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Sometime in the 60’s this fellow, LYNDON JOHNSON, passed the bill known as establishing “The Great Society”.  It was to help remove poverty from the country but it has only ingrained poverty instead of removing it. We as a country have spent trillions of dollars and the poverty rate is basically unchanged. What a waste.  Another failure of a democratic idea.  They are such fools. The only thing the program has accomplished is to destroy in large part the black families and the Hispanic families to the point that few fathers stay in the home to help raise the kids. This in turn has caused them to be more irresponsible and to lay around and not work and to get involved in drugs.

I was watching the program JOHNNY CASH, the rebel the other night and it showed him in the prisons putting on shows for the prisoners.  This was also sometime in the 60’s and guess what it showed as they scanned the audience.  Most of the prisoners were white.  Hardly no blacks or Hispanics. Isn’t that funny because today the prisons are mostly blacks and Hispanics.  Now you tell me what has changed.  In case you do not have the “COMMON SENSE” to figure it out let me help you.  You see, as I mentioned above, “the great society” tore families apart thus throw many families into poverty.  The fathers became worthless members of society, sold dope and when caught went to prison.  We can all thank the democratic party for all this chaos.  It has been their polices that have lead us to where we are today.  The “black families” of yesteryear were hard working closely knit religious families.  Yes they were maybe on the poor side but they were great people with great morals and ethics.  The same can be said for the earlier Hispanic population.  We have taken great peoples and turned them into welfare slaves and wards of the state.  We have done them no favors.  It is a tragedy what has become of these people all because the democrats wanted to enslave them for votes.  These people have simply been moved from the plantation of yesteryear to government plantations of today, “THE PROJECTS”.  You tell me if you think they are better off or happier than years before.  I think not and it is “COMMON SENSE” that tells me that.

As stated the democrats, particularly “LYNDON JOHNSON” are to blame but the other party has to bare a portion of the blame for letting this happen.  We, as a country, elected and gave the HOUSE and the SENATE to the Republicans and they have not done squat.  We need to remove all democrats and any republican that has not preformed and leans to the middle from their position and never allow them to hold office again.  The republicans of today like Boehner and McConnell are nothing more than democrats with an R behind their name.  Both are worthless as “TITS ON A BORE HOG” and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for them to be removed. Tell me what you think.

I know this will bring a lot of grieve my way but all who know me personally know I do not give a “rats ass” as I am going to tell the truth even when it hurts.  Just remember this and that I said it, “we do not need or wouldn’t need all these laws we have and what a wonderful place this would be if we all just lived by the ten laws given us from the mount”.  I know some will disagree but I do not give a damn what they think. “COMMON SENSE” tells me I”m right, so be it.



Hey Folks, I’m at it again.  I just read where some Texas counties are denying babies of illegals birth certificates.

Good for Texas and these counties.  It needs to be done every where to stop the inflow of illegals coming here to have their child just to get citizenship.  Most every one then files for all kinds of “freebies” to be paid for by the taxes that you and I pay.  This is not just about the illegals from south of the border as there are companies in California set up “hotels” for illegals to fly in from around the world just for this purpose.  It is a strin on our tax system which must be stopped.  The illegals on the border live just across and get a post office box to receive the checks, do their shopping and take it all back to Mexico.  Every morning the kids from Mexico walk across the border, get on a school bus, go to our schools for free breakfast, lunch and education classes  then the bus takes them back to the bridge and they return to Mexico.  WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY !!!!!  They are laughing at us behind our backs and call us “STUPID GRINGOS” which we are.  It is a stupid system and needs to be stopped but good luck.  They have now appointed two illegals to the city council in one town in California.  Does that make any sense at all.  All COMMON SENSE has been lost from a large part of our populace.  Do you think any city or town in Mexico would let me serve and have a say in how the town was run.  Do you think that Mexico would allow for my kids to cross the border to free load off their system.  Mexico has a “bird nest on the ground” and we are paying the rent, food and educating their kids.  The Mexican men always talk of “machismo” but the Mexican men of today and in that area allowing this to go on are sorry, lazy deadbeat and not really men at all.

Some have said that if we stopped the practice of “ANCHOR BABIES” we would be breaking the law by not following the constitution.  That may very well be true but were are all those same sorry POS liberals when Colorado breaks the laws on dope.  And where are those same sorry POS liberals when it comes to several hundreds of ” sanctuary cities”.  They all approve of breaking the law when they like the process.  So you see, the case law has been established so just quit giving “birth rights to the babies of illegals along with fining every employer 10K for each and every illegal working for them and watch the flow of illegals drop over night.  Just do these two things and the problem will solve itself.  No “birth rights”, no freebies and no work and the illegals will all stay home.  After all the “freebies” we furnish them they still have a Mexican flag in front of most of the places they live and it “burns my ass”.  If we are putting a roof over your head, food in your belly and educating your kids, which Mexico wouldn’t do, you would think the ignorant fools would think  twice before flying the flag of the country that forced you to leave.  If we and they could make just these few changes along with the illegals trying to learn “ENGLISH” for god’s sake everything would get better for them and us at the same time.  “COMMON SENSE” should tell them that if you can not speak to help my customers then I can not hire you.

I know I will get a lot of flack from a bunch of “liberal POS” but I don’t care.  All that I have mentioned is nothing more than “COMMON SENSE”  to which none of them have access.  It is a shame that they all can not seem to grasp “logic”.

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