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Well folks, I have held off for some time hoping this country would wake up but it seems we may be headed for the long eternal sleep! I have never seen such crazy people running their mouths with such crap. Just look at the Jan. 6th committee and the nonsense they accuse people of; or, look at the people they have in prison for over a year and no charges filed. What the hell happened to “YOU’RE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”? I do not approve, nor would I be a part of such a movement; but, the people they have in prison should be charged, given a trail or be released. This Biden administration is not even trying to follow the Constitution. Damn near everything they do is against the Constitution, and no one seems to have the “gonads” to step forward to protect them or our Constitution.

This Biden administration is and will be judged the worst of all time. Just let me make you a list of the things he has done.

  1. Shutting down the Keystone pipeline. (Gas prices thru the roof)
  2. Afghanistan withdrawal (Common sense tells that you keep troops in country until you get all personnel/equipment out)
  3. Open Borders (And then lie after lie as you move illegals with no vaccinations all over the country on flights with no IDs)
  4. Tries to float in paying each “illegal” $450,000 dollars because they were separated from their families. (If they were not entering the country illegally, they would have never had the problem)
  5. Allowing illegals to board flights with arrest warrants as IDs.

Now, after you have read the above and have let it sink in, is there any way you would like to defend any of these points? These are but a few of the things this “JACKASS” has done to try to destroy America. And, we haven’t even touched on the subject of Ukraine and the war that just might ensue. Or, we haven’t mentioned how he is in the pocket of China and Ukraine. He and his entire family are nothing more than a “KLAN OF GYPSY GRIFTERS”! It is a shame that a once strong DNC has been reduced to a communist party trying to destroy America.

None of this makes any “COMMON SENSE”; and, if we, as Americans, do not stand up against this assault on our freedoms, our lifestyle will “go straight to hell in a hand basket”! I am, as a VET, very worried that the liberals have taken over our education system and are producing a generation of sheep. We must take back our entire system from this communist loving Democratic party or we will face an America that none of us will recognize.

Please heed this warning and please do your part to stop this destruction of America. They, the democratic party, have removed GOD from the town square and will soon be coming into your home. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, as they are brewing up a special batch!


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