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Well, they tell me “Beijing Biden” is ahead in the polls, but that is a lie. They are only polling very democratic districts so as to get the results they desire. There is no way “JOE n THE HOE” can beat Trump in this election….if it is an honest election. I will offer more proof below; but for now, I feel the media is lying to the public to make themselves “FEEL” better as they have been so wrong for so long. President Trump is “draining the swamp” and the “swamp creatures” do not like the results.

I have noticed something new as this election draws closer which I have never noticed before. It is unusual, and the media is ignoring it, but ya’ll know you can depend on me to try to fill you in on the facts. The something new is the “TRUMP BOAT PARADES” happening in multiple states and none are showing up in the news. There are also Trump Truck Rallies. The media really wants to down play this as it shows how much support President Trump has with the general public. All the media wants to show you is the unrest of all the “ASSHOLES” in BLM/ANTIFA/DNC. These groups are being funded by Soros and many foreign governments, such as China, because President Trump is showing them up for what they really are….MARXIST. A lot of the funding is running thru “ACT BLUE” which is a funding arm of the democrat party.

I am also linking to a site where you might listen to my latest song called the “THE TRUMP TRAIN”. There are also sites which show the “TRUMP BOAT PARADES” WHICH OF COURSE YOU WILL NEVER SEE ON THE MSN. It is a shame that the media in America has become so tainted. You or I can no longer rely on the media to give us the facts as they know the American public has to much “COMMON SENSE” to fall for their BS.

If you vote for “BEIJING BIDEN”, it will be you boarding the “CHINA MONEY TRAIN” that he is a-ridin’. It is a shame that the media is hiding his involvement with the Chinese government. You need to do your own research before casting your vote and in the mean time check out the sites below. Vote as you will but don’t let “JOE n THE HOE” continue to steal. What a poet!

Trump Boat Rally, Port Aransas, TX
Rockport, TX to Port Aransas, TX

The following is a site with pictures from Boat Rally’s across America:

Check out my latest song, THE TRUMP TRAIN, plus more:


That is according to the mayor of Portland! He stated that if the conservative people in their big truck with big tires had not tried to roll thru Portland there would not have been a problem. It seems it was OK for the “jackasses” of BLM/ANTIFA/DNC to block the streets and that is just fine with him. What he is saying and did say: if they would not come to Portland, there would be no trouble. Well, you dumbass, this has been the first time they have come; but, you have been having trouble for almost 3 months now. Please explain to me what was the causing the problem previously. Let me answer that as I know you do not have a set, or a set large enough to answer it. It was all the people bussed in from everywhere by BLM/ANTIFA/DNC. MOST OF THE CONSERVATIVES DRIVING THOSE “BIGLY” trucks were from your surrounding suburbs.

It is completely amazing that for 3 months the Democratic Party has ignored the violence; and, now that the polls show it is helping to turn the American people toward Trump, they want to blame Trump. What a disgusting party! It has been Trump, who by sending in the national guard, has stopped some of the rioting. It has nothing to do with anyone but the “FAR LEFT MARXIST” movement, backed by the democrat party, and they have just in the last couple of days realized it is turning the freedom loving Americans against the democrats. This is the only reason they are giving “LIP SERVICE” to the violence what so ever.

The democrats are now saying it is Trump who is promoting all this violence. Anyone with “half an ounce” of “COMMON SENSE” knows that is a lie. Remember what I have always said, “when a democrat yells about the right doing something wrong, it is always the democrat doing what they accuse the right of doing”. It is an old game they play; but, it has worked for years. Don’t believe me? Just look at the black community which the democrats have said for years that the right is trying to harm. When the democrats have been the ones trying to keep them down. Under Trump, the black community is seeing the lowest unemployment in history along with the same in “HOME OWNERSHIP”. HOME OWNERSHIP IS THE WAY MOST PEOPLE BUILD THEIR ASSET BASE. And then, they yelled about Russia…when it was the DNC/Clinton campaign that paid for the “STEELE REPORT”. They were claiming Trump was the one, while it was the democrats money funding all that mess.

So, my point in all this is: it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote “RED” or the democrats¬† will come for your head. Well, I am a poet and didn’t know it! Be careful with your vote as it is probably the most important vote of your life. If “JOE and the HOE” get elected, the country will turn hard left. If you elect BEIJING BIDEN”, you will most likely have to learn how to speak Chinese instead of Spanish. The Biden’s, the entire family,¬† have taken billions of dollars from the Chinese and that bill will come due if “JOE THE HOE” is elected. So, do as you will…but you have been warned!





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