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If you think for a moment that the “liberal bastages” are not trying to change America, then you are part of the problem.  Let’s look for a moment at how they have changed the way “smokers” are treated in today’s world.  Years ago, even decades ago, most everyone smoked. It was a choice that each person made.  Then the government got involved and things began to change.  First, they told you it would kill you! I’m not a smoker and I do believe that it can have an effect on your health; but, I also know people in their 90’s who have smoked all their lives and they out lived most of their relatives who didn’t smoke. They then decided that “second-hand smoke” was bad; so, they made it to where about half of all restaurants were “nonsmoking areas”.  That lasted a while and they decided that only about 25% of the cafe’s needed to be “nonsmoking areas”.  Then, it went to 10% and now you have to go stand out in the rain, sleet, snow or the blistering heat to take a “toke”.  Do you see any pattern here? If not, you need to rush to the eye doc for an exam. They slowly remove your rights, even one which might be bad for you, so that you wake up some morning and it feels normal to be living without whatever right they seem to think needs to be removed.

This process has been used to restrict the ownership of guns as well.  First, you were told by them thru a designed campaign that guns were “BAD”.  Then, because the American public rose up against “gun control,” they backed up and took smaller steps to keep the public uprising to a minimal.  Then, they stormed the “gun shows”. Then, they wanted “background checks”. Then, they decided that the look of the AR-15 was bad. Although, it is semi-automatic–they screamed “automatic weapons” until most uninformed people have to some extent bought into that idea. (And I have to say here–it is a false idea.) Now, they want to restrict magazines and any add on’s, or even make the ammunition harder to find and much more expensive, as a means to enforce the “gun control” which they worship. They have recently “banned” bump stocks. Just another restriction to move towards total “gun control”.  These are small steps taken so as to hide from you, the American citizen, their true intent of “gun confiscation”.

“LOOK OUT CHRISTIANS” they started the same process on your freedom some time ago. First, they introduced “life styles” which did not fit so well into your life style and forced their opinions on you and made you an outcast if you objected.  Then, they objected to students bringing their bibles to school.  Then, they objected to “prayer and the pledge” and that was slowly removed.  Then, they restricted the mention of the word “GOD” in the schools. And now a student can be sent home or expelled for simply wearing a shirt, or such, with a reference on it to Christianity. The Ten Commandments have been removed from many-a-court house. The quote “In God We Trust” has been up for removal from our money. The word, Christmas, has become a “toxic” word; and Nativity scenes are removed or disallowed at Christmas time. Just think of all the crosses that have been removed! Do you see any parallels in these  situations? If not, then, you are not really wanting to consider that your government is simply manipulating you.

I have taken the time to point to these examples to try to let you come to a “COMMON SENSE” realization for yourself.  It is much like putting a “frog” into a pot of water and slowly increasing the heat so he doesn’t realize he is being cooked for dinner. If you threw him into water already somewhat “hot”, he would jump out of the pot before you could place the lid. Well now, “COMMON SENSE” tells me you are the frog and the government is slowly turning “up the heat”. Be careful of what and how you vote!


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