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The democrats first tried the number 1 plan to get rid of President Trump. That was the RUSSIA plan. It took almost three years; but, that plan “went to hell in a basket” after the Mueller report. They still bring it up occasionally, but for the most part it has died a well deserved death The RUSSIA plan, they thought, was the best plan but it blew up in their face. It has been proven to be based on false information provided to the courts and in my opinion will be found that the democrats all the way to Obama were involved in the “crooked deal”. The investigation will show as always, “if a democrat is accusing the other side of doing something illegal it is always the democrats that are doing that deed”. Remember that you heard that here and then do a little research and you will find it to be true.

After the RUSSIA plan failed the democrats, “liberal bastages”, if you please, decided to brand President Trump a “RACIST” to try once again to rid America of Trumpism.. They tried; but, that also failed as a RACIST would not have helped the minority communities with the lowest unemployment rate in history. He, if he were a Racist, would not be striving to help clean up the cities under democrat control for 50 years or more. They are nothing but “trash piles” and he, the President, wants better living conditions for all Americans. Does this really sound like something a RACIST would do? The next thing that I feel he will strive for is the “voucher system” so every child has a better chance at a decent education which will lead towards a better life or living conditions. Funny how it all starts, or goes back, with the democrats and their party trying to keep the minorities in failing schools as a means to control their lives. No education, no good job, and you minorities will have to come to us “liberal bastages” for the crumbs which we will hand out in order to control you. There in lies the DNC platform. Good luck with that as President Trump gives them the option of a good education and a good job.

Now, we see the failure of the 2 R’s; and so, the democrats are hoping to promote the 3rd R which is recession. The media and the DNC are all on the cable stations trying to promote a recession which will damage the country, but they do not care. A recession will hurt the American worker; but in their “perverted” eyes, it will help them to get the President out of office. The American worker be damned. They will torture the country and the average American worker to regain their power base. Is that not a horrible thought for America? That is a part of the DNC’s platform.

I truly feel that the 3 R’s will all fail and the 4th R will be the most hated by the “liberal bastages”. It will turn their world upside down and their heads will explode just at the thought of the 4th R coming to the forefront. But, if you really think about how good the country is doing and could do even better if the democrats would help just a little. Then it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that the 4th R will be “RE-ELECTION OF TRUMP 2020”. It will drive the democrats off the cliff! And to be honest with you, they have and will continue to assure he is elected once again with the “CLOWN CAR FULL OF CANDIDATES THEY ARE PROMOTING”. The candidates on the democratic side are for “killing of the most innocent, open borders, doing away with law and order, and giving free college and healthcare to “ILLEGALS”. If you really believe that is a smart way for America to go forward, then support a democrat. But, if not, vote a straight republican ticket. If you vote democrat for any office, that is what YOU are promoting and you are part of the problem.



Boy, is this a great country or what? We have the right to speak our minds even if we are completely wrong! Proof of that might be this “GREEN NEW DEAL” being promoted by most all of the candidates of the “liberal bastages” running for President. Anyone who has spent even a minute thinking this to the end knows it will destroy the American way of life.  BUT, they have the right to think and speak what they believe although they do not think I as a “conservative” should be allowed that right.

A good example of that is just the other day “Robert Francis” stopped off at a “gun show”. Now, if there could have been a worst place “idea wise” that he could have visited, I do not know where it might have been excepting the Diamond W Ranch in Fischer, Texas. He visited, exchanged ideas, and he was treated fairly. Says a lot about the two sides and their belief systems. The left or “liberal bastages” want to control what you think while the right or “conservative bastages” want to know what you think and try to understand why you think that way. The only way to ever understand how or why someone thinks the way they do is thru the exchange of ideas. If I never listened to the “liberal bastages” and how they think, I really would not know how “BAT CHIT” their ideas really have become! Now that “ROBERT FRANCIS” has been treated fairly, let’s send in a conservative to the Berkley campus and see if they are allowed to roam freely about expressing their ideas.  The people on campus would never go for that! SOOOOO, tell me again who the “FACIST” are. Please paint that picture for me. Even you “liberal bastages” that read this blog know that they would be “stoned” and run off the campus. No freedom of speech there.

This is but just one example of how the “LEFT” tries to control the narrative and really tries to have it all one way. This has been a problem for some time; but, has gotten worse because of the election of our President Trump. No conservative liked “OBAMA”; but, he was elected so we worked thru the process without showing our stupidity the way the left has done about President Trump. And by the way, Obama may turn out to be one of the worst Presidents of all time.  It may come to light that he used the FBI to spy on President Trump. Notice I did not say, as the left did, that we have evidence. Can anyone say “Shitty Schiff or “ROLLIE POLLIE Nadler? Sorry for the name calling but they just make it way too easy.

All that I can tell you is that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to have an exchange of ideas just to make sure I’m “RIGHT ONCE AGAIN”. The difference is the “left thinks they are right but they are wrong, while I know I’m right and I am”.  If the “liberal bastages” had any “COMMON SENSE” they would be able to see that I am telling the truth but they, the left, can not or do not know how to think logically because they are void of “COMMON SENSE”. It is a shame, but it is a fact. that we “the right-thinking people” must recognize and work around the fact when we have to deal with the ignorance of the left.


Well Trump has been called a racist once again! We could have seen that coming. He tried to explain how Baltimore is a “cesspool” of filth and the “liberal bastages” went wild. The reason they took such offense is that it is true and the city has been under democratic control for 50 years or more.  It is only one of most all large cities which have been under the “liberal bastages” control and they are all “dens of crime and filth”. When will the voters in the inner cities ever wake up? It seems they do not have the “COMMON SENSE” to realize that the democrats promise them the “moon and all the stars” every four years and tell them what “racist the republicans are” and they fall for the same old “BS” almost every time. They, the black community, need to get their “head outa their ass” and run toward the light on the other side if they want things to improve.

They did vote in a slightly higher percentage in the last election and “low and behold” the unemployment rate in their community went down. What that means for your community is more jobs available. Just trying to put it in plain English, so you will understand, that the guy you all call a racist did that. Now, sit still for a minute and keep reading to learn more in a minute than you have learned in the last 50 years or more. We just learned lower unemployment means higher paying jobs, or a job which means you are more self reliant. It changes everything! The guy you have called “RACIST” has raised your wages, lowered your taxes, pushed for improvement in your “HOOD”, which has raised black home ownership which has raised your assets. Do you really think a “RACIST” would oversee such improvement in your “HOOD”?  NO is the right answer, just trust me. You will not trust the people that are trying to make your life better; but, you will trust all the “liberal bastages” although they have overseen the demise of your “HOOD”. That means they sat by and watched and laughed at you for being stupid enough to swallow their lies while voting for them once again. The democratic party and their policies, as a whole, are your number one problem and it will never change until you change the power of your vote. The “liberal bastages” fight “tooth and nail” against school vouchers. The reason is that if you get vouchers you can move your children to better performing schools which means they will be better educated, get better jobs and move up in their living standards. All of this is available if you will just vote for the “RACIST”. That is it in a “nut shell”. Vote for the “RACIST” and things just might improve as they have during his first term; and if they do, then hopefully you will be smart enough to continue voting in your best interest and that is definitely not voting for any democrat.

In days past, you would have been called an “UNCLE TOM” for wanting to grow up and for being a man that took care of his own. So, let them call you whatever as long as they have to come up to the big beautiful home on the hill for you to hear what they yell. You have the power of your vote and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try something new if the old is not working. After all is said and done, the old saying may apply and it is that: “true insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”. You do not have to spend the rest of your life on the corner with those fools. Just use the “COMMON SENSE” that GOD gave you and start on a new path. If you get lost, just come back to this site and dig out the “nuggets of wisdom” and remember to leave the old democrats in the rear view mirror.

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