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Well, here I go again making people “mad as hell” with this “COMMON SENSE” stuff.  Where has the “right to free speech” gone concerning the Clippers owner and the misguided opinion he expressed in a private phone call?  He was talking to his mistress and said some things that I do not support; but, I will die defending his right of free speech to say them.  He has had a past of doing stupid stuff and has paid a price each and every time for his ignorance.  Folks, he has a right to his opinion and the right to express that opinion even if everyone else thinks him a fool.  That is what the 1st amendment is all about.  It does not say to check to see who you might offend; simply put, it states that you have the right to express your opinion and “to hell with those who disagree”.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it; and, it makes good “COMMON SENSE” to have this right and to support it.  You see, I even support all the liberals that read this blog and call me “a world class asshole” after reading my opinions.  They have every right to their opinion and I support them in their expression of it 1000%.  But, even they must admit that “I’m pretty damn good at it” and some would even venture to point out that I’m a “perfect one”.

Now, along comes the speech police, Adam Silver, to announce that he, or the NBA, are banning Donald Sterling for life for speaking his mind.  Let me say again that they, the remarks, are not something I would have said; but, he has every right to his opinion, just as you and I have a right to our opinions.  He said they would get the other owners to ban together to force Sterling to sell his personal property, in this case the L.A. Clippers basketball team.  I’ll not go into all the details because I assume that if you are following this blog you are also smart enough that you keep yourselves informed on the issues of the day.  “Who the hell” does this Sliver think gave him the right to mead out punishment to enforce what a person thinks or says in private?  It is like being arrested for being “drunk in public” after the bouncers threw you out of the club.  You did not want to be in public; so, it is the bouncers’ fault; so, arrest them as they threw you into public.  Same with this stupid rant by Sterling.  The remark was made in private and thrown into public by Vanessa Stiviano.  Arrest Her!  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that she gave the tape to TMZ.  Now, Sterling is guilty of several bad judgment calls the least of which is his choice in “women friends” but that is not a crime and neither is stating that you would “prefer her not to bring her black friends to his games”.  And, let me go a step or two farther and say “it is not a crime to use the foul language used by Sterling or for him to express his dislike of Magic Johnson”.  You’d think they would be friends concerning the way they like to “use” women and discard them.  Does anyone remember how Johnson got to this point or have you all forgotten his “transgressions” just because he can afford a high-dollar suit?  “Look, look over here at the shiny thing” while I do what the hell I want on the other hand.  Much like your President!! They both have the public fooled, but not me, and hopefully not you either.

Speaking of this Vanessa Stiviano, the apparent mistress, she received approximately 1.8 million in cash and gifts as “arm candy” from Sterling the “sugar daddy”.  Now we really need to slow walk this a bit before blaming her to harshly for her actions and ask ourselves what we would do for 1.8 million.  “For haven sakes” Sterling was, or is, eighty years old so she was most probably simply hanging on his arm and cuddling to keep him warm.  Why hell, I’d hang on his arm for 1.8 million and do not start lying now because a lot of you would also.  And I’m “little Johnnie-straight-arrow”.

I know not all will agree, but that is what this “tolerance thing” is all about.  I do not want to silence you or punish you just because you are a “dumb ass” that disagrees with me.  In fact, we have a comments section where you are free to respond and try to change my mind on any subject I write.  Also, you are free to spread my blog to your friends, agree or disagree, as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.  Thank you for reading and spreading the word.  “COMMON SENSE” forever!!!



Just in case you missed it, and with this media of today you most probably did, “THE LAME-STREAM MEDIA FORGOT TO COVER THE STORY”.  This is an American disgrace.  We have a media force in this country that is not strong enough to pull “a 120 year old grandma who has had the runs for the last 20 years off the pot”.  They are just as sickening as “old grandma”.  If ever, we the people, have been lied to this one takes the cake.  Susan Rice ought to be brought up on charges, as well as “Oliar”, but the Congress can not even get them before the committee.  I guess it would do no good because they would simply tell another lie to cover up all the lies they have already put forth.  This bunch, we now have in the administration, would not know the truth if it were to “bite them in the ass”.  Speaking of “ASS” can you believe how they can get in front of the cameras and make such “ASSES OF THEMSELVES BY CONTINUING THE LIES”.  It is bad enough when they lie to us; but. they do it “when they know that we know they are lying”.  “COMMON SENSE” tells me when they do that, they are some sick puppies.

I am certainly not going to take up your time or insult your intelligence by covering all the lies; but, I will ask you to watch the 3 minute video of Congressman Gowdy asking the media some very pointed questions.  They do not have the answers and neither do you or I.  We should know after more than a year, but we are still in the dark and so is the media, just like “them there mushrooms”.  Please view the following video and please see that it is passed on to everyone you know.

It is “high time” for the American people to stand up and demand the truth.  “WE THE PEOPLE” have been kept in the dark long enough.  The media should be on this like “a dog on a bone”.  They should be all over this liar we have as President, “like white on rice”. I guess I made a mistake with that saying because neither the President or this Rice gal are white.  Maybe it is a race thing with the media, you think?  Surely, they, the President and Miss Rice are not racist and certainly the media is not. Or is it that they are the racist in all the scandals going on in this administration?  “Things that make you say, UUUMMM!!!!!

Now, after you watch this, just ask yourselves, shouldn’t I know the answers to his questions.  It is not only a shame, but it is a crime that none of the general public can answer any of these questions.  After all, it would only make “COMMON SENSE” to know the answers and the truth.


Well folks, “Spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer is on the way and it will be hot as hell”.  Just wanted to show my poetic side for all that scream about my being to harsh.  Ain’t that pretty?  Soft and sensitive too!!!

Speaking of poetic, how ’bout this “Nevada standoff” between the BLM and Cliven Bundy and all his supporters.  At a time when government intervention in our lives is at an all time high, along comes another government department to act as though they and what they decide is supreme.  “COMMON SENSE” tells us that there are always “two sides” to every story.  And then there is my side, so listen up my friends.  Everyone was wrong to some extent in this mess.  The BLM was wrong in rounding up his cattle and he was wrong for not following the “law of the land”.  Let me explain before you start yelling at me.   The BLM just a short few years ago wanted and did kill a bunch of the tortoises that it had removed from the land and is now trying to use that as an excuse to remove the cattle.  Mr. Bundy, although I side more with him than the government, was wrong in not abiding by the law after several court cases did not find in his “favor”.  The BLM could have found other ways to deal with this problem rather than gathering the cattle and bringing in armed guards.  They, the BLM, caused this to “spiral out of control” by bringing in armed outsiders into something that could have been dealt with on a much more “one-on-one” or “man-to-man” approach.  They could have sent him a notice to turn himself in; and if he did not, then have the sheriff pick him up on one of his visits to town. It is never good to confront U.S. citizens with arms unless a crime has been or is in the process of being committed.  Now, Mr. Bundy needs to realize that he may not agree with the ruling of the courts, but as a law-abiding citizen he must comply.  He certainly has the right to work to change the law. But just as we have always said when it comes to the immigration laws, the laws must be applied and we all have a responsibility to adhere to the law.  If, we the people, expect the illegals to respect the rule of our immigration laws, then we must set the example by respecting all of our laws.  Work like hell to change anything you do not agree with, but have respect for the law itself.

Now having said all that, let me say that I have always told anyone that will listen that I will protect what is mine to the end.  I have much of the same blood running thru my veins as does Mr. Bundy.  Mess with me or my family and I will, as the Bible instructs, “strike out with a mighty right hand and a sword”.  This does not mean I will argue with you. It means, do not mess with my family or what is mine, as I will hurt you.  No threat just fact.  I think all should react this way. So, I go out of my way to avoid messing with others.  A man must protect his family and his castle, period!!!  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

The liberals always say “can’t we all just get along”.  That is code speak for “if you do as we would like, or let us have our way, then and only then can we get along.  Let us change the rules as we go so as we always feel we are right.  Let us kill the innocent, promote the perverted and by all means never and we do mean never use “HIS” name or worship “GOD ALMIGHTY” in the public square.  No, no, never mention “HIS” name but let us parade down main street celebrating with such things as “the queers pride” parade.  What nonsense!!!

Now, here is the tricky part in that I do agree with the liberals when they say, “can’t we all just get along,” and I will abide by that; but, if you mess with me, it will be “just after I kick your ass” that we will then be in the mood to “get along”.  Now, to me, this makes perfect “COMMON SENSE”!

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