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Well, I always said that the “liberal bastages” of this country had their brains hardwired completely backwards and this latest crazy crap about the Mueller report proves my point.  They are so thick-headed that all we heard was “let’s wait for the report” to see what is in it. Well, it has been delivered and now they say, “well, let us go further” because Mueller did not deliver what they wanted.  It is always this way with “liberal bastages” because they have no logic or “COMMON SENSE”.  After almost 3 years of investigation, the Mueller report has concluded that there was nothing between Trump and Russia.  Oh, but wait, the democrats just know this can’t be right.  Why, because “Chitty” Schiff has said he has evidence but when asked he “hides under his desk”. The democrats do not realize he is a lying SOB because he is just like all of them. They have lied to the American public so long that it has become natural for them. BUT, I must try once more to see if I can reach at least one democrat to save them from their own lies.  According to the report there was “NO COLLUSION”.

It is hard to listen to these fools everyday on TV say, “just give us another year or so and we will have the goods on Trump.”  They want to “impeach” him so “badly” that they will lie, cheat and steal to get it done.  BUT, wait, that is all democrats have ever done.  You can have a discussion with a democrat and show them that “2 plus 2 is 4” and they will argue with you about the facts. I have never met a democrat that had any “COMMON SENSE” and could for years not figure out why! I finally realized it is because NONE of them have the “COMMON SENSE” gene.  Their make up is completely void of such a gene and it can not be taught unless you are born with the gene.  So, I guess it is not their fault that they are so stupid about such simple stuff such as, “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION”. That is as simple as “2 plus 2=4; but, again, they cannot grasp the concept.

Now, after all the FBI agents, special prosecutors, witnesses galore, thousands of interviews and 30 million dollars spent, they don’t believe what the experts have found. Zero, nada, zip and nothing.  It is like their brains are hardwired completely backwards.  Oh, sorry I think I already said that but it just makes me so damn happy to finally understand that I just had to repeat myself.  So my conclusion is,: do not waste your time trying to present a logical argument to one of these “liberal bastages”; as you will just waste time and energy; and you will never make them understand; and it will just add frustration into your life.

So, here is what we as conservatives can and should do. Ignore the “liberal bastages” and for heaven’s sake never hire one.  I had to work with one for a while because his dad died and left him the business. But it did not take me long to “cull him from the herd”. What can I say but to say he was impossible to work with and he has run off most of his long-time customers and employees.  And did I mention “NO COMMON SENSE”? So do yourself a favor and when you happen upon one of these “liberal bastages” run the other way as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



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