My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


That is the question we need to check out and get answered before we do another “SHUT DOWN”. The questions I have are: if it worked the first time, then why the hell do we need to do it again? And along that same line, if it didn’t work the first time, then why in the hell are we going to try it again? This just makes no “COMMON SENSE” at all. (Kind of like firing the guy who has the economy humming and got a vaccine in less than a year and hiring a “DOOFUS” like “JOE THE HOE”). Stop and really think about what I have asked above; and if you can come up with an answer without making yourself sound like a “DOOFUS”, THEN BY ALL MEANS GIVE IT A SHOT. I will be all ears; but, I’m betting you can’t deliver an answer that will convince me.

Now, I know this Chinese virus thing is out there as I do know 3 people that for sure have had it. All three are still alive although one old guy is having a tough go of it. They continue to talk about how many cases we are finding; but, we are doing more testing so of course we are going to uncover more cases. The number, I see as important, is….are we having an increase in the number of deaths? If that number or percentage is the same and is small, then we will be “shooting ourselves in the foot” by putting in more restrictions on our economy. Folks, I do not believe we can keep our economy running if we “SHUT OUR COUNTRY DOWN AGAIN”.

Let me ask but another question to see if anyone has any answer that might turn my thinking around. It is true that during this entire so called “PANDEMIC” that the people working at the grocery stores and at WalMart have stayed on the job. They have been exposed to thousands and thousands of different people. So, what I want to know is the death rate for this group of workers? If it is low, or none, then we know something is not adding up. I have stayed on the ranch and have visited stores and town sparsely so I would not be a good study. Please think about this as I think my thoughts have some merit. But, I do not know who or how to contact anyone in a position of authority to get an answer. If anyone can get these numbers, please pass them our way.

Now, believe me I’m not trying to start an argument here but simply thinking out loud and trying to use “COMMON SENSE”. If we can figure out why these people are not contracting the virus, then we may just be on to something. What do you think? Let me know your ideas.


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