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Well, now what a mess we have here! “Whose on first, whose on second and whose the HOE and whose the pimp? There are so many players in this mess that it is hard to tell. I have for some time called Biden, “JOE THE HOE” but Kamala is mad because Joe makes her look like a small time “crack hoe”. But, “who is the pimp?” is what we need to know. It seems we now have several others vying for a spot in the line of “HOES”. We now have Jim, the brother of Joe, vying for any open spot in the Biden family “HOEING RING”. It has also been mentioned that Kamala is mad because it looks like Jill is trying to move into the mix. Boy, this is a whole family of “HOES”. I can’t for the life of me decide who is HOE and who is PIMP! It seems they themselves don’t yet know. But, I have an idea who may be “PIMPING” everyone out. Just follow along for a second and let’s see if that old “COMMON SENSE” might lead us to who is doing the pimping.

“COMMON SENSE” tells us it is certainly not one of the hoes mentioned. That would never work. The hoe is never in charge. So, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that to figure out who the pimp is we only have to ask the question that everyone has been asking which is, “WHERE IS HUNTER?”. He is hiding as much as possible in the back ground , as pimps always do. You hardly ever meet or see the pimp, only the hoe. The hoe is always responsible for doing all the heavy lifting, all the labor and collects the money and delivers it to the pimp. BUT, in this case the pimp is collecting the cash and is paying the hoes. It seems, as best we can tell, from TONY BOBULINSKI that the different governments from Russia, Ukraine, China and many more that “HUNTER BIDEN” had all the marbles and he was “PIMPING” out the entire family. He must have learned all this while associating with all the crack dealers he was running with while in the Navy, I think. He was kicked out of the service for the use of cocaine. He realized, evidently, that instead of selling drugs he had a much better product to sell. So, he got busy selling his family name and the whole family became his “STREET WHORES”.

Well folks, it seems it is all coming out and all you people who voted for “JOE THE HOE” just might want to go to your polling place and change your vote. That can be done, you know! It really isn’t your fault, although “I TOLD YOU SO”; but, you just would not listen. I told you that you should use your “COMMON SENSE” and not vote for Joe but I guess you thought I was like one of my old dogs and I was “just barking up the wrong tree”. But, I’ve told people for years to trust your old dog’s nose and sense of smell and it will never let you down. And, this JOE AND THE HOE” thing just “stunk to high heaven”. It was not hard for me as I only used my nose and “COMMON SENSE”.

I hope you will listen to and appreciate the song I have included.



Yes folks, there have been three new agents for these foreign countries hiding right here in America and in plain site if the information is released. A part of the info has been released but more is on the way but the “MAIN STREAM MEDIA” IS TRYING TO SURPRESS THE INFO FOR YOU SEE THESE THREE AGENTS ARE “JOE THE HOE”, “BEIJING BIDEN” and his son “HUNTER, MONEY BAGS BIDEN”. THE EMAILS ARE THERE FOR YOU TO REVIEW IF YOU HAVE THE STOMACH FOR IT. I am only passing on what info the MSM will not. It seems that what I have always told you has and is coming true.

What is the little saying I’ve always used, “IF A DEMOCRAT IS HOLLERING ABOUT SOMETHING THE OTHER SIDE IS DOING IT IS BECAUSE THEY, THEMSELVES ARE DOING IT”. Remember when the democrats had the likes of “THE SACK OF SCHIFF” and “ROLLIE POLLIE NADER along with ‘PIGLOSI” and all democrats hollering about Russia interference in the election but it turned out that it was Hillary that paid for the disinformation against President Trump. Well, now we find out that the Biden family, all, have had their hand out and selling our country out to the highest bidders. It seems Hunter Biden has taken millions from UKRAINE/CHINA and even from RUSSIA. The MAYOR OF MOSCOW’S WIFE WIRED HIM 3.5 MILLION WHILE THE CHINESE OFFERED TO PAY 10 MILLION FOR INTRODUCTION SERVICES. THE UKRAINE GAS COMPANY PAID HIM MILLIONS TO SERVER ON IT’S BOARD. This is what is known as corruption and it was going on right in front of their eyes but the damn democrats were to busy chasing President Trump to even take notice. Also, Joe’s brother got in on the act as he was award a huge contract to build houses in Iraq although like Hunter had no experience. His brother has not ever built anything. Not as much as an “OUT HOUSE IN THE ATTRIC” no less.

It only make “COMMON SENSE” that if you give that kind of money you will want to treat it as an investment and will expect a return on that investment. They, the foreign governments are betting that Joe gets elected and can really be controlled even more. One of the emails said that the foreign government had included in the “price paid to Hunter an extra 10% for the “BIG GUY”. Now just who the hell do you think is the ‘BIG GUY’. “COMMON SENSE” tells me it was for Joe and that he has had this scam going on all his years in office.

I never tell anyone who or how they should vote, or at least try not to, but if you vote for Biden it is the same as voting for his partners in crime UKRAINE/CHINA/RUSSIA. Now let me simply ask you can you see any “COMMONSENSE” in that. You figure it out and let your “COMMON SENSE” TELL YOU HOW TO VOTE. IF YOU CAST YOUR VOTE FOR BIDEN THEN YOU HAVE NO “COMMON SENSE”.

DO YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH??? (25th not meant for Trump)

Now hear this and hear it well! The democrats are trying this bill, the 25th amendment, and everyone thinks it is because of Trump and his actions. The democrats have the media on their side and the media is saying it is because of President Trump and his actions of late…but that is a lie. They, the democrats and their cronies in the media, are using the old “BAIT n SWITCH” move to confuse the public. There are two avenues of approach which need to be explained and it will show you what they the elites in DC. are really trying to accomplish.

First and foremost, the “liberal bastages” in Congress and their leader, Nancy Pelosi are deceiving you about their true intentions. The real reason they are trying this is so if “BEIJING BIDEN” does win, they, the liberals, will have a way to remove him, from office. That would move Harris into being the President. That is what this is all about. As bad as that would be…just think who would move into the VP office. None other than NANCY PELOSI! “Now how do you like those apples”. They are trying to hide their true intention and hopefully the American public will see thru their “slight of hand”. Let me just ask you, how would you like to have these two “dim wits” running your country? They think the public is so blind that they can run this thru and you will never notice until it is too late.

Well you say, what if Biden does not win the election? All that means is that they, the left, will have another “stick” to beat President Trump over the head. Do you not realize that the liberals in Congress are responsible for all the turmoil in our country? They have had the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff causing all the stuff against the President; but, it was all proven to be false. If that weren’t bad enough, now, the DNC/BLM/Antifa and most democrats are letting our cities and businesses burn to the ground. Are these the people you really want controlling everything you do? Well, a vote for BIDEN/HARRIS is a vote for more control from the likes of the DNC/BLM/Antifa. Control may not be the best choice of words. Maybe I should have said “looting/rioting n burning the bitch down”. That would better fit the situation.

Listen to me when I tell you that when a “liberal bastage” is screaming about the other side doing anything it is because they are doing so themselves. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote all and I mean all democrats out of office from the top to the bottom all the way down to the “dog catcher”. I never did like those people anyway.


Hey, every democrat in the country is hollering more should have been done to combat the “CHINESE FLU”. More, more and some more; but, they give no examples of how and when they could have stopped this mess. You see, that is because they have no ideas and simply want to rant/rave. The democrat politicians that are now criticizing the President have no response when you ask for how they would have handled the virus differently. I will show a few examples of how they really reacted to the “CHINESE FLU” when it was first recognized.

The Trump administration closed or banned all travel from China almost immediately when the virus first appeared. For that, ALL DEMOCRATS called the President xenophobic. Please, look up comments by “JOE THE HOE” at the time. Also, review what Nancy Pelosi had to say on the subject along with many other democrats. Some will be presented below. It is like the “liberal bastages” do not realize there is this new thing call “VIDEO”. It captures them and their remarks forever. What fools they are; or, should we just call them as they really are which is “liar, liar their pants are on fire”?

As mentioned, the President did the travel ban thing very early which saved many lives according to Dr. Fauci. (That might not be the best person to use as an example as he has changed his mind as often as I change undershorts.) That is not meant to criticize as no one has a handle on this mess; but, it is just fact. As to making people safe, the President followed what the scientist said and “shut the country down early on which all or most agreed with that plan”. The President also got busy with private companies to produce PPE products and they did a great job of producing masks which were in short supply. I guess we need to mention the short supply of ventilators which the President did an excellent job of over coming also. And now, we are on the verge of getting a vaccine for the virus in under a year. That was and is considered a “great thing” unless you are a democrat. The President started the thing now called “WARP SPEED” meant to expedite the production of the vaccine.

If you really look at the situation, the President has done a “pretty damn good job” with the virus thing all the while overseeing all of the other problems our country has–such as terrorism. That is but one of the “isms” he has been called ever since he was elected to the office. It simply makes “COMMON SENSE” to stop and take a long look at the situation and ask yourself, “what would you have done differently?” Sometimes, we are just not honest with ourselves and just want to complain. That is sometimes for us; but, all the time for the “liberal bastages”. Just think for a moment and realize that this has been a great and large undertaking on the President’s part and all that the DNC/media has done is to give him grief. Does it not make “COMMON SENSE” to give him some room to do the job he was elected to do and to be grateful the media does not do to you as they do to the President?

Now, I would like for you to review the following and use that old thing called “COMMON SENSE” when going down the list of what so many of the “liberal bastages” were saying and recommending back when. I think, if you are truthful, it might amaze you when you compare what they said then and what they are saying today.

I would like to point out that if they remove the President with the 25th amendment and something were to happen to VP Pence then Nancy Pelosi would be your President. Also, if the democrats can stretch out the election results long enough, there is a way for her to be President also. Now, if that does not cause you “nightmares,” then you must be dead. (and that makes you another voter for the democrats). What a horror movie, “I See Dead Voters”.

This is the chart that was mentioned above. Please check it out, as it is very revealing, and you can see how the dems “speak with forked tongue”.


I know this might interest some of you so although this blog will be short and sweet as it is intended to show the hypocrisy of the “LIBERAL MEDIA”. This is but one example; but, I feel it shows you how their minds work. They believe if you “tell a lie often enough then people will start to believe it is true.” In this case, we are referring to Chris Wallace who is considered a “great journalist” when in fact he is nothing more than a “LIBERAL BASTAGE” WHICH IS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. He can not be a neutral moderator as he is a biased person and I can prove that and will below.

He considers himself as a neutral player, but he is not. In any interview, he will always fall ever so hidden to the liberal side. He is not man enough to just announce that he is a liberal and therefore his interpretation of any situation will be from that side’s view point. He tries to hide behind the curtain and never tell you the truth. For this, I have to assume he is a true POS. And, I know he is hiding from the public his real feelings just for ratings. I think a lot of viewers have caught on to his game and he is losing viewers that want the truth and nothing but the facts.

Case in point! His recent moderation of the 2020 debate between “THE DONALD” and “JOE THE HOE”. He ask President Trump or should I say called the President out for being a “RACIST”. And might I add, that I thought the President answered the question. Oh, but not to the approval of Wallace or all his “LIBERAL BOSSES”. It seems the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”, like Wallace do not understand English. President Trump gave almost, in theory, the same answer he has given at least a dozen times before and Wallace knows this to be true. For you see, Wallace asked the same question in the 2016 debate when he was the moderator for the Trump/Clinton debate. The question was asked almost verbatim. So let me ask you, then why did Wallace ask it again as it had been answered previously when asked by him? (PLEASE SEE ADDRESS BELOW AND WATCH THE YOUTUBE OF THE QUESTION IN 2016 AND AGAIN IN 2020). It is only a couple of minutes long. You can decide for yourself. It just illustrates the point of trying to convince someone that there is a question and if you repeat it over and over again maybe, just maybe, you can change some minds. He knew the answer; he knew the people knew the answer; but, he was simply trying to throw up the “SMOKE SCREEN OF RACISM” WHICH IS NOT HIS JOB. His job is to ask legitimate questions and to stay out of the way so that the American voting public can make up their own minds.

I try to never tell anyone how to vote for that is your decision. I simply point out the facts and let you use your “COMMON SENSE” to make up your own mind. After you watch this YouTube video, you can decide if this is a question that really needed to be asked or is Wallace just carrying water for the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. I myself never watch his program because he is not an ‘HONEST BROKER” of information.

Here is a video showing Wallace pushing the question at two debates:

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