My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Boy, is this a great country or what? We have the right to speak our minds even if we are completely wrong! Proof of that might be this “GREEN NEW DEAL” being promoted by most all of the candidates of the “liberal bastages” running for President. Anyone who has spent even a minute thinking this to the end knows it will destroy the American way of life.  BUT, they have the right to think and speak what they believe although they do not think I as a “conservative” should be allowed that right.

A good example of that is just the other day “Robert Francis” stopped off at a “gun show”. Now, if there could have been a worst place “idea wise” that he could have visited, I do not know where it might have been excepting the Diamond W Ranch in Fischer, Texas. He visited, exchanged ideas, and he was treated fairly. Says a lot about the two sides and their belief systems. The left or “liberal bastages” want to control what you think while the right or “conservative bastages” want to know what you think and try to understand why you think that way. The only way to ever understand how or why someone thinks the way they do is thru the exchange of ideas. If I never listened to the “liberal bastages” and how they think, I really would not know how “BAT CHIT” their ideas really have become! Now that “ROBERT FRANCIS” has been treated fairly, let’s send in a conservative to the Berkley campus and see if they are allowed to roam freely about expressing their ideas.  The people on campus would never go for that! SOOOOO, tell me again who the “FACIST” are. Please paint that picture for me. Even you “liberal bastages” that read this blog know that they would be “stoned” and run off the campus. No freedom of speech there.

This is but just one example of how the “LEFT” tries to control the narrative and really tries to have it all one way. This has been a problem for some time; but, has gotten worse because of the election of our President Trump. No conservative liked “OBAMA”; but, he was elected so we worked thru the process without showing our stupidity the way the left has done about President Trump. And by the way, Obama may turn out to be one of the worst Presidents of all time.  It may come to light that he used the FBI to spy on President Trump. Notice I did not say, as the left did, that we have evidence. Can anyone say “Shitty Schiff or “ROLLIE POLLIE Nadler? Sorry for the name calling but they just make it way too easy.

All that I can tell you is that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to have an exchange of ideas just to make sure I’m “RIGHT ONCE AGAIN”. The difference is the “left thinks they are right but they are wrong, while I know I’m right and I am”.  If the “liberal bastages” had any “COMMON SENSE” they would be able to see that I am telling the truth but they, the left, can not or do not know how to think logically because they are void of “COMMON SENSE”. It is a shame, but it is a fact. that we “the right-thinking people” must recognize and work around the fact when we have to deal with the ignorance of the left.


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