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Is common sense no more?


This one just might cost me more than I’d like to spend! I’m almost to the point of saying “I’ll furnish a pair of sunglasses to all “LIBERAL BASTAGES” as it will be “SHOCKINGLY BRIGHT” when “they pull their head outa their ass”. Might even be frightening for the “poor little babies”. And while we are at it, can we try to find a cure for the “foot in mouth” disease which is so prevalent in the liberal community?

Having said all that to just “poke them with a sharp stick”; once again, this latest attack on PRESIDENT TRUMP is one for the record books. They have claimed that PRESIDENT TRUMP (NOTICE  THE CAPITAL LETTERS OUT OF RESPECT) said “for victims of Corona virus should drink bleach”. Which he did not say. He was asking if they, the experts, could look into how UV light and Ozone therapy could be injected into the body. The MS media and the democrats (sorry for the redundancy) have ridiculed him; but as it turns out, it has been used in the medical field for years! OOOOOOOPPPS! They forgot to do their research. I think they did not forget; but, simply choose to ignore the facts as they always do. I am including a couple of places they and you can check out to see how wrong they were. You and they might want to check out a Youtube video on Rush’s site to be better informed. BTW, I think it was removed from You Tube; but, remains on Rush’s site. here is just a sampling of what is on the video.

RUSH: No, it is not some newfangled, weirdo thing that ultraviolet light can do damage to viruses and bacteria. How many people in the Drive-By Media do you think have an ultraviolet light sanitizer? How many of you do? They’re selling like hotcakes out there. “Disinfect your iPhone! Put it in this little container here.”

What do you think is zapping it? Ultraviolet light is being used to sanitize this stuff: Baby supplies, keys, furniture, masks. Ultraviolet light is widely known. So this is what Trump was talking about when asking if there is a way that ultraviolet light can be used to zap the virus or bacteria — and there is.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: I’ll tell you what. Dr. Birx apparently was unfamiliar with this latest application of ultraviolet light in a catheter inserted in the breathing tube of somebody who is intubated, but Trump never told anybody to drink Lysol or inject their lungs with Drano! It’s just absurd. Anyway, greetings, and welcome back

Here is a sampling from the net I discovered during my research on this subject. I really do not know the origin or the person delivering this message or their credentials. It makes for interesting reading and kinda fits into that stuff called “COMMON SENSE”. Remember, these are not my words as “I am but a sponge that soaks up a lot of info and when you squeeze me it just comes pouring out”.

From what I read elsewhere: “Trump asked about light and disinfectant injected into the body. There are two existing therapies. UV therapy as well as ozone therapy. The one that has the left all riled up is ozone therapy. This has been used for cancer patients. O3 gas is infused into the body as a DISINFECTANT to improve the intake of oxygen while ramping up the immune system, thus more efficiently killing bacteria and viruses. You can google it if you want. Trump asked the expert off to the side if testing was being done relative to applying this to the corona virus. But of course NBC, CBS, CNN and company would take his words out of context to make it sound like he looked at the camera and said “hey let’s all drink bleach.” Disinfectant inside the body is indeed dangerous and should only be done by a doctor. A footnote: Isn’t it true if you take high amounts of vitamin C yourself, you will wind up with a buildup of hydrogen peroxide inside the body? Hydrogen peroxide is a DISINFECTANT. This is why vitamin C is so effective against viruses on its own.

It amazes me how the democrats/MS media just continue to “touch” the “hot stove” and get burnt time and time again. They have hollered about so many things that PRESIDENT TRUMP has done wrong and been proven wrong each and every time. Let’s see! Remember how they said, “if Trump is elected, the stock market will crash”. BUT IT DIDN’T! Or how about the one where they said, “If Trump is elected, he would get us into a war”. BUT HE DIDN’T! Or the RUSSIA HOAX or the UKRAINE HOAX. Those turned south on the democrats/MS media to the point of showing them to be foolish. The points above all point to a dishonest news media that is in bed with the democrats. (More proof on that subject coming in future blogs so watch closely).

All of this and of course much more proves the media/democrats can not be trusted. (Just a quick survey. How many of you would trust Nancy Piglosi?). It is obvious that no one should trust them and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to distrust that bunch of lying “LIBERAL BASTAGES”.

P.S. Do you think maybe they are lying to you about the virus as the facts keep changing every few hours? JUST ASKING! And just want to ask one more thing, How many of you want to put “JOE THE HOE” Biden in charge of your retirement funds which are almost all tied to the stock market? AGAIN, JUST ASKING!


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