My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, now what a mess we have here! “Whose on first, whose on second and whose the HOE and whose the pimp? There are so many players in this mess that it is hard to tell. I have for some time called Biden, “JOE THE HOE” but Kamala is mad because Joe makes her look like a small time “crack hoe”. But, “who is the pimp?” is what we need to know. It seems we now have several others vying for a spot in the line of “HOES”. We now have Jim, the brother of Joe, vying for any open spot in the Biden family “HOEING RING”. It has also been mentioned that Kamala is mad because it looks like Jill is trying to move into the mix. Boy, this is a whole family of “HOES”. I can’t for the life of me decide who is HOE and who is PIMP! It seems they themselves don’t yet know. But, I have an idea who may be “PIMPING” everyone out. Just follow along for a second and let’s see if that old “COMMON SENSE” might lead us to who is doing the pimping.

“COMMON SENSE” tells us it is certainly not one of the hoes mentioned. That would never work. The hoe is never in charge. So, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that to figure out who the pimp is we only have to ask the question that everyone has been asking which is, “WHERE IS HUNTER?”. He is hiding as much as possible in the back ground , as pimps always do. You hardly ever meet or see the pimp, only the hoe. The hoe is always responsible for doing all the heavy lifting, all the labor and collects the money and delivers it to the pimp. BUT, in this case the pimp is collecting the cash and is paying the hoes. It seems, as best we can tell, from TONY BOBULINSKI that the different governments from Russia, Ukraine, China and many more that “HUNTER BIDEN” had all the marbles and he was “PIMPING” out the entire family. He must have learned all this while associating with all the crack dealers he was running with while in the Navy, I think. He was kicked out of the service for the use of cocaine. He realized, evidently, that instead of selling drugs he had a much better product to sell. So, he got busy selling his family name and the whole family became his “STREET WHORES”.

Well folks, it seems it is all coming out and all you people who voted for “JOE THE HOE” just might want to go to your polling place and change your vote. That can be done, you know! It really isn’t your fault, although “I TOLD YOU SO”; but, you just would not listen. I told you that you should use your “COMMON SENSE” and not vote for Joe but I guess you thought I was like one of my old dogs and I was “just barking up the wrong tree”. But, I’ve told people for years to trust your old dog’s nose and sense of smell and it will never let you down. And, this JOE AND THE HOE” thing just “stunk to high heaven”. It was not hard for me as I only used my nose and “COMMON SENSE”.

I hope you will listen to and appreciate the song I have included.


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