My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Just in case you missed it, and with this media of today you most probably did, “THE LAME-STREAM MEDIA FORGOT TO COVER THE STORY”.  This is an American disgrace.  We have a media force in this country that is not strong enough to pull “a 120 year old grandma who has had the runs for the last 20 years off the pot”.  They are just as sickening as “old grandma”.  If ever, we the people, have been lied to this one takes the cake.  Susan Rice ought to be brought up on charges, as well as “Oliar”, but the Congress can not even get them before the committee.  I guess it would do no good because they would simply tell another lie to cover up all the lies they have already put forth.  This bunch, we now have in the administration, would not know the truth if it were to “bite them in the ass”.  Speaking of “ASS” can you believe how they can get in front of the cameras and make such “ASSES OF THEMSELVES BY CONTINUING THE LIES”.  It is bad enough when they lie to us; but. they do it “when they know that we know they are lying”.  “COMMON SENSE” tells me when they do that, they are some sick puppies.

I am certainly not going to take up your time or insult your intelligence by covering all the lies; but, I will ask you to watch the 3 minute video of Congressman Gowdy asking the media some very pointed questions.  They do not have the answers and neither do you or I.  We should know after more than a year, but we are still in the dark and so is the media, just like “them there mushrooms”.  Please view the following video and please see that it is passed on to everyone you know.

It is “high time” for the American people to stand up and demand the truth.  “WE THE PEOPLE” have been kept in the dark long enough.  The media should be on this like “a dog on a bone”.  They should be all over this liar we have as President, “like white on rice”. I guess I made a mistake with that saying because neither the President or this Rice gal are white.  Maybe it is a race thing with the media, you think?  Surely, they, the President and Miss Rice are not racist and certainly the media is not. Or is it that they are the racist in all the scandals going on in this administration?  “Things that make you say, UUUMMM!!!!!

Now, after you watch this, just ask yourselves, shouldn’t I know the answers to his questions.  It is not only a shame, but it is a crime that none of the general public can answer any of these questions.  After all, it would only make “COMMON SENSE” to know the answers and the truth.


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