My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


The Chinese government keeps changing the information which they release in reference to Covid-19. Who knows what is true? I do know and will point out below what “COMMON SENSE” says about their numbers. The Chinese government has never been truthful to the world or to their own people for that matter. Does anyone remember “TIANANMEN SQUARE? They told huge “WHOPPERS” during that time and I believe they are up to their old tricks again during and concerning this virus thing.

We keep getting conflicting numbers about the virus in America and it seems the numbers are changing so fast that they are wrong before you can get the numbers to print. It is either that, or we are being lied to, also. OR, is it that the people we are relying on to furnish the numbers are just ignorant to some extent in their jobs? We have, in reality, allowed people, who are not elected to office, so called experts, to run our country. There have been several stories come out about Dr. Fauci and his romance with power. If true, we certainly need to take his advice with a “grain of salt”. It seems he has a “power complex” and is not beyond lying to get his way. Not withstanding, the President himself.

BUT, let’s look at the numbers. NYC has a population of about 8 million people. It has, according to the net, about 10K deaths but only about 5K deaths truly confirmed as being from the virus. If a person crashes his car into a utility pole, is rushed to the hospital, tests positive for the virus and dies, then it is reported as a death from the virus. They seem to forget that the car wreck may have had something to do with the death. It may be because they, the hospital, gets extra funding for virus deaths. I have heard this is the case; but could not confirm it. If you can confirm this, please let me know.

Now, let’s look at the numbers for China. China has a population of more than a billion people. They are reporting somewhere around 10K cases and somewhere around 5K deaths from the virus. Folks, these numbers just do not add up! If they have that many more people, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that their numbers would be greater than the numbers coming from the 8 million in NYC. China has a lot of population in the rural areas just as America does where I suspect the virus is minimal. But, the population of of Shanghai and Chongqing are both around 24 million and Beijing is around 21 million, not to mention Wuhan which has around 12 million in population. Do they have a secret? Is it the “egg foo young”? Is it that the virus is confused by their “slant eyes”? Come on folks, it is because they are lying! It’s not the people, remember, it is the “communist government”.

Please check this out yourself as my numbers may not be exact, but they are close; but, always do your research to make sure. I want you to get involved and use some “COMMON SENSE” in making your own decision. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE to do so.

Have a wonderful day and do not let some “medical bully” scare you into doing something you do not want to do. Do not let them scare your rights away so easily. Your rights are listed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and you need to exercise them or they will disappear ever so slowly.


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