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Hey, I know that Governor Abbott was elected running as a “REPUBLICAN” but I think he has switched parties. He has now bought into this  “quarantine” crap and has issued orders to keep people from working. He has just today said that retail outlets, movie theaters and restaurants can reopen but have to limit the business to 25%. What I need to ask as do you, is 25% of what? Does that mean that a retail outlet can only do 25% of the business they had before all this “bogus crap” started? So, if you figure that out thru the number of days they were open before to get an average of business dollars a day and the outlet can only do 25% of that figure per day then if they reach that figure by 12:00 noon then they must close. If you do the same type of math on the numbers of customers, then when they reach that number of customers thru the door they must close. I’m just “spit balling” here but this, as a business man, is nonsense. NO BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE ON 25% OF THEIR BUSINESS. Their “fixed cost” is more than that. The problem is that we have a lot of people in government that have never run a business or had to make “payroll”.

Now, Abbott has been, in the past, a pretty good governor; but of late, he has taken on a “LIBERAL” lean and it is not very becoming. He and his “REPUBLICAN” friends have “ROLLED OVER” in the fight with the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”/MEDIA on this “CHINK FLU” thing and some other conservative policies as well. For instance, take abortion. The Governor still wants to fight with the LIBERALS over abortion; but, he and the liberals have just decided to starve the “poor” to death instead. Same result, different function! Remember folks, no work, no pay, no money, no food and then when you “NO EAT” you die. I know for some of you people who have their brains hardwired backwards it might be hard to follow; but, you can try real hard and maybe it might sink in–but I doubt it.

If you have a restaurant that seats 100 customers, but you are limited to 25% then that means the wait staff that used to make $100 a day in tips will now make $25 in tips. Do you really think they can survive? The owner will not survive as well as just his food cost is some where around 30/40%. Now that is not including his fixed cost such as rent, utilities, insurance and then the taxes.

Just take a landscape company owner who mows lawns for a living. He has to hire someone to ride the mower, has to provide the gas for the equipment, not to mention the cost of the equipment then comes along the insurance and again taxes. Yes, those almighty taxes. If he and all the other businesses are doing 25% of their normal business, that means the taxes paid will be 25% of what they used to pay out. And, the government “dummies” haven’t realized the taxes collected will be less so maybe we should cut their salaries NOW. It is a hard struggle to say the least.

Now, we have people in government wanting to furnish a “minimum wage of sorts” which is a copy of the Wang proposal of $1000; but, they want to make it $2000. If you tax that at say a 10% rate, then the government will  send out $2000 per month and receive $200 in return. For all of you that will let me do that, let’s get started “YESTERDAY”. If you feel you need a little more ROI (return on investment) let’s make a 20% tax so I’ll double up and send you $400 in return for the $2000 per month. What a great deal for you, 20%. You can deposit it to my Pay Pal account so you never even have to put up with my “GRUMPY OLD ASS”.

It is not “ROCKET SCIENTIST” work here folks. It is simple addition/subtraction math. “COMMON SENSE”, of the lowest level, will tell you how to proceed. I await notification from Pay Pal. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship.



This one just might cost me more than I’d like to spend! I’m almost to the point of saying “I’ll furnish a pair of sunglasses to all “LIBERAL BASTAGES” as it will be “SHOCKINGLY BRIGHT” when “they pull their head outa their ass”. Might even be frightening for the “poor little babies”. And while we are at it, can we try to find a cure for the “foot in mouth” disease which is so prevalent in the liberal community?

Having said all that to just “poke them with a sharp stick”; once again, this latest attack on PRESIDENT TRUMP is one for the record books. They have claimed that PRESIDENT TRUMP (NOTICE  THE CAPITAL LETTERS OUT OF RESPECT) said “for victims of Corona virus should drink bleach”. Which he did not say. He was asking if they, the experts, could look into how UV light and Ozone therapy could be injected into the body. The MS media and the democrats (sorry for the redundancy) have ridiculed him; but as it turns out, it has been used in the medical field for years! OOOOOOOPPPS! They forgot to do their research. I think they did not forget; but, simply choose to ignore the facts as they always do. I am including a couple of places they and you can check out to see how wrong they were. You and they might want to check out a Youtube video on Rush’s site to be better informed. BTW, I think it was removed from You Tube; but, remains on Rush’s site. here is just a sampling of what is on the video.

RUSH: No, it is not some newfangled, weirdo thing that ultraviolet light can do damage to viruses and bacteria. How many people in the Drive-By Media do you think have an ultraviolet light sanitizer? How many of you do? They’re selling like hotcakes out there. “Disinfect your iPhone! Put it in this little container here.”

What do you think is zapping it? Ultraviolet light is being used to sanitize this stuff: Baby supplies, keys, furniture, masks. Ultraviolet light is widely known. So this is what Trump was talking about when asking if there is a way that ultraviolet light can be used to zap the virus or bacteria — and there is.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: I’ll tell you what. Dr. Birx apparently was unfamiliar with this latest application of ultraviolet light in a catheter inserted in the breathing tube of somebody who is intubated, but Trump never told anybody to drink Lysol or inject their lungs with Drano! It’s just absurd. Anyway, greetings, and welcome back

Here is a sampling from the net I discovered during my research on this subject. I really do not know the origin or the person delivering this message or their credentials. It makes for interesting reading and kinda fits into that stuff called “COMMON SENSE”. Remember, these are not my words as “I am but a sponge that soaks up a lot of info and when you squeeze me it just comes pouring out”.

From what I read elsewhere: “Trump asked about light and disinfectant injected into the body. There are two existing therapies. UV therapy as well as ozone therapy. The one that has the left all riled up is ozone therapy. This has been used for cancer patients. O3 gas is infused into the body as a DISINFECTANT to improve the intake of oxygen while ramping up the immune system, thus more efficiently killing bacteria and viruses. You can google it if you want. Trump asked the expert off to the side if testing was being done relative to applying this to the corona virus. But of course NBC, CBS, CNN and company would take his words out of context to make it sound like he looked at the camera and said “hey let’s all drink bleach.” Disinfectant inside the body is indeed dangerous and should only be done by a doctor. A footnote: Isn’t it true if you take high amounts of vitamin C yourself, you will wind up with a buildup of hydrogen peroxide inside the body? Hydrogen peroxide is a DISINFECTANT. This is why vitamin C is so effective against viruses on its own.

It amazes me how the democrats/MS media just continue to “touch” the “hot stove” and get burnt time and time again. They have hollered about so many things that PRESIDENT TRUMP has done wrong and been proven wrong each and every time. Let’s see! Remember how they said, “if Trump is elected, the stock market will crash”. BUT IT DIDN’T! Or how about the one where they said, “If Trump is elected, he would get us into a war”. BUT HE DIDN’T! Or the RUSSIA HOAX or the UKRAINE HOAX. Those turned south on the democrats/MS media to the point of showing them to be foolish. The points above all point to a dishonest news media that is in bed with the democrats. (More proof on that subject coming in future blogs so watch closely).

All of this and of course much more proves the media/democrats can not be trusted. (Just a quick survey. How many of you would trust Nancy Piglosi?). It is obvious that no one should trust them and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to distrust that bunch of lying “LIBERAL BASTAGES”.

P.S. Do you think maybe they are lying to you about the virus as the facts keep changing every few hours? JUST ASKING! And just want to ask one more thing, How many of you want to put “JOE THE HOE” Biden in charge of your retirement funds which are almost all tied to the stock market? AGAIN, JUST ASKING!


The Chinese government keeps changing the information which they release in reference to Covid-19. Who knows what is true? I do know and will point out below what “COMMON SENSE” says about their numbers. The Chinese government has never been truthful to the world or to their own people for that matter. Does anyone remember “TIANANMEN SQUARE? They told huge “WHOPPERS” during that time and I believe they are up to their old tricks again during and concerning this virus thing.

We keep getting conflicting numbers about the virus in America and it seems the numbers are changing so fast that they are wrong before you can get the numbers to print. It is either that, or we are being lied to, also. OR, is it that the people we are relying on to furnish the numbers are just ignorant to some extent in their jobs? We have, in reality, allowed people, who are not elected to office, so called experts, to run our country. There have been several stories come out about Dr. Fauci and his romance with power. If true, we certainly need to take his advice with a “grain of salt”. It seems he has a “power complex” and is not beyond lying to get his way. Not withstanding, the President himself.

BUT, let’s look at the numbers. NYC has a population of about 8 million people. It has, according to the net, about 10K deaths but only about 5K deaths truly confirmed as being from the virus. If a person crashes his car into a utility pole, is rushed to the hospital, tests positive for the virus and dies, then it is reported as a death from the virus. They seem to forget that the car wreck may have had something to do with the death. It may be because they, the hospital, gets extra funding for virus deaths. I have heard this is the case; but could not confirm it. If you can confirm this, please let me know.

Now, let’s look at the numbers for China. China has a population of more than a billion people. They are reporting somewhere around 10K cases and somewhere around 5K deaths from the virus. Folks, these numbers just do not add up! If they have that many more people, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that their numbers would be greater than the numbers coming from the 8 million in NYC. China has a lot of population in the rural areas just as America does where I suspect the virus is minimal. But, the population of of Shanghai and Chongqing are both around 24 million and Beijing is around 21 million, not to mention Wuhan which has around 12 million in population. Do they have a secret? Is it the “egg foo young”? Is it that the virus is confused by their “slant eyes”? Come on folks, it is because they are lying! It’s not the people, remember, it is the “communist government”.

Please check this out yourself as my numbers may not be exact, but they are close; but, always do your research to make sure. I want you to get involved and use some “COMMON SENSE” in making your own decision. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE to do so.

Have a wonderful day and do not let some “medical bully” scare you into doing something you do not want to do. Do not let them scare your rights away so easily. Your rights are listed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and you need to exercise them or they will disappear ever so slowly.


Everyone has an opinion on this “CHINK FLU” thing that seems to have the world on hold as we speak. I really do not want to try to influence you one way or the other; but, I will try to give you something to think about so that you might make an intelligent decision for yourself. I try hard to discern that the stuff I show here is true; but it is hard, as everyone knows, to wade thru all the info about the virus where there is a lot of misinformation being represented as fact. So, I will try to give you things you can check out. Most of what I put here in this blog is as close to the truth as I, just a “COMMON SENSE” guy, can get it. Always check things out no matter “WHO SAYS WHAT”. Please review the following and try your best to make the right and safe decision for you and your family as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Dr. Fauci, has said that President Trump has taken the virus outbreak seriously “from the beginning”.


In January, when Trump declared a “humanitarian and security crisis”,  Senator Schumer, speaking while standing next to Speaker Pelosi, said Trump was trying to “manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration” or something very similar. Might that be trying to negate the effects of the impeachment hearings they both were invested in other than the virus?

  • The leader of the DNC also called the virus crisis “manufactured”.
  • Senator Warren also tweeted, “we are not falling for the fake crisis”.
  • AOC described it as a “crisis that doesn’t exist”.
  • Jan. 14th—the WHO (World Health Organization) sent out a tweet stating no human to human transmission of the virus.
  • Jan.24th—Dr. Fauci (NIAID) said Covid-19 is not something the American public should be concerned about.
  •  Jan. 24th—Joe Scarborough and Minka tell everyone to worry more about the seasonalflu than about the Coronavirus.
  • Jan. 29th—Joe Biden said that the travel ban between US and China was “XENOPHOBIC”.
  • Jan. 30th—WHO calls the virus an emergency.
  • Feb. 2nd—NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot says, Risk to New Yorker’s is low.
  • Feb. 24th—Speaker Pelosi calls for all to come to “Chinatown” it is safe to gather. No virus.
  • Mar. 2nd—NYC Mayor DiBlasio and Bernie Sanders both said they would not restrict travel because of the virus.
  • Mar. 20th—MSNBC’s Rachel Maddcow bashes Trump for talking about  hydroxychloroquine calling it a “fairy tale”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            More info— Deaths from different things world wide, most are annual figures:
  • Covid-19 virus—46,438
  •  Seasonal Flu—121, 122
  • Malaria—246,121
  • Traffic Fatalities—338,715
  • HIV/AIDS—421,808
  • Cancer—2,060,730
  • Abortion—10,665,130

As you might see from the numbers and the statements above, there is enough “BLAME” to spread around; but, that is not what this about. This is to get you to think for yourself and to try to help you do so. Has the Trump administration made mistakes also? Sure they have. The “only way to not make mistakes is to sit on your as and do nothing”. How do you like that “COMMON SENSE” and how it just got slid in there? Please use all the “COMMON SENSE” you can “muster” to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound during this mess. As I always say, “IT only makes COMMON SENSE to do so”.


Disclosure: The info within was gather from a variety of sources and I have checked them as best I can. The numbers are, of course, changing so fast that they are false before you can get them printed. Please accept this “with a grain of salt” and please, please use “COMMON SENSE” and be safe.



























Hey, I know a lot will holler about my term “CHINK FLU”; but, I only do it to get your attention and to irritate the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. I just love “poking them in their ass with a sharp stick”. HAHA! What can I say, it’s fun for this “OLD REDNECK COWBOY”.

But now, all kidding aside, let me lay out some facts as well as I can check them for you to consider. Let me ask you: how long has it been since you heard anything about the protest in Hong Kong? I bet it was just as all this virus stuff started in Wuhan City! If so, is there any coalition between these two things? Funny how the protesters just disappeared! I’m not sure; but, someone needs to check it out and I do not mean the “liberal bastages” of the main stream media because they are as bad as the Chinese when it comes to lying.

Another thing that sticks in my craw is that Shanghai is about 525 miles from Wuhan while Beijing is about 720 miles from Wuhan and neither of these cities have been hit as hard as NYC which is about 7500 miles from there. Shanghai is the economic center of China and Beijing is the government capital of China. How many of the leaders of the Chinese economic center have been stricken with this virus and how many of the government leaders or the military leaders have contracted the virus? I do not really know as you can’t believe any thing the leaders of China tell you; but, I certainly haven’t heard of any leaders of the government or of the economic leaders having been sickened by the virus. That just seems strange to me to say the least. All the business centers in China are now open; but, the same centers in Italy, Iran, US and most of the European countries are still in distress. Not even one of the leaders in China has even tested “positive” for the virus.

Just today Paris is closed, NYC is closed, Tokyo is closed as well as Delhi and Mumbai. Something is not right as Wuhan is open as is Beijing and Shanghai. Sure makes you wonder if the Chinese have more info than they are sharing. The markets of most of the other countries have taken a huge hit, but in China, “not so much”. Could this be a bio/chemical weapon to destroy most of the economies of the world so as to give the Chinese economic supremacy? I do not know…but then that is “above my pay grade”.

This is just a thought spinning around in my head. Some where in this, that stuff called “COMMON SENSE” has to grab hold and make me ask: Do the Chinese have an antidote/vaccine for the virus that they are not sharing? It may have started out to end the protest; but, then they realized they could put it to better use in destroying the economies of all these nations and making them the economic leaders of the world. Like I said it is above my “pay grade” but it is interesting to think about.  It only takes a little “COMMON SENSE” to question “what the hell is going on in the world”; and if you are not questioning these things, then you might be one of those “sheep being led to slaughter”. Let me know what you think.


AOC is at it again! She has restarted her battle with Laura Ingram to try to stay in the limelight to show her intelligence. She doesn’t realize that most every time she opens her mouth she proves she has no intelligence. I say “most of the time” because I assume she opens her mouth to eat and to yawn which is the response she makes me have every time she speaks. We all make a few dumb statements in our life; but, this AOC is a “repeat offender”. She is in way over her head and the people of  her district need to remove her the next time she runs for office.

AOC (Always Overly Confused) made her self look bad with the “GREEN NEW DEAL” which would be horrible for the country; but, wait until you hear of her latest statement. I will print it for you to read below. She has out done herself with her latest remark about daylight savings time and the warming of the planet. Folks this is just a part of her remarks on the floor of the house where she spoke for over 3 hours. Does she not realize that all that “HOT AIR” she was producing is more harmful to the planet than daylight savings time? Please take a moment to read this and please let it sink into your brain.

“If we change our times with the sole intent of increasing the amount of daylight we receive, that’s an extra hour of sun shine that will warm the planet. That’s one extra hour per day of extra heat warming our already unstable planet. We need to repeal Daylight Savings Time as a primary measure to decrease the rate of climate change. Less hours of sun shine equal less heat hitting Earth’s surface. We’re running out of time!” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez“.

Now, think about what she just said in this remark. Better yet, what has she just told you about her intelligence. She truly thinks that by changing the clock or the time that we operate on will increase the hours of sunlight in a day. Did you miss that? If you did, then you are not qualified to hold office either. It is sad that she is being compensated to the tune of approximately 184K a year in salary, 36K a year for housing allowance and 92K a year for “petty cash fund”. Please notice that your representatives call 92K “petty cash”. That kind of cash has never been “petty” in our household.

Here is some more of that “COMMON SENSE” stuff again in that this lady is an “air head”. She, just 2 years ago, was a “barmaid” and today it is reported she has over 500K under her control. She fell into the “bucket” and came out smelling like a rose”. A dumb rose, but a rose no less. This is the intelligence level of a lot of our representatives; and if they had to make it in the “real world,” they would starve to death. AGAIN, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to value your vote highly and please be informed before you vote. If not, we will have many more AOC’s (ALWAYS OVERLY CONFUSED) people running our government and we certainly do not need any more incompetence.

STAY SAFE AND STAY HOME! I guess that makes sense as I am confused also about all this virus stuff.


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