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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know of the good work that this troop, 0318, did on their “THANKS TO VETERANS” assembly this last week. I was lucky enough to score an invite as an old VET and it was a great get together. We had all the girls and families in attendance; but, I was also one of six veterans who attended the function. I really thought of maybe not attending. Although I am a Vet, I do not feel special and did not want anyone making a big fuss about my service. Looking back in retrospect, it was my honor to have served this great nation. Boy am I glad I did attend! It was an additional honor to address and associate with these wonderful young ladies.They made me and all the Veterans feel appreciated in every way possible!

I happened to take along my “dog tags” and they were interested in them; but, the thing that caught their eye the most was my “Basic Training Book” from the time I spent in training at Fort Bliss, Texas. The book is a walk back thru time in all aspects of the training we received during our 8-week time on base. We also spent some time training in New Mexico; and when I completed my training, I was shipped to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The girls really got interested in the what’s and when’s of the training and listened intently to the stories this old VET had to tell. There were many questions about the old days and the old ways from back then.

I received the invite as my granddaughter is a member and my daughter is one of the wonderful group of lady councilors who are furnishing guidance to these young girls. They are trying to instill in them the respect and reverence for the flag, their country and for their elders. From what I saw, they are doing a great job. The girls had made gifts for the Vets, and they furnished snacks for everyone.

I wished I had thought earlier about what I wanted to take; because I would have taken the song,”My Marine” that I wrote for a friend whose son had joined the Marines and it was really hard on her to let go! The song might have helped the girls realize even more so of the sacrifices made by the soldiers themselves; and, also the sacrifices made by the families of all military personnel. If you would like to hear the song, please check the link below.

And once again, I’d like to thank all involved for the work in making all of the VETS feel such appreciation! Believe me it will be remembered! I visited with each, and every VET and they all felt the same. It only makes COMMON SENSE to teach our young people about what our VETS have done for this country.



This election thing for the voter should be an easy fix if the Democrats could understand or if they had any COMMON SENSE! All the yester years of elections ran pretty smoothly until around the time Obama was elected; and, since then, every election has had problems. Back then, we would know the night of the election or the day after who had won! Exception being the Bush/Gore contest! And probably, some way before my time. Counting the votes should not take days n days unless the system is designed to make it so! IMHO, the Democrats have pushed this mail-in ballet thing because it gives them time to figure out how many votes they need to dump in for a victory! They cheated in the election between Trump/Hillary but realized afterward that they did not cheat enough. That is why they got so mad and hated Trump to the “HILT”! THEY CHEATED AND STILL FAILED!!! That is when all this mail-in crap started “BIGLY”!

It is so simple to fix the system, but the democrats want a second shot at the brass ring when they realize they are losing. They no longer accept it when the American public ignores them. All we, as a country, need to do is to return to “one voter, one vote” and have that vote cast upon you showing up with a picture ID within the allotted time period and vote. Hell, it’s not hard as even I do it! The democrats seem to want to remove any “self-responsibility” from the system. They have slowly removed it from the crime crisis; so, it should have been expected. If a person does not care enough to get off their lazy duff and go vote, then so be it! If I had gone to the World Series Games and told them, I had mailed in my ticket what do you suppose my seat might have been? I can tell you! My seat would have been out in the parking lot listening to the game on the radio in my truck. This all makes good COMMON SENSE; but, Democrats will argue even when they know they are wrong on any issue.

If the system were to be cleaned up whereas you simply carry your ID and go vote, the numbers of voters, true voters, would most probably go up. This mail in stuff has got to be eliminated for the sake of the voting right itself! People are starting to distrust the system because of all the fraud that has happened. I know, the democrats will holler that there has been no fraud, but I know better. Yet, Hillary cried that the election was stolen from her, no dems jumped on her for questioning it. Same with Stacy! You will never control all fraud, but the mail-in system has been a mistake. So, let’s all get together and change it back! If you are a true American, then you should want true n fair elections and “let the best man win”! Oops, I stepped on the democrats toes again! First by wanting fair elections and then with that horrible word “man”. The only way my statement could have been worse was to have used the wrong pronoun. I was never good at pronouns just ask Mrs. Jackson, my English teacher in the 6th grade.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want true and fair elections for everyone and feel it should go back to how it always worked in the past. Is it to much to ask that the states use “COMMON SENSE” when deciding how to run elections? I really don’t see a problem if they will do so but then I’m just an “old white bastage” wishing for better times.

Don’t forget to grab you picture ID and go vote. It is your right that has been paid for by sweat-n-blood and it only makes really good “COMMON SENSE” to exercise that right. What’s that old saying, “if you don’t use it, you might just lose it”!


Well, as you might have noticed, I haven’t written or posted any new blog post lately. The only reasons I can come up with are things on the left have been so crazy that I just couldn’t believe it was happening; so, I thought I would wait to see if it got better! Well, it has just gotten worse! And, I didn’t want the DOJ coming to visit! You know they are locking people up for saying or thinking the wrong things! If you will permit me to do so, I would like to run thru a few things it seems the left is now believing and promoting! It will be hard for some of you to believe they really are promoting these things, but I have never lied to you and do not plan on starting now.

Number one on my list is Christianity! Some that read this will wonder why I put this in the list much less at the top of the list. It is because they are hiding their disdain for it in plain view. When you continue reading the list, I think you will come to the conclusion that they, the left, are trying to destroy our faith in GOD thru so many of the other programs they are promoting.

Number two, the war on a woman’s right to choose! When Roe v Wade was struct down, it was simply returned to the states to make the decision. So, that right in most cases is still a right except it is decided by the state government instead of a national declaration. IMHO, allowing abortion with no restrictions is paramount to the murdering of the most innocent.

Number three is the destruction of the family unit! Both of the previous points contribute to this point. There will be more on this in the following. They, the left, are trying to destroy the parents’ involvement in decisions which should only be made by the parents. Such as, what classes are taught in school! The left is now openly promoting “QUEERISM”! They are also teaching the kids to hide such things from their parents as the parents are not educated enough to understand. They are promoting “GAY DRAG SHOWS” TO CHILDREN! Come on now, that is crazy and using your tax dollars to do so. Can anyone spell the word, “INDOCTRINATION”?

Number four is the crime problem! WE, in our lifetime, have never seen crime raging out of control as it is now, and the left wants to “DE-FUND THE POLICE”! Please tell me how that makes any “COMMON SENSE”! You cannot run any business if people can simply come in and steal from your shop and you have no recourse but to protect yourself and what belongs to you! They say we have toooo many guns; and, then do things where we have to have guns to protect ourselves and our families.

Number five is inflation! I did not put this at the top just to see how many corrections I would get! It is also destroying the family unit in that parents are having to make hard decisions just to put food on the table. Everything is skyrocketing in price! GAS, FOOD, MEDICINE, UTILITY BILLS, RENT OR HOUSE PAYMENTS and of course BEER! They have just gone too far when they start raising the price of beer, or in my case, the price of “CHOCOLATE CANDY”! Shame on them!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture! If you feel you’re better off today than you were a year or so ago then by all means vote to keep on keeping on. But, on the other hand, if you want to change, you better get off your “DUFF” and vote to remove every left leaning person from office. Even from the office of “DOG CATCHER”! It truly only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. I would never tell you how to vote as that is your business; but, would ask you to use the “COMMON SENSE” God gave you to decide how to vote.

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