they want to restrict magazines and any add on’s, or even make the ammunition harder to find and much more expensive, as a means to enforce the “gun control” which they worship. They have recently “banned” bump stocks. Just another restriction to move towards total “gun control”.  These are small steps taken so as to hide from you, the American citizen, their true intent of “gun confiscation”.

“LOOK OUT CHRISTIANS” they started the same process on your freedom some time ago. First, they introduced “life styles” which did not fit so well into your life style and forced their opinions on you and made you an outcast if you objected.  Then, they objected to students bringing their bibles to school.  Then, they objected to “prayer and the pledge” and that was slowly removed.  Then, they restricted the mention of the word “GOD” in the schools. And now a student can be sent home or expelled for simply wearing a shirt, or such, with a reference on it to Christianity. The Ten Commandments have been removed from many-a-court house. The quote “In God We Trust” has been up for removal from our money. The word, Christmas, has become a “toxic” word; and Nativity scenes are removed or disallowed at Christmas time. Just think of all the crosses that have been removed! Do you see any parallels in these  situations? If not, then, you are not really wanting to consider that your government is simply manipulating you.

I have taken the time to point to these examples to try to let you come to a “COMMON SENSE” realization for yourself.  It is much like putting a “frog” into a pot of water and slowly increasing the heat so he doesn’t realize he is being cooked for dinner. If you threw him into water already somewhat “hot”, he would jump out of the pot before you could place the lid. Well now, “COMMON SENSE” tells me you are the frog and the government is slowly turning “up the heat”. Be careful of what and how you vote!


It has amazed me how all the government employees have never felt that immigration was an issue which should trouble them.  Now, the government shut down is staring them in the face and their pay may be withheld and “holy crap” it’s a big deal.  They have never listened to the rest of us out here in the real world.  We have tried to explain how “illegal immigration” cost us each and everyday.  The cost for the citizens is tax monies spent to medicate (healthcare for the illegal and their extended families), education, free breakfast/lunches while at school, rent subsidies, utility subsidies and free phones.  I don’t know about you, but I get none of these benefits and further more don’t want them.  That being said I damn sure don’t want to pay for these benefits for “illegals”.  The democrats will argue that the “illegals” pay into social security and never draw from it. Let me ask, how do they contribute when you must have a number?  They are using fake numbers and everyone knows it; but, if you or I tried it, they would “put us under the jail not just in it”. This one point shows how we have lost our way as a country.

Now, let me explain to the government workers how the system works.  We all know and are aware that both parties do not want to fix or change the system.  Both parties have had all three branches of government under their control and have not moved to fix the problem. Both parties should pay a price, but it never comes to that.  Paul Ryan, speaker of the house, has set on his dead ass and done nothing to even try to help on the situation. He is as worthless as “tits on a boar hog”.  The parties are responsible for not fixing the problem; but, where does the problem really arise?  The truth is it is the “illegals” which will stand between you and your pay check. That is the root of the problem plain and simple.  The “illegals” have caused problems in our country for years but it has gotten large enough to start to affect the government employee’s pocket books. This may be the only way to ever get to the root of the problem and hopefully a fix. Who is it that is threatening a “shut down”.  It is President Trump making the threat all the while trying to support the American citizens while the democrats are standing strong against the citizens while backing and standing up for the “illegals”.  Let me paint this picture once more. President Trump standing up for America while the democrats are siding with the “illegals”.  So all you fools out there in liberal areas, such as Austin who have been voting for these “liberal bastages”, need to “check your hold card”.

It truly amazes me how many people in our world have no “COMMON SENSE”.  A lot of the problem is there are a lot of “Yankees and people from the likes of Californication” moving into our state because of the good times we have experienced.  They left these areas because their locales were being destroyed by democrats and when they get here they try their best to change our system.  “Leave well enough alone or get the hell out”. You came here because you liked what you saw and then you get here and want to return to what you had.  “COMMON SENSE” tells me you are a “dumb ass”. Thank you so very much.



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