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Well, we all thought the democrats had lost their minds when AOC was elected and sponsored the “GREEN NEW DEAL”. Well, she is at it again and is co-sponsoring a new bill in congress called the “NEW WAY FORWARD” and has 44 democrats as sponsors. Rep. Omar and AOC are leading the charge. Like the Constitution, it is designed to help change this country all together. Also, it is some 4,400 words in length which is close to the length of the Constitution. It is designed and worded so as to remake our entire immigration system. It is much more radical than even the “GREEN NEW DEAL”. This is “BAT CHIT” crazy stuff; but, what else do we really expect from the democrats. The first thing it states is that “Convictions should not lead to deportation”. In other words, if an “ILLEGAL” is convicted of a crime that crime can not serve as evidence at their deportation hearing. This bill so states that crimes of robbery, car theft, fraud and child sexual abuse shall not be grounds to deport. In fact, there will be no crimes that automatically call for deportation. Do you remember when all this “ILLEGAL” crap started and you were told where they were headed? Well, we are at the “WELL HEAD” and we do not have to tell you as you can read it for yourself. Go look up the bill under the “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT” and see it with your own “LYING EYES”!

Now, if of late, you have renewed your drivers license as I have, so as comply with the law, you must feel like a fool for complying. It makes us, the US citizen, a criminal if we do not comply; but, it is OK for an “ILLEGAL” to do as they please. And BTW, you are paying to support the “deadbeat bastages”. According to the bill to criminalize “ILLEGAL ENTRY INTO AMERICA” makes you a “WHITE SUPREMACIST”. Isn’t that just great for the democrats to decide who and what you are?

The new bill will give sweeping new powers to the immigration judges to nullify any deportation orders. Do you think this will help America? If so, you be sure to vote for the “BAT CHIT” crazy democrats in the next election.

I hope you are sitting down as I tell you the final step in this bill. From 2002 to 2018 there were 480,000 “ILLEGALS” deported; and, under this bill, the “GOVERNMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THEM ALL A PLANE TICKET TO RETURN TO AMERICA TO JOIN THEIR FAMILIES”! In case you do not know who the government is, IT IS YOU AND I! If you believe in all this kinda crap then by all means vote democrats into office; BUT, if you feel as I do that they are “BAT CHIT” crazy “liberal bastages”, then it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote every democrat out of office. From street sweeper to the White House, the democrats need to be shown the door with a “CONSERVATIVE’s” foot on their ass showing them the way out!


P.S.  If you want to check it out just look it up under “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT”. That is how I found it so you can do the same. These are just a few parts of the bill I mentioned. ENJOY, finding out what the democrats think of you and your hard work supporting your families.


Well, now we see, as I have told you previously, that the democrats have gone after President Trump for what they call “QUID PRO QUO”. They have made it seem something horrible; but, in reality, it is what most businessmen do everyday. Everyday business people decide to tell their clients something that could be looked at as “QUID PRO QUO”. I do it almost everyday in that I tell my clients I will ship you the goods you ordered if you will help me by giving me a form of payment. You do this for me and I will do this for you. If you fail to perform what you have agreed to, then “good luck” on my following thru with the delivery. It is a form of “QUID PRO QUO”. I’ll take you fishing if you agree to give me $1000.00 dollars. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. It’s not just the fishing, but my wonderful company, thoughtful teaching of “how, when and where” about fishing and I will furnish you drinks and lunch for that fee. It all boils down to my knowledge and “shining personality”. HAHA! I’m a GOBY and I know it. It is my “nickname”. It is what the grand kids call me. It stands for, wait for it, Grumpy Old Bastage. I’d starve to death as a fishing guide. But, that is another story for later. Back to this “QUID PRO QUO” crap.

Let’s look at the DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and their policies for raising funds. They have a lot to say about what Congress person gets to serve on what committee. So to help raise funds to run the DCCC, they will in return for a portion of the money a Congress person raises put that person on a better committee so as to allow them, the Congress person, to raise more money. “QUID PRO QUO” ??? Do you not realize this is what the squabble between the DCCC and AOC is all about? AOC after being given a good seat on a committee is refusing to pay her dues. She has refused to do her part; but, only after she received the favor of the appointment. Do you not see the hypocrisy in this? It is fine for the DCCC to rip off a percentage before they will return a “FAVOR”; but, certainly not fine for President Trump or other citizens. Do you not realize that this how the “MAFIA/COSA NOSTRA ” worked? This goes back to the old days in Italy. The “godfather” always got his part of every transaction or you were “history”. I have been associated with people in the “KNOW” about such things and have a slight knowledge of such “goings on”.

In the end, it is all about the money and the desire for power. The DCCC has the power to make or break a congress person or candidate. If you think otherwise, just ask Bernie Sanders who was befuddled by the DCCC in the last election. Now, do not think the NRCC is any better. They are just as corrupt. They have the same type of system. Again, it is all about the money and power. This is the reason President Trump was elected: “to drain the swamp”. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote TRUMP in 2020 as to allow him and help him “drain the swamp”. It is a very important turning point in America’s history so consider your vote carefully.


Well, it seems that is what the democrats were accusing Trump of trying to do; but, again, he proved them wrong. They have gone so far as to blame President Trump for the shooting down of the airliner. When will the “liberal bastages” ever get their “heads out of their asses”? They have supported the “ILLEGALS” and open borders, the killers of the most innocent, the releasing of criminals and now their new best friend to support is Iran. My God, they even oppose the killing of Soleimani and he is a true terrorist. The democrats in Congress just passed a resolution to limit how and what the President can do to settle the flare up with Iran; although, it is not law and accomplishes nothing. More wasted time and money by the democrats who only want to protect their jobs and power.

I am including in this post a song called “BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB IRAN”. Hope you enjoy it. No, I did not write it although I wish I had. This is a song from 1980, I think, about the hostages that Iran took and held for years. You see, Iran has been a “bad player” and a “pain in the butt” for many years. They used to capture ships back in the late 30s and 40s and we paid ransom money to get them to leave U.S. ships alone. Even before that, they have been a problem in the area as what they seek is world domination. It has been and is today a “beloved dream” of the “muslim bastages” to control the world much like Hitler and Japan’s dream. Do you “liberal bastages” remember how those two were dealt with to free thousands? We “BOMBED” the hell out of them until they surrendered. We haven’t heard much from either in about 80 years. Maybe, just maybe, it is time we do the same to the “muslim bastages” and shut them up for at least a century. Now, I know their are a lot of good people in Iran who just want to live and let live. They, the good ones, need to control their government or suffer the consequences.

The democrats would like to bring them all here; but, we can’t handle that either. We do not have enough “Seven Eleven Stores” as the Palestinians have control in that market. Just ask Joe Biden, as he has said so, or maybe it was the people of India of which he spoke. We could help them with low interest loans to buy hotels/motels; but, we already did that with people from India. Speaking of low interest loans: we could do as we did with the “Vietnamese” and give loans to buy shrimp boats and fuel subsidizes to compete with our local shrimpers. Yes, it is true, we did all that or at least the “liberal bastages” did.

Now, let’s get back to the Iran deal. No one seems to realize that the Iranians thought the airliner was a U.S. plane incoming and shot it down. They were trying to kill whoever was on the plane. This is an indicator that they intend to follow thru with their chant of “DEATH TO AMERICA”. They chanted this as they were unloading planes full of cash sent by Obama. The democrats have taken to blaming President Trump for the airliner incident; but, if we carry that back a ways, it could be said that the missile that struck the airliner was paid for by cash sent by Obama. This is how the democrats think when it behooves them. Stupid I know, but “stupid is as stupid does”. Sorry for the misquote as it should have been “stupid is as democrats do”.

This is just my opinion, but— isn’t it time for our “political elite class” to start standing up for Americans? It only makes “COMMON SENSE” because we are the ones paying their salaries and for that matter all the bills to run this country. Now, I’m not against anyone; but,I am for helping Americans first; and if we have extra, then help people from elsewhere.



















Well, this is all the “liberal bastages” can talk about. It is “QUID PRO QUO” this and “QUID PRO QUO” that.  It is like an infection of their brains. The impeachment hearings have become a joke. All the witnesses have turned out to be a flop. Being a witness denotes that you actually were a witness and that you can state that you heard the defendant say or saw the defendant do something. All the so called witnesses testified that someone told them that it happened and they heard it from their Aunt Shelly who heard it from the janitor she works with who heard it from some “jackass” he drinks with down at the local bar. Folks, it really is that bad. I am stretching the theory; but, one witness actually testified about hearing it from four people during six conversations and it was all in one sentence. How crazy is this? And, how crazy do you have to be to call such a witness? Well, this “SACK OF SCHIFF” is just that crazy. He has completely lost all touch with reality.

Let me take just a moment to try to explain this “QUID PRO QUO” criminal act as the “SACK OF SCHIFF” believes it to be. In the first place, it is not a crime. Every business person performs a form of “QUID PRO QUO” everyday and multiple times each day. A business man tells his clients everyday that he will deliver goods or services if the client will deliver the money to purchase the goods and services. The business man implies that if the fees are not paid or the contract signed, he, the business man, will have no choice but to remove his offer.

Now, let’s look to the government, both local and federal. The local county accesses taxes on your property and implies that if you do not pay those taxes they will be forced to seize your property and they will sell it to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps. At the federal level the IRS says to you and me that if we don’t pay our income taxes then they will have no choice but to put us or send us to “pinstripe city”. These are all forms of this horrible crime the “liberal bastages” have thought up. The “liberal bastages” right along with the republicans sitting in on this hearing have said to the government, I’ll go to the hearing, but only if you will pay me a $183K salary, 33K housing allowance and 92K petty cash fund. Another form of the horrible “QUID PRO QUO”. It is called work for pay. And the only reason I called it horrible is because they, the congress people, are ripping the American public, BIGGLY. HAHA. There are thousands of examples of this and all have the same structure but the conditions are worded differently.

Now, for any of you who can’t grasp this concept let me make it as plain as the “nose on your face. What “QUID PRO QUO” means in “COMMON SENSE” speak is, “YOU do this for me and I will do what you want”. That is simplified down as bare as I can strip it; but, hopefully, you get the picture. In the example above at the county level, it means “if you don’t pay your taxes we will come seize your property”. In this case, it comes down to, “you pay us the money and we will leave you be”.

I know some already knew of this but it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try to educate the “liberal bastages” about “QUID PRO QUO” as they seem to not understand the concept. I will work for you, if you pay me! Maybe it is the work part they don’t understand.


Now here is a news flash for you! “Democrats lie”. The democrats have for years been lying to the general public; but, have now decided they no longer need to continue the lie of “we do not want to confiscate the American public’s guns”. It is now out in the open; and if they are elected, they will proceed to trying this confiscation thing. It could lead to a “bloody uprising” through out the country. Most gun owners are very passionate about the 2nd amendment and will defend it so as to defend all the other amendments such as the first which protects the right to free speech and the freedom to worship as one chooses. Without the 2nd none of the other amendments can be upheld.

Sometime back, we had a gathering at our ranch and one of the liberal persons walked out on my porch and started an argument with me about how wrong I was to think that Obama and the democrats wanted to confiscate my guns. I tried for just a moment to try to express my opinion, but to no real end. Sooooooo, I did the best thing I knew how! I advised him to gather his family and go home and live his life and I would do the same with my family. But all of those who really know me would tell you I had to make my point. I told him that would be best for him as “I was a mean enough SOB to shoot him so don’t continue this foolishness”. I will always feel somewhat bad for that; but, it is the truth so I felt obliged to give the warning.

I have often wondered after all the democrat candidates have come out supporting “gun confiscation,” and I have been proved right, if he ever thinks about his position and if he might have changed his views. Everyone has “a cross to bear” and I guess mine is always being right. I thought I was wrong once but it turned out I was once again right. HAHA! I guess for democrats to understand this is a stretch for they are always wrong. In their defense, they were born with their heads screwed on backwards so I guess it is not their fault they have no “COMMON SENSE”. They were just born that way. I understand it but that does not mean I have to tolerate it.

I’m going to add a link and the article from those wonderfully stupid people at yahoo about Joy Behar and how she has told the democrats to stop talking about gun confiscation until they are elected then “just do it”. She is not the only “liberal bastage” to express this thought, but just the latest. Read the article posted below and realize that she and all democrats think it is OK to lie or “lie by omission”. BTW, isn’t that one of the “TEN”. But what would a democrat know about any of GOD’s commandments.


Joy Behar to Dems: Don’t Tell Voters ‘Ahead of Time’ Before Taking Away Guns

 Justin Baragona,The Daily Beast Mon, Nov 4 11:15 AM CST


Doesn’t anyone understand that this is “COMMON SENSE” proof that the democrats do lie, have lied, and will lie in the future? To my way of thinking, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote the liberal bastages out of office, even for dog catcher.


Well folks, we now see how the democrats want to operate. They want to hide behind closed doors to try to impeach the President. They do not want to take a vote or to let the public see what they are doing in closed sessions. Isn’t that kinda like what the old “KBG” did in years past.? They yell about Russian involvement in our elections; but, they follow Russia’s lead on how to hold closed door investigations. If they were sure they had the votes, they should hold an open vote to show the public that their investigation is legit. If they really had the evidence, then put it out there and be proud of their actions. This is the way “liberal bastages” have done things for years. Remember, Pelosi said, “we have to pass the healthcare bill to see what is in it”. They did not want the public to know what was in it; so, they did it in private, keeping the public in the dark as they are now doing with this impeachment mess.

Today, Pelosi walked out of a meeting because she couldn’t stand the heat. She is paid to attend the meetings and to try to represent the public’s interest; but, she got her “panties in a wad” and walked out on her responsibilities. It just shows she is not qualified to do her job and she allows her personal feelings to get in the way of doing her job. She is way too old, she can not control her train of thought, and it shows every time she speaks before the press. “JOE the HOE” has the same problem and he is to old also. Trump repeats himself 2/3 times on any given subject; but I think it is to buy time to think what he wants to say next; and still, sometimes, it comes out wrong.

The democrats have of late been shown to be dishonest. And,that is why they hate Trump so. Because, he is the one exposing them for what they really are in a world of ideas where they can not compete. President Trump makes them out to be a bunch of fools for all the world to see! Just today, Pelosi said, she “wished the President was a politician”. That meaning that he would roll over and play the game. President Trump has personality flaws; but, he is working to move America in the right direction. He is “draining the swamp” and Pelosi and Schumer are part of that swamp. I hate to paint with a broad brush but all the democrats and, yes, some of the republicans are the “snakes in the grass” inside the swamp. President Trump is driving them crazy because he is not part of the “swamp creatures” and does not slither around in their slimy games.

That is why the media hates him also. He has shown them for what they are which is an extension of the democratic party. Just listen to CNN/NBC and watch as every commentator repeats the exact same talking points. The media are simply “puppets on a string” and the DNC is pulling the strings. So, I guess that makes the DNC just a bunch of puppeteers. We could, or should, be able to hire puppeteers for much less than $183K a year plus $36K in housing allowance and $92K petty cash fund. Not to mention full medical and retirement. What a gig! If I fall on hard times, I might try it; but, I’d not like the pay cut.

Read this with an open mind and put your “COMMON SENSE” to work and I think you will see that the best thing to end corruption is to shine sun light on everything the puppeteers do. When this happens, I feel the public will demand real change and maybe in a small way the info in this blog will have helped to end the corruption. If I can help turn this mess around, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Well folks, the democrats have admitted a lot about how they view America and how if elected they would change the country. From the killing of the most innocent, to gun confiscation, free healthcare and college for “illegals” and now they are are for “censorship”. Don’t believe me, just listen when “JOE the Hoe” says he has requested that the news media not book Rudy Giuliani on any of their broadcasts. It is because Rudy is presenting evidence of “JOE the HOE” helping his son, “THE MONEY HUNTER” extort money from Ukraine and China. So, he sends a request and the media doesn’t see that request as a form of “censorship”. Let’s just suppose that President Trump sent a request to the news media that he wanted the media to stop having someone, anyone on their schedule. What kind of a fire storm do you think would incur? It would be a “constitutional crisis” if he, the President did it; but, because the media agrees with “JOE the HOE” it is OK to sweep it under the rug. Notice–I said OK and did not flash that awful sign.

Now, we have candidate “BUS ME PLEASE, HARRIS,” saying that Twitter should remove the President from being able to issue any TWEETS. Now, I have to ask you, “is this not another form to limit the RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH?” You know it is and it should not be tolerated in America. Of course, she has already said she would confiscate your guns by “EXECUTIVE ORDER”. That is another violation of the 2nd amendment and certainly “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. But, democrats do not care for the constitution; so, it is no big deal to them.

Now, let me tell you how I feel about this “CENSORSHIP” thing. They will never shut me up; but, they really would love to along with anyone that disagrees with their point of view. There is only one problem that they have and that is the 1st amendment  which is protected by the 2nd amendment. Without the 2nd amendment, the 1st would disappear over night. You see the 1st amendment gives them the right to spout off the crap that they do  whether I like hearing it or not. I hate most of everything that comes out of any “liberal bastages” mouth; but, I will die to protect their right to speak. That is the difference in me and a liberal bastage in that they do not have any morals and would not waste the time to help defend the rights given in our constitution. They need to wake up and realize that once these two amendment no longer exist the powerful will shut them up also.

Folks, this is nothing more then “COMMON SENSE”; but,  the liberal bastages never think farther than the tip of their noses. You can waste your time trying to explain it to them if you so desire. But, I learned long ago that the “liberal bastages” have their heads screwed on completely backwards and they thought it was a game of “hide-N-seek” when the gene for “COMMON SENSE” was being given out. So, they ran and ducked behind the curtain and missed out on the gift. Try as hard and long as you wish but you will never make them understand that 2 X 2=4. But we really can’t blame them because they just do not have the “COMMON SENSE” gene to work out any problem. You should feel sorry for them, but know their limitations and remember that when you vote.






Boy, has this impeachment thing going crazy or what? The democrats opened an “official inquiry” into the impeachment of President Trump on the grounds of his phone call with President Zelensky of the Ukraine even before they read the transcript of the call.  After the transcript was released, they, because it did not read as they thought it would, have now changed once again to push another problem which is the “cover up”. It makes no “COMMON SENSE” to discuss a “cover up” when the transcript and the “whistle blower” report have been released. That’s what you get when you do not wait for the evidence to be reviewed.

And, I must mention here about “SHITTY SCHIFF” and his fairy tale story he read as his opening statement of the hearing. Folks, that which he read was not from the transcript but from what he decided to put forth into the record as fact. He is the worst “camera whore” out there. What he read was a fairy tale of his own making and he wanted it in the record so anyone in the future will believe that it is true. In the future, when it is read most will say, “Well, it is in the record of a hearing so it must be true” but it isn’t, it is a complete lie.

The democrats are between a “rock and a hard place” because they know they can not beat Trump at the ballot box. According to Representative Green and I quote, “If we don’t impeach him there is a good chance Trump will be reelected”. This should tell you all you need to know as to why they are doing such a feat. It is all about the 2020 election! It is a shame; but, then democrats have never been ones to let shame interfere with their quest for power. Leader Pelosi called for the impeachment inquiry although she admitted she had not read the transcript. But, no one ever said she had any brains. Remember, she is the one who stated, “we must pass the bill so we can see what is in it”. Real smart?

Now, we have “JOE the HOE” who is up to his arse in the Ukraine and China pay offs saying or calling by letter to the networks for them to stop booking Rudy Giuliani on any of their shows. Can anyone say or spell, “CENSORSHIP”? He does not want Rudy out there making waves about his and his son’s involvement with HUGE pay offs from Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden has received 83K a month for being on the board of a large gas company in the Ukraine. He has received  these payments or been on the board for 6 years. How’s your math? How does $5,976,000 sound to you? “JOE the HOE” intervened to get the prosecutor fired that was in charge and investigating all including the payments to his son, Hunter. And promised, or threatened, to withhold billions in “aid money” if the Ukrainian government did not fire the guy.  Hunter also got a 1.5 billion investment from China into a new company started by Hunter, although he had no experience–10 days after he went with “JOE the HOE” to China for meetings on restrictions on China with their navy. It had something to do with the East China sea but no info is available or at least for me. Do the democrats see how bad this looks when the leader of their candidates for President is calling for “censorship” and they seem to agree with him? If they do not agree, then they should speak out and let it be known.

The democrats have stumped their toe once again with this cover up of the dealings of “JOE the HOE”. He’ll “sell his soul to the devil” to the highest bidder and it seems the democratic party is right there with him. Remember, this is the party which condones murdering of the most innocent, open borders, all benefits for illegals including free healthcare and free college and now the “get out of jail free card” for all democrats no matter the charges. Why, you can even destroy emails which are under court order. What a party! But remember they will put “you peons” in jail if you try what they do. They are the “elitist” and you are the peons which means “do as I say not do as I do”. It is horrible but if you vote democrats into any office you will get what you deserve which is “corruption deluxe”. So, in my opinion it makes “COMMON SENSE” that you get what you vote for so don’t bitch about it later. After all, that’s my job and this blog is my way of bitching about your voting habits.



















Last week, for you who did not watch the circus, Robert Francis said, “hell yes we are coming for your AR-15s and AK-47s.” He has stepped on the democrat’s message and they are furious that he was so stupid as to tell the truth. The democrats for years have hidden the fact that they are for “gun confiscation” and here comes this “new up start” deciding to tell the truth when they have convinced many that they, the democrats, do not want gun confiscation. Senator Coons said this clip will be seen again and again in ads; but, notice he never says it is untrue–just that it will be run over and over. We have passed gun laws in the past few years and it has made no difference in the shootings. Now, they, the democrats, want to make it impossible for me to leave my guns to my grand kids unless we send the kids through “back ground checks”. They want any exchanges within a family to have to have “back ground checks”. This is just another small step toward their ultimate goal of “gun confiscation”. They want you to have to register your guns with the government. Stop and think about this for a second and it might just come to mind that then they know where the guns are making the confiscation process much easier. As of today, they do not know who, when or where the guns might be located. I had a fellow awhile back argue with me on my back porch about me being wrong about democrats wanting confiscation. Well, he has been proven wrong; and once again, I have been proven right. Right, right and right again; such a cross to bear. Maybe he will reconsider his liberal ways.

I have never understood the stance in the black community as they have for years supported the democrats. It was the democrats that fought to stop “civil rights” for that community. In the early days of slavery, it was illegal for blacks to have guns or to buy ammo. That should tell the blacks something if they just use the “COMMON SENSE” God gave them. They should be vary wary of any “gun control” measures as it is a step into the past for them.

Let me try this “COMMON SENSE” thing on you once more. Do you like the “freedom of speech” which BTW is the 1st amendment? I really enjoy the right to publish this blog and have my say. Well, that is because we have the 1st amendment and it furnishes me the right to do so. The liberal bastages do not like what I say; but, there is nothing they can do about it because of my 1st amendment right to free speech. Now, they would shut me up if they could. Don’t think so? Just look at the college campus of today and the way they protest conservative thinkers. OH YES, they would love to have nothing but their “liberal gibberish” out to the public and people like me are just a thorn in their side. Wait for it now, for here comes the “COMMON SENSE” part. Do you really think they, the “liberal bastages,” would tolerate dissenting views out of the goodness of their hearts. Just look at “ANTIFA” to see the goodness of the democrats heart. Of course not! They would censure me in a second! The reason they don’t is the 2nd amendment which gives me the right to bear arms. You see the “COMMON SENSE” yet? Without the 2nd there would be no 1st and our right to speak our minds and many more of our freedoms would cease to exist. So,do yourself and the nation a favor and use good old “COMMON SENSE” when casting your vote in future elections.


Hey, all we hear about the El Paso shooting is that it was President Trump who inspired the shooter. In the manifesto of the shooter, he does mention the President but states that his opinions predate the election of the President and he even list a few of his beliefs. It seems that he had a problem with the Hispanic community; but, never really gets into what he sees as the real problem. You can certainly read the manifesto as it can be found on line. (I have included a link at the bottom of this blog.) The reason I mention this and where it can be found is that the idea the “liberal media” is pushing is not totally correct. The media, so as to attack Trump, is once again putting forth only things that support their agenda. Funny, how that happens! The media would have you think that the “shooter” was a Trump supporter which is not truly the case. I will line out below a few things the “shooter” believed and you can decide for yourself which way this fool leaned.

One of the things the “shooter” believed in was “universal income”. That really does not sound like a republican talking point to me. Maybe, just maybe, instead of  Trump being his, the shooters” hero, maybe it should have been Mr. Yang. He is the one democrat candidate pushing this idea; but, you hear nothing from the media about the ties to Mr. Yang.

He states in the manifesto that he is concerned about “climate change”. Now that is not a right leaning issue. It is the democrats that are upset about this issue. Tied into the climate issue is his concern about the “pollution” of the water supply. Hum, doesn’t sound like a republican.

He has concern about both parties failing the American citizenry. Now here is one place that I can agree with him. Both parties have failed us—but the “liberal bastages” are completely off the rails. Just listen to any of the Presidential candidates in the democratic party and you will see that they have their heads on completely backwards and they are “out of step” with the American public.

The shooter does mention how the corporations are really running the county. He seems to think that it is the money in the corporations that influence the decisions made by our government officials. Can anyone tell me where you have heard this story? If you have ever listened to Warren or Sanders, they have already informed you that corporations are evil. But, without the corporations many people would be out of a job. So this is another tie to the democratic candidates for President. Both, Warren and Sanders, say corporations are the root of many of our governmental polices but yet they have both taken campaign money from them. STRANGE, “do as I say not as I do”.

He also states that the country is “rotting from the inside out”. Now here I can understand his belief. The morals and ethics of our average citizenry is and has deteriorated to a point of foolishness. Abortion on demand which is just a fancy way of covering for the murder of the most innocent. If we continue, the “liberal bastages” will demand that it is the mother’s right to kill a 2-year old because it is inconvenient to her life style. The mother will claim the baby cries to much and for “land’s sake” it poops its pants.

When you read the manifesto, you will notice that he feels the Hispanic community will contribute to the “over population” of our country thereby reducing us to poverty. He may have a point in the over population thing; but, it is not just the Hispanics but the Muslims kinda have that same plan.

Now, “COMMON SENSE” tells me that a lot of what he is concerned about including “automation” will come to the forefront in the years to come. Although he has disagreements with both parties, I feel he leans more to the left than to the right. He is mental unstable which is a left leaning problem. He thinks he can solve the problem through violence which is also a left leaning position. (Can anyone say ANTIFA?). He also wants population control which Joe Biden supports. He is not exactly a “righty”. The shooter has things about both parties that he dislikes; but, for the media to broadcast that he is a supporter of President Trump is just completely false.  Read the manifesto for yourself and you decide for yourself. He sounds like a crazy left leaning liberal bastage to me but then, that is just my opinion. At best, he hates both parties so read what he says and you decide. Try to use the “COMMON SENSE” God gave you in making your decision.

PS. He never really got into “gun control”, which I support. That means that I am in control of the gun and seldom miss. Gun control means that I hit the target.

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