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Hey everyone, all I hear about this immigration thing makes no “COMMON SENSE”. Our President has decided that he is “KING”, I guess. He has decided that he is the one to make new laws and “to hell with the Congress”. He actually knows better; but, he is like a “little kid” on the play ground that wants to change the rules to better fit┬áhis way. This man has supposedly been educated in some fine universities and has studied the constitution. But, it has become a “thorn in his side” so to speak. He will be the first to condemn the other side if they even appear to be thinking of something that may be questionable concerning constitutionality. But alas, he certainly does not want it to hamper him in his dealings. Our “forefathers” set forth the rules for a reason; but, he feels he is above the “rule of law”. He has decided that he can decide the “who, what, when and where” as it pertains to who is legal is this country. That is just plain wrong and I do not care what party you follow.
He has on many occasions during his tenure in office made the remark that “he does not have the power or authority to make such a decision”. It is on video tape and has been shown hundreds of times. But, now that he realizes that the Constitution is standing in his way, he decides to just ignore the facts. It simply shows us a lot about his character. He has a lot of character, but it is “all on the wrong end of the scale”. This man would lie to you “when the truth would sound better”. Meaning he prefers to lie than to tell the truth. That alone should have disqualified the man from being President. All you “dumb asses” that voted for him need to evaluate your “COMMON SENSE” as people like me were screaming that he was a liar. That was the first time he was elected. All you “dumb asses” who voted for him a second time; no need to evaluate because you simply have no “COMMON SENSE”. He had proven to everyone that he was not qualified and was a liar; but, you just did not listen or you simply didn’t give a “rats ass”.
Now, I know that you must be asking yourself, “why is this guy ranting on and on about how I voted”. It is true you have the right to vote no matter how stupid you are. Ever heard the old saying, “stupid is, as stupid does”. Well it fits here because you did stupid; so, you must be stupid. As to my rant, I have had to live with the results of your stupidity and I don’t like it. If you are that uninformed, then just don’t vote. If you know nothing about the issues or the candidates, please just past. I had a friend many years ago that I pushed for years to vote. He never voted although I tried everything to get him to do so. After many years of knowing this “fine fellow”, and fine fellow he was, I realized he was too stupid to understand the issues. So, it had been a plus for him to have not voted. A really nice guy but just “dumber than a stack of rocks” about the issues. I feel we have that same problem playing out in most elections. They are so uninformed that they vote against the “best interest” of the country. Notice that I did not say in their “best interest”. If you will always keep the county’s “best interest” in the fore front, it will, in the long run, work out to your “best interest”.
So, I guess the point I am trying to get across is that for you to make a difference you have to be informed about the issues and candidates. Also, you will have to seek out information other than the “network evening news” as they will lie to you also, or just omit the story all together. Either way, they have by lying or omitting the story kept you in the dark. Find a network that will present news for news sake and let you decide for yourself. After all it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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