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Is common sense no more?


I know this might interest some of you so although this blog will be short and sweet as it is intended to show the hypocrisy of the “LIBERAL MEDIA”. This is but one example; but, I feel it shows you how their minds work. They believe if you “tell a lie often enough then people will start to believe it is true.” In this case, we are referring to Chris Wallace who is considered a “great journalist” when in fact he is nothing more than a “LIBERAL BASTAGE” WHICH IS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. He can not be a neutral moderator as he is a biased person and I can prove that and will below.

He considers himself as a neutral player, but he is not. In any interview, he will always fall ever so hidden to the liberal side. He is not man enough to just announce that he is a liberal and therefore his interpretation of any situation will be from that side’s view point. He tries to hide behind the curtain and never tell you the truth. For this, I have to assume he is a true POS. And, I know he is hiding from the public his real feelings just for ratings. I think a lot of viewers have caught on to his game and he is losing viewers that want the truth and nothing but the facts.

Case in point! His recent moderation of the 2020 debate between “THE DONALD” and “JOE THE HOE”. He ask President Trump or should I say called the President out for being a “RACIST”. And might I add, that I thought the President answered the question. Oh, but not to the approval of Wallace or all his “LIBERAL BOSSES”. It seems the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”, like Wallace do not understand English. President Trump gave almost, in theory, the same answer he has given at least a dozen times before and Wallace knows this to be true. For you see, Wallace asked the same question in the 2016 debate when he was the moderator for the Trump/Clinton debate. The question was asked almost verbatim. So let me ask you, then why did Wallace ask it again as it had been answered previously when asked by him? (PLEASE SEE ADDRESS BELOW AND WATCH THE YOUTUBE OF THE QUESTION IN 2016 AND AGAIN IN 2020). It is only a couple of minutes long. You can decide for yourself. It just illustrates the point of trying to convince someone that there is a question and if you repeat it over and over again maybe, just maybe, you can change some minds. He knew the answer; he knew the people knew the answer; but, he was simply trying to throw up the “SMOKE SCREEN OF RACISM” WHICH IS NOT HIS JOB. His job is to ask legitimate questions and to stay out of the way so that the American voting public can make up their own minds.

I try to never tell anyone how to vote for that is your decision. I simply point out the facts and let you use your “COMMON SENSE” to make up your own mind. After you watch this YouTube video, you can decide if this is a question that really needed to be asked or is Wallace just carrying water for the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. I myself never watch his program because he is not an ‘HONEST BROKER” of information.

Here is a video showing Wallace pushing the question at two debates:


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