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Well, here we are again.  Americans have lost all hold on reality.  We have gone off the “deep end” after the horrible shooting in South Carolina.  It was the fault of one crazy person; but, the public is trying to blame it on anything just to try to make sense of the horror.  They have decided that if they remove a flag it will stop this from happening in the future.  Now, didn’t we let them install all sorts of “background checks” the last several times this happened and now we see that did not help at all.  I hate to say it, but we told you “dumbasses” it would not help. So, now that gun control laws didn’t help, let’s remove simple “pieces of cloth” called flags.  OH, BOY, bet this will do the trick, you “dumbass”.

The powers to be say that the “Confederate” flag is the problem because it represents hate.  That is total “BS” and they know it.  It was about “states rights” and the right to secede from the Union.  Now, read this very closely so you do not miss it.  The Union said the southern states did not have the right to do so, secede from the Union.  But, had they not some years before claimed that they had the right to secede from England?  They fought a war against the “redcoats” to make their point.  They did not want to live under the control of England and felt as if the states had that right.  Are you with me still?  So, if that is the case, and it seems that it was, then did not the “southern” states possess the same right?  The “southern” states did not want to live under the control of the Union Army. So, they fought for their freedom just as the 13 colonies fought England for their freedom.  This makes “COMMON SENSE”, I do not care what side you are or were on.  It is amazing how this “COMMON SENSE” stuff works.

We, as a nation, had better wake up quickly or we will be in another “CIVIL WAR”.  It is going to boil down to the same argument as before.  The more conservative folks do not want to live under the progressive tyrannical rule.  The liberals, as I call them, want to dictate from Washington how we here in Texas live our daily lives.  They just can not entertain the idea that we are a different people with completely different lifestyles from the elitist back east.  We eat differently, we work differently, we play differently, and we certainly live differently.  And guess what, we are damn sure not going to change without a fight. This Obama fellow does not seem to have the balls to fight ISIS; but seems to want to pick a fight with so many Americans that simply want to live under local control and local laws.  Of course, that is because he is an idiot which I have pointed out many times before on a host of different issues.  The “liberal fruit cakes” with this fool Obama as their leader know nothing about how we live our lives and they do not care; because, just like England, they want to control us.  All they really want is our taxes to help pay for the freebies they give the “deadbeats” which vote them into office. It is just a legal form of corruption and buying of votes. Ask yourself, what would happen if you offered to pay an entire group of people to sway their vote?  In case you haven’t heard, that is voter fraud; but, when the liberals give rent and utility benefits, food stamps and yes even free Obama phones to sway that groups vote, it is legal.  And that my friend is pure “BS”, but it is being done. They decided years ago that they did not want to fight a war again; so, they just found another way.  That is why they want open borders so they can continue to control thru the ballot box. I bet if the “King of England” was still alive today he would be kicking himself in the ass over this fact.  All he had to do was spread a little “green” in the right places and we would still be under their control today.  Corrupt, but effective, just like the liberal polices of today.

I, for one, have had enough and instead of living this way–I’m ready to fight.  I will and have started my fight with this blog.  I am trying to get you to think for yourselves and to use the “COMMON SENSE” God gave you. If you do so, then “COMMON SENSE” says you will join me in my defense of the “GOOD OLE AMERICAN WAY”.


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