My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, I bet you are wondering about the title. It refers to the “ONE” candidate left in the race that is out on the campaign trail. “JOE the HOE” is home sleeping, I guess. President Trump is running the country by day and campaigning by night. He has made two campaign stops today and has another for 9:00 pm tonight. I consider my self a “go getter” but this guy would run me into the ground. He never seems to run out of energy! He must be related to the “ENERGIZER BUNNY”!

All the while, “BEIJING BIDEN” is home dreaming of another deal he can make with “CHINA” to make millions for himself and his family. It is funny how the media chased the “RUSSIA THING” for three years: but, they can’t seem to find the nerve to chase the “BEIJING BIDEN and the CHINESE” story. Just this alone should have been enough to disqualify him for the run for President; but, he has no shame, as most democrats, and he knows he has the media in his back pocket. Just the fact that the entire Trump family is out on the campaign trail supporting “THE DONALD” while “JOE THE HOE’s” family is hiding somewhere; but, you never see them out in public. Maybe they are too busy counting the “DIRTY MONEY” they have received from the UKRAINE/CHINA deals.

We now have more and more info on the “DIRTY DEALINGS” of the Obama/Biden administration concerning the Russia influence in the 2016 elections and it seems that they along with “HILLARY” were the ones paying for info from Russia. Now, I have always told you that when a democrat is hollering about someone doing something dirty/illegal you can bet they are the ones doing the dirty deed. Well, it comes out that “HILLARY” was the one who bought and paid for the info and turned it over to the democrat administration. The Obama/Biden administration was up to their “EYES” in this whole mess; but, it has taken this long to dig up all the paper work.

The democrats are now hollering about the appointment of ACB to the SC as if it is unconstitutional. It is not and they know it. But, they are mad that President Trump gets another pick. They, the democrats, would do the same if the “shoe was on the other foot”. It is not President Trump’s fault as it is the fault of RBG for dying at this time. She should have retired under Obama as the democrats wanted. Maybe, just maybe, the “GOOD LORD” is on the side of having a more conservative court. It is kind of like the “Muslims” keep on hoping that “Allah” will help them. But, the countries that are “CHRISTIAN” seem to keep on top while they “get their hats handed to them”. Maybe, just maybe, they are appealing to the wrong “GOD”. Just saying. They live like scum…while other countries seem to prosper. And, while we are on the subject, maybe we should “check” our “hole card”. It seems to make “COMMON SENSE” AND THAT MAY BE WHY WE HAVE SUCH UNREST IN OUR COUNTRY. Just look at the democrats cities around our country and the mess they live in and you will see what I’m talking about.

It is a shame that we have an entire segment of our country and a complete political party such as the democrats that have no “COMMON SENSE”; SO, DO ME A FAVOR AND PASS THIS BLOG ON TO ALL YOU KNOW SO WE MIGHT REACH SOME OF THE DEMOCRATS AND THEY MIGHT JUST LEARN HOW TO THINK AND USE “COMMON SENSE”.


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