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Let me get this right.  The liberal bastages want you to believe that if you lean toward the conservative side you are as bad or part of the KKK.  This is the most foolish, better yet, stupid thing I’ve ever heard.  Because I believe in “free speech” and the right “to own a gun” then I’m part of the KKK.  I deplore the KKK and do not support their views but will fight to the death for their right “to free speech”.  The left will brand me for my thoughts and views just as they have branded the President.  They say he will not disavow the KKK although he has done so on national TV and there are videos of him doing so.  They even have videos of him some 30 years ago doing the same thing.  If this does not convince you of their dishonesty then you are a large part of the problem yourself.

I would like to ask the liberal bastages of the left if they have ever seen the video of Hillary praising Senator Byrd.  She just raves about what a great man he was and how he did so much for the people of West Virginia.  He did help the “white” people of the state but he was the “grand Poopa” of the KKK.  She and none of the elite of the Democratic party seem to care.  And the blacks either don’t care or ignorant of the fact.  All the buildings named after him and streets and the airport should be torn down and removed if we follow the monument removal polices of the liberal bastages.  Bill Clinton praised him at his funeral.  He said what a great man he was and we needed more to follow in his footsteps.  Summarized.  So here we have a President who has disavowed the KKK but is lambasted for his support while we have this husband/wife team raving about a senator who was a member, a “card carrying member” of the Klan.  If this does not show how completely backwards politics and the media have become then we truly are a lost cause. This is the same Bill Clinton who sold China missle secrets as he was leaving office. This is the same Hillary that approved the “uranium deal” for the sale of uranium in our country to the Russian government. Do you fools really think this all happened by chance. This is part of what Trump means when he says “drain the swamp”.

I would never attend a gathering of the alt-right but they are US citizens and have the same rights as you and I.  It is this same right that gives me the right to speak out in this blog. There are countries in the world where they would “chop of my head” for writing this blog.  And truth be know the same people would “chop of your head” just for reading it. The freedom of speech is the 1st amendment for a reason because without it we are not a free people. Now that we have that clarified let me venture a little farther.  Now, “watch this closely”. The reason we have the 1st amendment is because we have the 2nd amendment to support the 1st amendment.  Without the 2nd amendment the 1st amendment would disappear immediately.  How would you like to live where you could not say what you think. Well a lot of people do and it is not pretty.  There is a reason the “fore fathers” or “founding fathers” placed them at the top of the list.

So when you hear someone yell that we must limit a person to certain speech realize you are next on their list. They will continue to be liberal bastages on the left trying to shut down debate and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to disavow their party for what they really are and to support the 1st and 2nd amendments.  If you find yourself having trouble supporting them then come here and read this over and over and over until in sinks in your thick scull. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



Who is at fault for the mess in Virginia?  Is it the fault of the “protesters” or the fault of the “counter-protesters”?  Let’s study the facts as we know them so far.  The protesters were there to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.  It was on the schedule for several months and they had permits to do so.  The problem as I see it arose when the “counter-protesters showed up.  Now I have tried to find out if they had permits also and it seems as though they did not.  So one side was legal and the other side was “illegal”.  Now I see plainly the problem.  As per usual, the “liberal bastages” take the side of the “illegals”.  Funny how that seems to be happening more and more these days.

Let me clarify my position in all this.  I do not approve of “racism” in any form but the protesters were not 100% racists.  They were protesting the removal of a historical statue.  We need all the help we can get in the teaching of history as if it is not learned from then we are doomed to repeat it. If our young people are not taught the history of slavery then somewhere down the road, 50/100 years, it will look good once again.

Let me ask you this.  If the “illegals” had stayed away do you think the protesters would have fought amongst themselves.  Probably not!  Problem solved by the “powers to be” simply stopping the “illegals”.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  It seems that “illegals” cause problems in lots of ways and areas. Like I mentioned earlier, I do not agree with the “KKK or the “Alt-right” but let me ask.  Are they US citizens ?  If so then they have the right to think and live their lives as they see fit no matter what I think of it.  They also have the right to express their views.  Can anyone say, “FREE SPEECH”.  Say it real fast and it will not hurt.  The “illegals” in this case were trying to limit the protesters right of free speech simply because they disagreed with it.  We, as Americans, can not allow that to continue.  It has been happening at colleges all over the country.  The leftist elite seem to be for free speech only when it matches their ideas.  If you step out of line in thought or speech they want to slap you down.  The leftist elite are always badgering Trump just as the right was always badgering Obama.  America is one of the countries where you can “yell at and about” the leaders and not have your head chopped off. Remember that the next time you hear the leftist wanting to “shut someone up”.  If I want to have my say then I must allow every other citizen that right also.  This seems to be the opposite of what the college’s are teaching our youth in this country.  Just look at the destruction of property and the violence the “leftist bastages” rain down when someone disagrees with them.  It is shameful of them for falling for this sham and shameful for the people or professors teaching such nonsense.

The media in this country has lost their way.  Just give me the facts and let me decide for myself.  As Jack Webb always said, The facts, just the facts.  If you give me and America just the facts then you will have done your service and we will decide for ourselves.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Folks, this is a goodbye to a dear friend that I had the pleasure of working with for 12 years.  He was excellent at his duties and it was an “HONOR” to stand by his side.  He loved his work and I think he loved working with me as much as I loved working with him.  We traveled many a mile together and not once did he let me down.  He was always dedicated to his work and never complained no matter how hard the work became.  He worked up until his day of reckoning finally came.  He was a working mans friend and was always up to the challenge.

His name was “Shogun Sambo”, call name “Sammy”.  I called that name many a time and he never refused to “GO”.  And go he did.  He was well trained and he knew his place and job. He was one of the best and believe me I know because I’ve been more than blessed with more than my share of excellent dogs.  I have always had dogs since I was just a kid.  All the early ones had no formal training and simply followed me as I made the rounds of my “paper route”.  All my dogs since have been trained to hunt, or to perform work as “Service Dogs”, of which Sammy was one.  I’ll never forget when the state police and the casino security stopped me in the lobby of the casino in Shreveport, La. to question us about Sammy.  They realized he was a “working dog” so I went to the elevator to go up to my room with Sammy at my side.  They followed me to the elevator, but no farther. I went to my room, put Sammy up and brought out “Simba” and down the elevator we went.  As “Simba” and I exited the elevator, I realize they were waiting for me and here I was with a “fox red” dog while “Sammy was “black as the ace of spades”.  The officer turned to me and said that must be another dog and I said, “no I just changed his coat, here’s your sign” and walked away.  We were there for about three days and no more hassles. Sammy was smooth enough to be a “service dog” but tuff enough to bust the heaviest cover to retrieve any game.  He like “Simba” was a “gentle giant”.  He was at home in the lobby of the casino and on the duck boat.

This has been more than hard; but, I felt he deserved a send off to measure up to his dedication and his zeal for life.  He left this earth on August 5, 2017 which was his 12th birthday.  I still feel terrible and tear up at the mention of his name or just as a thought flies thru my mind.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try to inform people of him and the respect I had for him.  I guess the best compliment I pass his way is to tell you “HE WAS A TRUE MAN DOG”.  He will be missed but never forgotten.  Here’s to you “SAMMY” until I meet you once again as I cross the “RAINBOW BRIDGE”.


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