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Is common sense no more?


Hey, I know that Governor Abbott was elected running as a “REPUBLICAN” but I think he has switched parties. He has now bought into this  “quarantine” crap and has issued orders to keep people from working. He has just today said that retail outlets, movie theaters and restaurants can reopen but have to limit the business to 25%. What I need to ask as do you, is 25% of what? Does that mean that a retail outlet can only do 25% of the business they had before all this “bogus crap” started? So, if you figure that out thru the number of days they were open before to get an average of business dollars a day and the outlet can only do 25% of that figure per day then if they reach that figure by 12:00 noon then they must close. If you do the same type of math on the numbers of customers, then when they reach that number of customers thru the door they must close. I’m just “spit balling” here but this, as a business man, is nonsense. NO BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE ON 25% OF THEIR BUSINESS. Their “fixed cost” is more than that. The problem is that we have a lot of people in government that have never run a business or had to make “payroll”.

Now, Abbott has been, in the past, a pretty good governor; but of late, he has taken on a “LIBERAL” lean and it is not very becoming. He and his “REPUBLICAN” friends have “ROLLED OVER” in the fight with the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”/MEDIA on this “CHINK FLU” thing and some other conservative policies as well. For instance, take abortion. The Governor still wants to fight with the LIBERALS over abortion; but, he and the liberals have just decided to starve the “poor” to death instead. Same result, different function! Remember folks, no work, no pay, no money, no food and then when you “NO EAT” you die. I know for some of you people who have their brains hardwired backwards it might be hard to follow; but, you can try real hard and maybe it might sink in–but I doubt it.

If you have a restaurant that seats 100 customers, but you are limited to 25% then that means the wait staff that used to make $100 a day in tips will now make $25 in tips. Do you really think they can survive? The owner will not survive as well as just his food cost is some where around 30/40%. Now that is not including his fixed cost such as rent, utilities, insurance and then the taxes.

Just take a landscape company owner who mows lawns for a living. He has to hire someone to ride the mower, has to provide the gas for the equipment, not to mention the cost of the equipment then comes along the insurance and again taxes. Yes, those almighty taxes. If he and all the other businesses are doing 25% of their normal business, that means the taxes paid will be 25% of what they used to pay out. And, the government “dummies” haven’t realized the taxes collected will be less so maybe we should cut their salaries NOW. It is a hard struggle to say the least.

Now, we have people in government wanting to furnish a “minimum wage of sorts” which is a copy of the Wang proposal of $1000; but, they want to make it $2000. If you tax that at say a 10% rate, then the government will  send out $2000 per month and receive $200 in return. For all of you that will let me do that, let’s get started “YESTERDAY”. If you feel you need a little more ROI (return on investment) let’s make a 20% tax so I’ll double up and send you $400 in return for the $2000 per month. What a great deal for you, 20%. You can deposit it to my Pay Pal account so you never even have to put up with my “GRUMPY OLD ASS”.

It is not “ROCKET SCIENTIST” work here folks. It is simple addition/subtraction math. “COMMON SENSE”, of the lowest level, will tell you how to proceed. I await notification from Pay Pal. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship.


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