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You know we only do this once a year; but, I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all of our great veterans and let them know that I know of the gift they have given to this great country we call AMERICA! Without their service and sacrifice, we, as Americans, would not have the freedoms we share. And, if truth be known, we all take these freedoms much to lightly. We never think about how our lives could very well be different if not for the blood shed to insure that we are free. Just to mention a few that we have the right of:

  1. FREEDOM OF RELIGION. To practice our religion without the interference of or by the government.
  2. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We can express our thoughts freely on a world of issues and even upon our dislike of government programs and of our leader’s policies. (Try that in North Korea)
  3. FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. We can gather in groups unlike in other countries.
  4. FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS. The most important because without that right all the others would cease to exist. Please remember that fact because our right to carry arms is now under attack and it is the foundation that all our rights rest upon.

There are more, but these are the most important to me. You will never, as a young person in the world of today, be able to truly understand the importance of our freedoms until you no longer have them. The colleges of today preach about freedom; but, they mainly mean freedom for only one view. That is not freedom! You need to listen to both sides of any idea and make up your own mind after you have been taught the process of “CRITICAL THINKING” and the application of using “COMMON SENSE”! This is where the “RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD”! If neither of these things are present, you are very likely to be swayed by a party that backs someone like “BEIJING BIDEN”. THEY HAVE RUN, NOT WALKED, WAY TO THE LEFT OF CENTER IN THEIR QUEST FOR CONTROL!

Let’s just touch on the freedom of speech issue. Do you think people like the SQUAD, I CALL THEM THE SQUAT TEAM, as they really do not know SQUAT about our freedoms, want to use government control to force their ideas down your throat? They do not believe in freedom of speech unless it applies to their speech. That is what I call “COMMUNISM”. Ask anyone in North Korea. Oh, that’s wrong because they can never disagree with their “DEAR LEADER” for fear of death or being placed in a work camp.

Our freedoms are being removed by mandates which are unconstitutional. The government is trying to mandate such things as masks and vaccinations. This is just one area; but, it serves to show that too powerful of a centralized government is always a bad thing. What’s that old saying, “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?” Remember that the next time you go to vote and vote accordingly. Just one more fact or question for you to consider. Do you ever consider how they come up with retirement age being somewhere around 62/65 years of age? Well, when you get there you will know why. But let me point out that “PIGLOSI and BIDEN ARE 82 AND 78 AND NEITHER OF THEM CAN CARRY A THOUGHT. They are both idiots way pass time to pasture, if you get my drift.

Again this started out and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to end on our main point which is…that if you feel free to do as you wish, be damn sure to THANK A VETERAN AND NOT SOME OLD FACE-LIFTED WINCH OF A POLITICIAN! I know it was just another cheap shot; but, I just could not help myself. I am a vet although not one of war, only one by the grace of God.



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