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Hey, I have not forgotten all you people who read my blog.  It has been a while and I did not want to do or say anything that might taint this wonderful agreement with Iran.  Also, I have been very busy writing songs.  Some of you may not know this; but about a year ago, I decided to repair “my Daddy’s” old 1937 Gibson “F-hole” guitar and the repairman was also a teacher.  He never gave me lessons; but, I did find someone and with their help and the internet I now bang away on the guitar and write songs.

But that is not what this blog is about; so, I will get right into it.  We have, for 15 months or so now, been trying to negotiate a “nuke deal” with Iran.  They, the folks from Iran, have made a “laughing-stock” out of John Kerry and President Obama.  These two are complete jokes as is most everyone in this administration.  Nancy Pelosi is a complete idiot and Harry Reid is as big a liar as I have ever seen excepting the President himself.  But, back to the deal.  They are giving away the farm, so to speak, to Iran and getting nothing in return.  They have extended the deadline time and time again. And, just today, say they have reached an agreement, but it will still have to be approved by all parties, and that could take another 6 months to a year.  The “COMMON SENSE” of it all tells us that if it is going to take that long for everyone to approve the deal, there ain’t no damn deal.  A deal is where everyone says this is what I will do, signs on the dotted line, and leaves the table.  It amazes me that these idiots do not know what it says in the Koran.  It says, “it is ok to lie to an infidel in the furtherance of Islam”.  Now, does it not make good “COMMON SENSE” to assume that since these “sand niggers” are muslim, that they are lying to you to further the benefits for Islam?  Iran will never be at peace with the West as they are muslim and they hate our guts just because of who we are.

Now, the democrats always holler that you can not criticize unless you have a plan.  I do not always agree with the theory; but, in this case, I do have a plan which I will outline for you.  And guess what, I could have negotiated it in about five minutes and have walked away.  So let me explain.  All that needed to be, or needs to be done today, is to confront Iran at the negotiating table and say this,  “We, the USA, know of your great desire to have a “NUKE.”  For the last 15 months, we have not been able to come to any agreement. So, let us present one last try and it is this:  we know how intense your desire is to have a “NUKE,”  we have many so we are going to give you one, and it will be delivered “overnight delivery”.  It will be delivered by “air” via a B-52 bomber at 5:38 A.M. tomorrow morning.  If after receiving the package, you see fit to still desire a “NUKE,” we will continue nightly deliveries until you, like those sorry sneaky bastards, the JAPS, decide you have had enough.”  Politely rise from the table and leave the room and watch the “sand niggers” chase you down the hall.  If they do not then make good on your delivery, and they will, just like the Japs, decide to keep their mouth shut.  Do you realize we have not  heard a peep from those sneaky bastards in better than 70 years? It works, folks.  It has been proven, folks.  It is what they understand, folks.

I know a lot of you weak livered liberals, and a lot of you “queers”, and a lot of you spineless do-gooders will disagree; but, you have to admit, it “sure as hell” makes good “COMMON SENSE” and that is what I’m all about and so is this blog. If they need someone with the “cojones” to pull the lever, all they have to do is call, and I will be happy to be of service to my country once again.


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