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Hey, that is really an important question! I do not think a lot of people know enough about history to answer that question.  We are slowly losing a portion of our freedoms and the young people of today do not even realize it. They, along with the “liberal bastages,” do not have a clue.  Just think of how the “right” to free speech is being trampled on at colleges around this country. The right to worship is being attacked if you are “Christian”. The right to assemble is also being trampled on if you are a “conservative”. These are rights that every American is entitled to under the constitution. The “bill of rights” with all its amendments  gives us all equal protection under the law, or so some seem to think. BUT, not everyone sees it that way. Take a look at the nonsense happening on campuses around the country and you will see that the some on campus are not allowed to assemble or to speak their mind.

Take a gander at the young people of today that are gathering to “protest” for gun control. They just had a “day of protest” and their right to do so was clear and not obstructed by the people with different views on the subject.  It was mostly a “peaceful protest” and they assembled in several cities across the land. Now, let’s have an “anti-protest” and see how “peaceful” it will be.  You see, the anti-gun control people stayed away and let them have their say.  Tell me the truth now, do you think if the anti-gun control people formed a protest do you think we would be allowed to express our opinions without the other side interfering and causing riots in the streets. You see, it is the “liberal bastages” that are the fascist. They will not allow anyone to speak or assemble peacefully without intervention.

They intervened when people marched to express their opinion on tearing down the “Civil War” monuments. That caused riots; but if they would have stayed at home, as conservatives did for the gun control protest, there would have been no riots.  The conservatives on campus never riot or shout down a “liberal bastage” that comes to a college; but, all hell breaks lose if a conservative wants to express their views on campus. It simply shows how the “liberal bastages” really think.  They believe that you have the right to express your thoughts as long as they are in line with their thoughts. If that is not a restriction of freedom of speech, then “I’ll kiss a fat man’s ass” and I like neither a fat ass or men. Oh my, I’ve done it again. The left will tell you I’ve attacked the “fat” people and the “queers”. Oh well!

And do not get me started on the “liberal bastages” trying to restrict the right to worship.  They have taken prayer out of school and you can not even mention GOD within the classroom anymore. They say it offends them to see such things as a “cross”. The cross offends…but, the “QUEERS” dancing half-naked in the streets for the “QUEER PRIDE PARADE” they seem to like and be OK with such crap. You see their minds are “hardwired 180 degrees out of balance”. They have no “COMMON SENSE” and have been short on “logical thought” for years. I know this might offend you, “liberal bastages” .  But, I don’t really give a rat’s ass. Although, if you pay attention to this blog, it may help to educate you. Let me say right here and now that I do not expect for everyone to agree with me and that is ok, but if you don’t there is a good chance you are wrong.

I truly believe that the young people have a right to protest; but, do you really think they paid for all the buses, stages and equipment that it takes to put on such a march?  No, they did not!  They were funded and being used by a bunch of “liberal bastages”, plain and simple.  It is proven because almost every one of these young people on TV said how they hate President Trump and will never vote for him. They are right about never voting for him because they are not and will not come of voting age before he is out of office. No, just think back to when you were in Jr. high or high school and tell me that you hated the President of that time. Most of you can not tell me who was President during you sophomore or junior year. It’s just another way of realizing someone in the back ground is “pushing the buttons”.

I would like to commend all the young people for trying to make a difference; but, they must be careful for what they wish. They seem to be leaning more towards banning guns and that means doing away with the 2nd amendment. Just let me point out that: without the 2nd amendment, they will shortly be without any of the amendments which support their freedoms of such things as speech and assembly. It was and has been this important amendment that has kept us a free nation all these years.  If these young people had been taught “civics” correctly, then they would have the knowledge to think thru all the blabber from the “liberal bastages” wanting to run and control their lives. The best thing they could do is to study history before opening their mouths and preaching to people like me who have some knowledge and have served “MY COUNTRY”. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

BTW, I just noticed a post on my FB was pulled and it was a quote from a book that one side does not want others to know about. Shame on you FB!



As stated above, I aim well. Thusly, I’m practicing “GUN CONTROL” and “COMMON SENSE” all at once.  I’m getting ready to buy a couple of extra AR 15s.  I have an older model but everyone who knows me knows I like the last model. New trucks, new guitars, new boats, new rods/reels and new GUNS.  “Is this a great country or What”? I work hard and I play hard.  I once heard it said, “that the one who dies with the most toys, WINS”. I might not win but I bet I get “honorable mention”.

This thing about “GUN CONTROL” has gone nuts. It is “plumb out of hand”.  Maybe it’s just the people calling for “GUN CONTROL” who have gone nuts or maybe they are truly just nuts.  How in the hell do you suppose we get control? Go out and try to confiscate them like some on the left aspire to do.  There are approaching 4/5 hundred million guns in the public’s hands. That is higher than the listed number because I know that no one ever counted mine.  No “GUN OWNER” with a set would ever tell you how many he has. I know for a fact that there are ranches in Texas with safes full of guns and ammo buried with GPS numbers recorded. Now, I’m not one of those “GUN NUTS”, no never not me!

The “liberal bastages” tell us about immigration that there are 11 or so million “illegals” in the country and always ask the question, “How could we ever find and remove that many?” Well, “COMMON SENSE” would then tell you to ask, “How the hell can we round-up and confiscate 4/5 hundred million guns if it is impossible to remove 11 million “illegal” immigrants?”  BTW, the guns are legal and the immigrants are not.

Like I mentioned, I’m shopping for more AR 15s now; but, haven’t found the right ones just yet. Maybe you can help me out here.  You see, all I can find are those ordinary AR 15s.  And me being who I am, I want and deserve a few of the special ones.  You know, the ones that will get off the gun rack, load themselves, go to a school, walk into the school, pull the fire alarm and then shoot the kids all by itself. Like a smart phone that would be a smart weapon.  And I have the smart phone so I want the same type of smart weapon. Please tell me you see the ridiculousness of my statement.  There are no such weapons on the market but you can “BET YOUR ASS IF THERE WERE I”D HAVE MORE THAN ONE”.

Now, having said all this “COMMON SENSE” stuff, I want you to watch and listen to Governor Bevin of Kentucky in this face book post.  Read my comments that follow as it is important that we all realize that this is not the same country we grew up in years ago. If you do not see that, then you are blind and you are part of the problem.  I, personally, think we need to change our culture and “PUT GOD BACK IN THE SCHOOLS” and in our homes. I know this might shock a lot of you but most gun owners are good law-abiding, GOD fearing people of good moral standing.  Let’s come together to change our culture of pornography to a culture backed by the “TEN”.  Then and only then will we see change.

My Comments:

There is a lot that is different in today’s world–kids spend time with a screen not with parents and brothers and sisters–for those who might know me personally, they know I have guns, use guns and this has been since a very young age—12 years old when I got my first gun—22 single shot–bought my first gun at 17/18 years old from Joske’s of Texas–on payment plan–mom had to co-sign the note–a Browning 12 gauge gold trigger hump back–still have them both and I’m 72–saving to pass on to my Grandson–every Sunday after church the entire family met at Mom’s for lunch–we interacted with the entire family all afternoon–we said “grace” before lunch although we had just come from church–we still say “grace” at our house before meals–grandkids are the ones to say it now–they find it refreshing or fun–it has become their place to say “grace”–how many of you can honestly say that the culture you grew up in has not changed–Think seriously about where we are heading and what are we teaching most of the kids today–we have failed the masses and we are seeing the results–BTW, I had a gun, as did a lot of guys like me, at school every day and yet no one was shot–let that sink in–all we had to do was walk to our truck or car and yet we knew better—SOMETHING HAS CHANGED—

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