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That title says it all, meaning that if the country elects “BEIJING BIDEN” or “JOE THE HOE” the markets will crash and there goes all you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” pension funds.  It will be a “blood bath” for all Americans as even the working stiff has money in the markets thru their pension funds. It really does matter how and who you vote for during this time. “BEIJING BIDEN” is tied directly to China and he will allow them to get around all the trade progress which has been made. He and his family have all profited from dealings in the Ukraine and China; and if elected, that nonsense will continue. It is a known fact, but the media will not put forth the effort to inform the public because of their bias. Check it out for yourself. You do not have to believe me, but if you don’t then you are wrong once again.

Not only will “BEIJING BIDEN” cater to China in many ways but one way is that he will transfer jobs off shore to China. The manufacturing job of good pay will again be up for grabs by the Chinese. He, “BEIJING BIDEN”, has so much as said so stating he disagrees with President Trump’s dealings with the Chinese. China will simply fill “JOE THE HOE’S” pockets with wads of cash as in the past and he will sell out the American people. He has done it before so he will do it again. Do not expect to hear this from the mainstream media as they are in bed with the democratic party and will do everything possible to hide the true facts. The only time it will be mentioned is if President Trump brings it up in the debates. IF THERE ARE ANY DEBATES!

If it were not for the Covid 19 virus, the economy would be on fire as we speak. It has taken a hit but is still moving along nicely due to the investors thinking or betting that President Trump helped it to recover once and they feel he will and can do it again. President Trump has helped every American fill their pockets during this time. “BEIJING BIDEN” can’t put his hands in his pockets because they are so full of cash from China! The Chinese are just waiting and praying that “joe the hoe” gets elected as they know they have him bought and paid for forever!

This will be a really important election for the direction of our country. We can proceed forward under a system of law and order or we can move toward more of the chaos that we see coming out of the democratic party today. If the democrats get into power, we will see more of the chaos of BLM/Antifa as they are arms of the democrat party. When you try to donate to BLM, you will be taken to a site called Act/Blue which is a fund raising arm of the DNC. If you like this “BURN THE BITCH DOWN” attitude, then the democrats are your party. But if you have any “COMMON SENSE,” then the democrats are not the party you need to support. I, as an American who loves this country, hope you choose wisely as your vote will decide the direction this country will take. You have a decision to make, “COMMON SENSE” or chaos. “LAW AND ORDER” or looting/rioting! The decision is yours so please use “COMMON SENSE” when you cast your vote.


Since I am posting this on July 4th, I want to wish all of you a Happy 4th, even though that might be considered a divisive comment.  I join all in wishing our country a Happy Birthday!


Ok, here we go once again! I’ll try to keep this “SHORT AND SWEET”; but, you know how it goes when I get on my “SOAP BOX”. Let me ask you, and I hope you will respond, so I will know you have done your homework, “where are we having the most problem with Covid and with rioting/looting?” Are the problems in towns like Watertown, NY., Douglas, Ga. or Blanco, Tx.? DON’T THINK SO! The problems with both are in the cities like NYC, Atlanta and Houston. Now let me ask you, what do all these cities have in common. They, like most cities, have been under democrat control for years. Most over 50 years except for NYC. These are not perfect examples but close. Hope you get the picture that cities under democrat control like Baltimore or Chicago are where the problems are prevalent.  BLM/Antifa are a large part of the democrat party; so, they are responsible for the policies you do not like but you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” can’t seem to figure that out even with my help. They control your city, county and state government and you hate republicans for it. Is there something wrong with this picture? If you can’t see what it is  wrong, then you are the problem.

Educate yourself before casting your vote. Before the election, in I think it was 1994, the democrats had held the power of the House for 44 years or so. I pointed it out back then and I will point it out now. The democratic party believes in “burning and looting” as a means to get an end result. BLM is an arm of the democrat party and when you go to donate you will be directed to ACT/Blue which is also an arm of the democrat party. The democrats have controlled the education system in this country for what seems like forever and this is where all this “BURN THE BITCH DOWN” stuff comes from in our world today.

People say we are heading for a “RACE WAR”; but, I believe it will be a “GENERATION WAR” because we have let our youth be educated to believe that America is bad. The “OLE GAL” just happens to be the best country the world has to offer; but, our educators with their “MARXIST” views have brain washed their students. They have tried and to some extent convinced the students that what Venezuela has is far better than what we have in America. All I can tell the youth is “you better check your whole card before placing your bet”. You have been lied to so please go stay in that country for 2/3 months and then come back here and report. I have done some of that; so, if you want to save the price of the ticket and a lot of heart ache just listen and learn from good old “COMMON SENSE”.
Believe me, you won’t like you findings; but, guess what? If by chance, you do like it there better, then just stay there and you will be happier and so will I. You see that is some more of that good old “COMMON SENSE” stuff. If you return, you will then have to say “THANK YOU”, J-RAY! AND THAT TOO MAKES “COMMON SENSE” ALSO, TO BE APPRECIATIVE OF THE GOOD ADVICE!!!!!


For years now, I have tried to point out how stupid “LIBERAL BASTAGES” really are but this latest move show their true amount of intelligence better than all my words. It was bad enough when the “idiots” wanted to change the names of teams like the Cleveland Indians baseball team or the Washington Redskins NFL team but now they have taken a step to far. They have decided to change the name/label of Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. That was also bad enough but they now want to change the name/label of the “Eskimo Pie” ice cream bar.

Let me ask you, if you owned these companies and had struggled to achieve brand recognition for almost 100 years, why would you ever give in to such asinine request? Without the bottle and label, the Aunt Jemima just becomes another package on the flour isle or another syrup on that isle.  It really makes no “COMMON SENSE” to change what your customer has become accustomed to and immediately reaching for the label of your product.

It simply will have a bad effect on your product numbers. Your customer might even assume you have gone out of business which with such a stupid move you most probably will have to close your doors. Many like me will not buy your brand ever again as you have shown you have no spine and will give into more stupid demands in the future.

As mention above, if the Aunt Jemima thing wasn’t bad enough…here comes the “Eskimo Pie” thing. Let me assure you that a sure way to a “GOOD OLE ASS WHUPPING” is to come between a fat boy and his pancakes and Eskimo pies. It is un-American to mess with these brand name products. This is all due to pressure from groups like BLM/Antifa. Let’s change the name of these groups to reflect their real backers which is the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” of the democrat party. It seems that if you want to donate to these groups you are taken to the site of ACT/Blue which is an arm of the fund raising site for the democrat party. Oh my, the democrats are deceiving the public once again.

As pointed out above, we need to look at this from a “COMMON SENSE” approach which is to never buy their products again. But, I’m not here to boycott or to support boycotts; so, you will have to make up your own mind. After all, it makes good “COMMON SENSE” for you to think for yourself and decide for yourself what direction you will take.


Now, I know some of you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” think I’m a radical, but as usual you are wrong!  I have my opinions and I’m not afraid to share them. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy letting people know how I think about different subjects. Most if not all my opinions are based in good ole ‘COMMON SENSE” which is in short supply in today’s world. This is going to shock the “HELL” out of you same people in the fact that although he was a “WHITE” hater, Malcolm X got part of his rants correct. But, remember a clock is correct twice a day! Thus the title! Who would have ever thought I, of all people, would ever side with this radical extremist on any idea. See the article below and continue to read this blog for some more of that good ole “COMMON SENSE” stuff.


What he is telling his listeners back then is to not believe what the media is telling them as back then the press was much more conservative. It, the media, has completely “turned over a new leaf” in today’s world. He, Malcolm X, would “roll over in his grave” just at the thought of a “white man” such as me using any of his words or agreeing with him in any thought process. If he were alive today, he would be agreeing with the media as they have reversed their ideas and they have no “COMMON SENSE” basis. They are completely out in left field so to speak.

Now, for an example of that let me go to the recent funeral of George Floyd. The funeral ended the six days of mourning. His body was moved to three different cities and after the last service his golden casket was placed in a glass sided white carriage drawn by two white horses. He even had a “brass” band playing as the casket was carried into the mausoleum.

You would have thought a President or someone of real importance had died! But no, you would have never guessed it was nothing more than a “COMMON CRIMINAL” being buried. Now, not to offend anyone, he was one of “GOD’s” children but a misguided one at best. I’ll not take up time listing all his stints in prison and for what offenses as you probably already have heard. But, when he died, he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. The point is that the media, as Malcolm X said, made you think of him as a “HERO” which he was not. They made him into a figure for kids to look up to which is and was  wrong. They paraded hordes of people in the media telling what a great man he was while hiding the fact that he was a convict with multiple stays in prison. Other than being an accomplished criminal, he did little to deserve such a funeral. Now, let’s contrast that spectacle to the funeral for David Dorn, 77, who had served 38 years on the St. Louis police department while raising five children and 10 grand children. He had and was still serving upon his death. He was trying to protect a friends store from “LOOTERS” when he was shot. If we are trying to compare a life deserving of martyrdom, the David Dorn “wins by a mile”.

Hopefully, you get the point that I agree with Malcolm X upon. It was the media that had the power to persuade the masses to believe George Floyd was a great man deserving of such a send off. All the while  hiding or at least not reporting what a much more deserving candidate David Dorn might have been.

I believe in the ole saying “right is right and wrong is wrong” and so I must give credit where credit is due. Although it took some time and some fancy dance steps by the media, Malcolm X was using “COMMON SENSE” years ago. Although, he was misguided and had no idea the media would turn as it has, he was right about the media’s power to influence the masses. Now, use your “COMMON SENSE” and elect a President who will enforce “LAW AND ORDER” and that is damn sure not a democrat. Just look at the cities run for more than 50 years by democrats and they are the cities with all the Covid 19 and rioting problems.






Well this is the question that immediately comes to my mind? If you have a problem with someone trying to break into your house in the middle of the night, to whom shall you turn? Of course, the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” haven’t thought this thru. Just like they did not think the “GREEN NEW DEAL” thru to the point that the farmers could not produce food and the truckers could not get it to your store’s shelves! They do not have the “gene” to think things thru logically to the end result. Let me ask you this, and please let me know what you think, how is a grocery store going to do business if you can just go in and get what you want and walk out.? Who are they going to call if there is no police department? How are we going to have a court system if we have no one to do the investigative work? If we have no court system, then the lawyers will be useless and have no work. The same with “JUDGES”! But to be honest, we could get rid of some “liberal judges” and that might be an improvement. Do you see what I mean about they have not thought this thru?

Now, let’s take this a step further. If we have no police departments, then all the equipment they use such as squad cars, billy clubs, guns, uniforms and bullets will not be manufactured causing job losses in all those segments. If we have no courts, then the judges will need no robes or gavels. Do you see yet where this is heading.? Can’t run a business or courts etc. so no need for employees. Boy, are these people calling for this stupid or what?

While we are on the subject of stupid, let’s not forget the protesters and rioters. They are protesting how their cities and states have been run during the Covid 19 crisis and now protesting the police departments. Let me ask you, stupid “LIBERAL BASTAGES”, who do you think has been in charge of most of these places for the last 50 years or more? It has been “LIBERAL BASTAGES” which you have put there with your votes. You see you bunch of dummies you have been voting against your best interest for years. VOTE THE “LIBERAL BASTAGES” out and you will see improvement. It is such “COMMON SENSE” that I hate to point it out because once you really come to terms–it will make you feel stupid. BUT, that is what I’m here for and what this blog is all about!

So, let’s all get together and use “COMMON SENSE” when it comes to casting our votes and things will improve and I won’t have to “RIDE YOUR ASS SO HARD”. I know you get tried of me “BEATING THE SAME OLD DRUM” but you need to listen. Some will, some won’t, and there will always be stupid LIBERAL BASTAGES” that have no “COMMON SENSE” so my job is secure.





Well we now have a real comparison of the two worlds which we will have to choose to live within. We can choose the world of a great economy with low unemployment and law and order or we can choose the world of chaos, burned out buildings and lawlessness everywhere.

You will have that decision to make this November. You can vote for President Trump to continue his expansion of our economy or you can vote for one of the other two candidates put forth by the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” which will be ‘JOE THE HOE” OR “BEIJING BIDEN”. This is the only decision you will make and you should consider it wisely! The left side of politics are the ones responsible for all these riots. They have burnt businesses of people that had nothing to do with George Floyd’s demise. The owner of the liqueur store which they burnt was on TV with tears in his eyes expressing how he had lost everything he had worked for all his life. Folks, that’s just wrong! He had nothing to do with the incident. A reporter interviewed a lady on TV and she said, “it’s all about free stuff”. The sorry people involved in the riots are no more than “COMMON THIEVES”; and, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to lock them up and forget they exist.

Let me present an example of the difference between the right and the left. These riots are from the left while the folks that showed up armed at the Michigan capital were mainly from the right. Isn’t it funny how the folks that could have caused the most damage caused “NONE” while the folks from the left caused all sorts of damage to property that the cities will have to use “YOUR” tax dollars to repair. Remember folks, it will be your decision to make in November. “LAW/ORDER or TOTAL CHAOS”! CHOOSE WISELY”!

I know a bunch of you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” will disagree; so, let me try to explain it so it might sink into that “EMPTY SPACE OF AIR YOU CALL A HEAD”. Let’s say that instead of it being that man’s store; let’s just imagine it was your business or better yet your house they were looting and destroying! Might you feel a little different? I’ll bet so! You would be hollering for the police to do their job to protect you and yours by all means available up to shooting the “THIEVING BASTAGES” if that is what it took. If not, then you do not have a “SET”. It is our job as parents, spouses and leaders of our families to defend and protect them and their home. I for one, am prepared and more than willing to protect mine. Like I’ve always said, “I can call my brother a sorry bastage'”; but, don’t you dare do the same.

The lack of “LAW  and ORDER” is what has caused this to spread across the nation. When the Mayor of Minneapolis allowed or instructed the police to retreat from the 3rd precinct, the problem became more intense. If the Mayor had instructed them to protect their position at all cost, then they could have dispersed they crowd with lots of “tear gas and pepper spray”. AND, the building would not be destroyed and this mess would not have spread to other areas. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” as Barney and my dad always said, “NIP IT IN THE BUDS”. It made “COMMON SENSE” way back in those days and still does today.



Are the democrats trying to destroy America? That is the question that must be answered before the next election. It sure seems that way. Do the democrats out in America even realize what their leaders are trying to do? Do they really want their lives controlled by some “FOOL” in D.C. town? It is amazing how they seem to be rolling over during this so called “CRISIS” and allowing government officials to control how they live their lives. It is like they want to wear a sign on their face saying, “HERE I AM, SEE ME, AND I’LL FOLLOW YOUR RULES. SO, PLEASE TOSS ME A MORSEL OF FOOD OR A SMALL CHECK AND YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”. That is what all this mask thing is about! The “big government” democrats want to mark you so they will know who they will have as subjects. Well, I’m not one of them and I do not care who knows it.

Years ago, the democrats held a hearing trying to discredit Clarence Thomas during his run for the Supreme Court. Joe “BEIJING” Biden was the chairman and asked Thomas: if after the Anita Hill accusations and all the trouble it caused him and his family, would he withdraw his name from consideration? Where by Thomas replied, “HE WOULD RATHER DIE THAN TO WITHDRAW HIS NAME SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME THEN GET ON WITH IT”. That is in quotation marks and is pretty damn close. It is that type of attitude that we must show in order to refute the attempt by “LIBERAL BASTAGES” to take over our daily lives. Remember that, “I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN TO SUBMIT TO THEIR WILL” when they decide to advance on my hill.

“BEIJING BIDEN” even made the statement to Thomas during the hearing about how he, ‘BEIJING BIDEN” knew what the hearing was all about and so did Thomas. He told Thomas, “‘YOU’RE A LAWYER, SO YOU AND I BOTH UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT”, with a “SNEER” on his face. My interruption was that it was all about Thomas being an “UPPITY BLACK MAN”. You can watch the story of Thomas’s life on a PBS special. Watch for it as it is very interesting.

Folks, it is time for America to “SLAP THE LIBERAL BASTAGES” right in the face and tell them that you intend to go back to work. The “LIBERAL BASTAGES” running San Antonio just announced they want to extend the “STAY AT HOME ORDER” until June the 4th. They are once again moving the goal post. At first, it was to “flatten the curve”; but now, they have realized there are a bunch of “peons” out there that they can control. It is nothing more than they will torture you “peons” just to keep the economy down as a way to destroy the “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” movement.

If you allow this, then you deserve what you get. It is time for “MEN TO BE MEN AND WOMEN TO BE WOMEN” and to stand on your own feet and run your own lives. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so; and if not, you will be “PEONS” forever. Now, go back to work safely, take care of your family, and do not allow anyone to be your “MASTER”.


This is one “hell of a question” to be asking in America; but, I feel it has to be at the forefront of any discussion about the Democratic platform. It seems it is only a choice of one or the other. Socialism takes over thru programs and policies while Communism takes over with force. Force of what? I’d bet my life it is by force of the gun! Now can you “air headed LIBERAL BASTAGES” kinda see why the democrats all want to confiscate your guns. That one amendment is what has kept this country free for so long. Without the 2nd amendment, all the others will disappear. I’m going to post some things below that I would appreciate you giving some real thought.

All this Covid 19 crap was recognized by the democrats as a means to an end. They, the democrat governors, mayors and city councils, have decided to see how far they might be able to push America to the left. Did you ever think you would see any American roll over for all the “ORDERS” they have been trying to “shove down our throats”? “STAY AT HOME IN YOUR HOUSE” for your own safety. “BBBSSS”. If you get my drift. The man behind this is a “LITTLE POWER HUNGRY ASS” named Dr. Fauci. He has been elected to nothing and is trying to control thru fear. It is time to tell and show these “LIBERAL BASTAGES” that we as Americans have had our bellies full; and, we will not follow them into Socialism or Communism. Arm yourself with information. And, by all means, with plenty of weapons and a hoard of ammo so you will be able to survive and protect your family from anything the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” decide to throw your way.



When the State tells you it’s safe to go to The Home Depot to buy a sponge but it’s too dangerous to go to a florist and buy flowers—it’s not about your health.
When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee—it’s not about your health.
When the State bans dentists because it’s unsafe, but deems abortion visits safe—it’s not about your health.
When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s too dangerous, but allows in-person lottery ticket sales—it’s not about your health.
When the State tells you it’s too dangerous to golf alone, fish alone or be in a motorboat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week—it’s not about your health.
When the state puts you in a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health—it’s not about YOUR health!
When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential—it’s not about your health!
When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!!

If they are telling you it is OK to go to Home Depot, but not to Church, it is not about your health. They are restricting your 1st Amendment Right of Speech, Press, Assembly and Religion. It is wrong!!!

Folks, none of this is for you health! And, it is intended to see how far you can be pushed. They are running an ongoing experiment to try to get you, or see if you, just might accept socialism or communism. The democrats along with the liberal media don’t care which one you accept as they both lead to the same ends. They will be among the elitist; and you will be among the “PEONS”; and they will rule you and your life style with an “IRON FIST”. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to put a stop to this before they, the “LIBERAL BASTAGES,” get a foot hold or a “strangle hold” on your neck. Do not think these “LIBERAL BASTAGES” will not put their boot on your neck? As exampled by the “LIBERAL BASTAGE” judge, Eric Moye, who sentenced Shelley Luther to jail for simply not apologizing to him for being selfish. Her being selfish was wanting to open her shop so she and her employees could work to feed their families.

Let me repeat this once, twice and once again. If you let them get a hold of the power, and that is what this is all about, you are not using the “COMMON SENSE” given you. Remember, all your rights come from “GOD” not the government. He gave you the “COMMON SENSE” to know that so “get off your ass and use it”.


Hey, I know that Governor Abbott was elected running as a “REPUBLICAN” but I think he has switched parties. He has now bought into this  “quarantine” crap and has issued orders to keep people from working. He has just today said that retail outlets, movie theaters and restaurants can reopen but have to limit the business to 25%. What I need to ask as do you, is 25% of what? Does that mean that a retail outlet can only do 25% of the business they had before all this “bogus crap” started? So, if you figure that out thru the number of days they were open before to get an average of business dollars a day and the outlet can only do 25% of that figure per day then if they reach that figure by 12:00 noon then they must close. If you do the same type of math on the numbers of customers, then when they reach that number of customers thru the door they must close. I’m just “spit balling” here but this, as a business man, is nonsense. NO BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE ON 25% OF THEIR BUSINESS. Their “fixed cost” is more than that. The problem is that we have a lot of people in government that have never run a business or had to make “payroll”.

Now, Abbott has been, in the past, a pretty good governor; but of late, he has taken on a “LIBERAL” lean and it is not very becoming. He and his “REPUBLICAN” friends have “ROLLED OVER” in the fight with the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”/MEDIA on this “CHINK FLU” thing and some other conservative policies as well. For instance, take abortion. The Governor still wants to fight with the LIBERALS over abortion; but, he and the liberals have just decided to starve the “poor” to death instead. Same result, different function! Remember folks, no work, no pay, no money, no food and then when you “NO EAT” you die. I know for some of you people who have their brains hardwired backwards it might be hard to follow; but, you can try real hard and maybe it might sink in–but I doubt it.

If you have a restaurant that seats 100 customers, but you are limited to 25% then that means the wait staff that used to make $100 a day in tips will now make $25 in tips. Do you really think they can survive? The owner will not survive as well as just his food cost is some where around 30/40%. Now that is not including his fixed cost such as rent, utilities, insurance and then the taxes.

Just take a landscape company owner who mows lawns for a living. He has to hire someone to ride the mower, has to provide the gas for the equipment, not to mention the cost of the equipment then comes along the insurance and again taxes. Yes, those almighty taxes. If he and all the other businesses are doing 25% of their normal business, that means the taxes paid will be 25% of what they used to pay out. And, the government “dummies” haven’t realized the taxes collected will be less so maybe we should cut their salaries NOW. It is a hard struggle to say the least.

Now, we have people in government wanting to furnish a “minimum wage of sorts” which is a copy of the Wang proposal of $1000; but, they want to make it $2000. If you tax that at say a 10% rate, then the government will  send out $2000 per month and receive $200 in return. For all of you that will let me do that, let’s get started “YESTERDAY”. If you feel you need a little more ROI (return on investment) let’s make a 20% tax so I’ll double up and send you $400 in return for the $2000 per month. What a great deal for you, 20%. You can deposit it to my Pay Pal account so you never even have to put up with my “GRUMPY OLD ASS”.

It is not “ROCKET SCIENTIST” work here folks. It is simple addition/subtraction math. “COMMON SENSE”, of the lowest level, will tell you how to proceed. I await notification from Pay Pal. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship.


This one just might cost me more than I’d like to spend! I’m almost to the point of saying “I’ll furnish a pair of sunglasses to all “LIBERAL BASTAGES” as it will be “SHOCKINGLY BRIGHT” when “they pull their head outa their ass”. Might even be frightening for the “poor little babies”. And while we are at it, can we try to find a cure for the “foot in mouth” disease which is so prevalent in the liberal community?

Having said all that to just “poke them with a sharp stick”; once again, this latest attack on PRESIDENT TRUMP is one for the record books. They have claimed that PRESIDENT TRUMP (NOTICE  THE CAPITAL LETTERS OUT OF RESPECT) said “for victims of Corona virus should drink bleach”. Which he did not say. He was asking if they, the experts, could look into how UV light and Ozone therapy could be injected into the body. The MS media and the democrats (sorry for the redundancy) have ridiculed him; but as it turns out, it has been used in the medical field for years! OOOOOOOPPPS! They forgot to do their research. I think they did not forget; but, simply choose to ignore the facts as they always do. I am including a couple of places they and you can check out to see how wrong they were. You and they might want to check out a Youtube video on Rush’s site to be better informed. BTW, I think it was removed from You Tube; but, remains on Rush’s site. here is just a sampling of what is on the video.

RUSH: No, it is not some newfangled, weirdo thing that ultraviolet light can do damage to viruses and bacteria. How many people in the Drive-By Media do you think have an ultraviolet light sanitizer? How many of you do? They’re selling like hotcakes out there. “Disinfect your iPhone! Put it in this little container here.”

What do you think is zapping it? Ultraviolet light is being used to sanitize this stuff: Baby supplies, keys, furniture, masks. Ultraviolet light is widely known. So this is what Trump was talking about when asking if there is a way that ultraviolet light can be used to zap the virus or bacteria — and there is.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: I’ll tell you what. Dr. Birx apparently was unfamiliar with this latest application of ultraviolet light in a catheter inserted in the breathing tube of somebody who is intubated, but Trump never told anybody to drink Lysol or inject their lungs with Drano! It’s just absurd. Anyway, greetings, and welcome back

Here is a sampling from the net I discovered during my research on this subject. I really do not know the origin or the person delivering this message or their credentials. It makes for interesting reading and kinda fits into that stuff called “COMMON SENSE”. Remember, these are not my words as “I am but a sponge that soaks up a lot of info and when you squeeze me it just comes pouring out”.

From what I read elsewhere: “Trump asked about light and disinfectant injected into the body. There are two existing therapies. UV therapy as well as ozone therapy. The one that has the left all riled up is ozone therapy. This has been used for cancer patients. O3 gas is infused into the body as a DISINFECTANT to improve the intake of oxygen while ramping up the immune system, thus more efficiently killing bacteria and viruses. You can google it if you want. Trump asked the expert off to the side if testing was being done relative to applying this to the corona virus. But of course NBC, CBS, CNN and company would take his words out of context to make it sound like he looked at the camera and said “hey let’s all drink bleach.” Disinfectant inside the body is indeed dangerous and should only be done by a doctor. A footnote: Isn’t it true if you take high amounts of vitamin C yourself, you will wind up with a buildup of hydrogen peroxide inside the body? Hydrogen peroxide is a DISINFECTANT. This is why vitamin C is so effective against viruses on its own.

It amazes me how the democrats/MS media just continue to “touch” the “hot stove” and get burnt time and time again. They have hollered about so many things that PRESIDENT TRUMP has done wrong and been proven wrong each and every time. Let’s see! Remember how they said, “if Trump is elected, the stock market will crash”. BUT IT DIDN’T! Or how about the one where they said, “If Trump is elected, he would get us into a war”. BUT HE DIDN’T! Or the RUSSIA HOAX or the UKRAINE HOAX. Those turned south on the democrats/MS media to the point of showing them to be foolish. The points above all point to a dishonest news media that is in bed with the democrats. (More proof on that subject coming in future blogs so watch closely).

All of this and of course much more proves the media/democrats can not be trusted. (Just a quick survey. How many of you would trust Nancy Piglosi?). It is obvious that no one should trust them and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to distrust that bunch of lying “LIBERAL BASTAGES”.

P.S. Do you think maybe they are lying to you about the virus as the facts keep changing every few hours? JUST ASKING! And just want to ask one more thing, How many of you want to put “JOE THE HOE” Biden in charge of your retirement funds which are almost all tied to the stock market? AGAIN, JUST ASKING!

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