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Well folks, I have held off for some time hoping this country would wake up but it seems we may be headed for the long eternal sleep! I have never seen such crazy people running their mouths with such crap. Just look at the Jan. 6th committee and the nonsense they accuse people of; or, look at the people they have in prison for over a year and no charges filed. What the hell happened to “YOU’RE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”? I do not approve, nor would I be a part of such a movement; but, the people they have in prison should be charged, given a trail or be released. This Biden administration is not even trying to follow the Constitution. Damn near everything they do is against the Constitution, and no one seems to have the “gonads” to step forward to protect them or our Constitution.

This Biden administration is and will be judged the worst of all time. Just let me make you a list of the things he has done.

  1. Shutting down the Keystone pipeline. (Gas prices thru the roof)
  2. Afghanistan withdrawal (Common sense tells that you keep troops in country until you get all personnel/equipment out)
  3. Open Borders (And then lie after lie as you move illegals with no vaccinations all over the country on flights with no IDs)
  4. Tries to float in paying each “illegal” $450,000 dollars because they were separated from their families. (If they were not entering the country illegally, they would have never had the problem)
  5. Allowing illegals to board flights with arrest warrants as IDs.

Now, after you have read the above and have let it sink in, is there any way you would like to defend any of these points? These are but a few of the things this “JACKASS” has done to try to destroy America. And, we haven’t even touched on the subject of Ukraine and the war that just might ensue. Or, we haven’t mentioned how he is in the pocket of China and Ukraine. He and his entire family are nothing more than a “KLAN OF GYPSY GRIFTERS”! It is a shame that a once strong DNC has been reduced to a communist party trying to destroy America.

None of this makes any “COMMON SENSE”; and, if we, as Americans, do not stand up against this assault on our freedoms, our lifestyle will “go straight to hell in a hand basket”! I am, as a VET, very worried that the liberals have taken over our education system and are producing a generation of sheep. We must take back our entire system from this communist loving Democratic party or we will face an America that none of us will recognize.

Please heed this warning and please do your part to stop this destruction of America. They, the democratic party, have removed GOD from the town square and will soon be coming into your home. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, as they are brewing up a special batch!



You know we only do this once a year; but, I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all of our great veterans and let them know that I know of the gift they have given to this great country we call AMERICA! Without their service and sacrifice, we, as Americans, would not have the freedoms we share. And, if truth be known, we all take these freedoms much to lightly. We never think about how our lives could very well be different if not for the blood shed to insure that we are free. Just to mention a few that we have the right of:

  1. FREEDOM OF RELIGION. To practice our religion without the interference of or by the government.
  2. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We can express our thoughts freely on a world of issues and even upon our dislike of government programs and of our leader’s policies. (Try that in North Korea)
  3. FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. We can gather in groups unlike in other countries.
  4. FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS. The most important because without that right all the others would cease to exist. Please remember that fact because our right to carry arms is now under attack and it is the foundation that all our rights rest upon.

There are more, but these are the most important to me. You will never, as a young person in the world of today, be able to truly understand the importance of our freedoms until you no longer have them. The colleges of today preach about freedom; but, they mainly mean freedom for only one view. That is not freedom! You need to listen to both sides of any idea and make up your own mind after you have been taught the process of “CRITICAL THINKING” and the application of using “COMMON SENSE”! This is where the “RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD”! If neither of these things are present, you are very likely to be swayed by a party that backs someone like “BEIJING BIDEN”. THEY HAVE RUN, NOT WALKED, WAY TO THE LEFT OF CENTER IN THEIR QUEST FOR CONTROL!

Let’s just touch on the freedom of speech issue. Do you think people like the SQUAD, I CALL THEM THE SQUAT TEAM, as they really do not know SQUAT about our freedoms, want to use government control to force their ideas down your throat? They do not believe in freedom of speech unless it applies to their speech. That is what I call “COMMUNISM”. Ask anyone in North Korea. Oh, that’s wrong because they can never disagree with their “DEAR LEADER” for fear of death or being placed in a work camp.

Our freedoms are being removed by mandates which are unconstitutional. The government is trying to mandate such things as masks and vaccinations. This is just one area; but, it serves to show that too powerful of a centralized government is always a bad thing. What’s that old saying, “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?” Remember that the next time you go to vote and vote accordingly. Just one more fact or question for you to consider. Do you ever consider how they come up with retirement age being somewhere around 62/65 years of age? Well, when you get there you will know why. But let me point out that “PIGLOSI and BIDEN ARE 82 AND 78 AND NEITHER OF THEM CAN CARRY A THOUGHT. They are both idiots way pass time to pasture, if you get my drift.

Again this started out and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to end on our main point which is…that if you feel free to do as you wish, be damn sure to THANK A VETERAN AND NOT SOME OLD FACE-LIFTED WINCH OF A POLITICIAN! I know it was just another cheap shot; but, I just could not help myself. I am a vet although not one of war, only one by the grace of God.



As stated above, I aim well. Thusly, I’m practicing “GUN CONTROL” and “COMMON SENSE” all at once.  I’m getting ready to buy a couple of extra AR 15s.  I have an older model but everyone who knows me knows I like the last model. New trucks, new guitars, new boats, new rods/reels and new GUNS.  “Is this a great country or What”? I work hard and I play hard.  I once heard it said, “that the one who dies with the most toys, WINS”. I might not win but I bet I get “honorable mention”.

This thing about “GUN CONTROL” has gone nuts. It is “plumb out of hand”.  Maybe it’s just the people calling for “GUN CONTROL” who have gone nuts or maybe they are truly just nuts.  How in the hell do you suppose we get control? Go out and try to confiscate them like some on the left aspire to do.  There are approaching 4/5 hundred million guns in the public’s hands. That is higher than the listed number because I know that no one ever counted mine.  No “GUN OWNER” with a set would ever tell you how many he has. I know for a fact that there are ranches in Texas with safes full of guns and ammo buried with GPS numbers recorded. Now, I’m not one of those “GUN NUTS”, no never not me!

The “liberal bastages” tell us about immigration that there are 11 or so million “illegals” in the country and always ask the question, “How could we ever find and remove that many?” Well, “COMMON SENSE” would then tell you to ask, “How the hell can we round-up and confiscate 4/5 hundred million guns if it is impossible to remove 11 million “illegal” immigrants?”  BTW, the guns are legal and the immigrants are not.

Like I mentioned, I’m shopping for more AR 15s now; but, haven’t found the right ones just yet. Maybe you can help me out here.  You see, all I can find are those ordinary AR 15s.  And me being who I am, I want and deserve a few of the special ones.  You know, the ones that will get off the gun rack, load themselves, go to a school, walk into the school, pull the fire alarm and then shoot the kids all by itself. Like a smart phone that would be a smart weapon.  And I have the smart phone so I want the same type of smart weapon. Please tell me you see the ridiculousness of my statement.  There are no such weapons on the market but you can “BET YOUR ASS IF THERE WERE I”D HAVE MORE THAN ONE”.

Now, having said all this “COMMON SENSE” stuff, I want you to watch and listen to Governor Bevin of Kentucky in this face book post.  Read my comments that follow as it is important that we all realize that this is not the same country we grew up in years ago. If you do not see that, then you are blind and you are part of the problem.  I, personally, think we need to change our culture and “PUT GOD BACK IN THE SCHOOLS” and in our homes. I know this might shock a lot of you but most gun owners are good law-abiding, GOD fearing people of good moral standing.  Let’s come together to change our culture of pornography to a culture backed by the “TEN”.  Then and only then will we see change.

My Comments:

There is a lot that is different in today’s world–kids spend time with a screen not with parents and brothers and sisters–for those who might know me personally, they know I have guns, use guns and this has been since a very young age—12 years old when I got my first gun—22 single shot–bought my first gun at 17/18 years old from Joske’s of Texas–on payment plan–mom had to co-sign the note–a Browning 12 gauge gold trigger hump back–still have them both and I’m 72–saving to pass on to my Grandson–every Sunday after church the entire family met at Mom’s for lunch–we interacted with the entire family all afternoon–we said “grace” before lunch although we had just come from church–we still say “grace” at our house before meals–grandkids are the ones to say it now–they find it refreshing or fun–it has become their place to say “grace”–how many of you can honestly say that the culture you grew up in has not changed–Think seriously about where we are heading and what are we teaching most of the kids today–we have failed the masses and we are seeing the results–BTW, I had a gun, as did a lot of guys like me, at school every day and yet no one was shot–let that sink in–all we had to do was walk to our truck or car and yet we knew better—SOMETHING HAS CHANGED—


Well, here we are once again sitting at my computer fixing to try to explain to “liberals” the folly in their ways. Guess I will never learn that I’m fighting a “never-ending battle” as the “COMMON SENSE” that I write about just flies “right over their heads”.  As my Dad and Mom always said, “in one ear and straight out the other”. But, I feel so sorry for them that I just have to keep trying; so, here I go once again.

I heard a “liberal” on TV the other day say that “President Trump was leading us toward the end of democracy”.  I, as a “COMMON SENSE” type of guy, perked up at that and decided to give it some thought.  Remember now, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to listen to both sides of the argument and try to think it through. The following is just a partial list of the pros/cons of the last administration and the current one.

During the Obama administration we had the following:

  1. Lois Learner and the IRS scandal.  Does anyone know the results? Well she retired and receives full benefits and was never charged although she seemed more than guilty. Democracy?
  2. Obama, himself, went after Fox News and James Rosen and his family with unjustified warrants trying to shut him up. Democracy?
  3. Did Obama not put a video maker in prison? Is he still serving time and he is an immigrant? Democracy?
  4. Obama and nine of his staff, including himself, approved of the “Uranium Deal”. Democracy?
  5. Obama and his administration released more “illegals with criminal records than any President. Democracy?

This is but a short list so that you will start to think thru and discover for yourself all the ways that Obama and his administration were making us a third world type of country by not following Constitutional laws.

Now lets look at a partial list of accomplishments of the Trump administration. This as above is just a partial list so as to make you research for yourself.

  1. The appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. This will have a positive effect on our democracy for years.
  2. The record appointment of 12 Federal Appeals Court Judges. Again positive effect for years.
  3. Individual mandate repeal from Obamacare.
  4. Deregulation of restrictions to free up the business climate to produce more jobs.
  5. The travel ban to restrict bad people from  bad countries to help keep us safer.
  6. Tax Reform which has inspired corporations to bring money from oversea destinations to our shores helping to develop more jobs.  Also, it has inspired thousands of companies to offer bonuses and pay raises to hundreds of thousands of employees.
  7. Defeating the hell out of ISIS.  They are no longer the “JV” team as they are no team at the present time.
  8. And, they have the economy growing at a rate of 2.6 % instead of what we were told to get used to, a rate of 1 to 1.5 %.

The “stock market ” is on fire and everyone’s 401-Ks are up. Yes, even you Trump haters retirement accounts are on the rise.  Please “liberals” review this info and then do a little research on your own. Be “brutally honest” and use some “COMMON SENSE” and you will have to admit that even though we all dislike how he might handle some situations–we have to also admit he is doing a “pretty handsome” job on the economy, foreign affairs and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. And, there is a good chance that he might get this immigration mess fixed.  Border wall, border security, visa lottery, chain migration and ANCHOR BABIES. Yes sir, Trump, keep on keeping on!!!!!

Just for grins:


Well folks, here we are and the election is finally over.  Not a moment to soon, I might add.  It has been, was, and is one of the nastiest election on the books.  Both sides got and gave some things and entered into areas which should have had a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. As “JACK WEBB” always said, “JUST THE FACTS”.  I’m showing my age and completely confusing the youngsters out there.  Jack was a member of an old show called “DRAGNET”.  That has a complete different meaning to the millennial group.  Just to clarify it was not a show about “drag queens”.

Now, that I got that cleared up, it is time to accept the results of the election and move forward and be as civil to one another as possible.  All these people, of which most are young, need to realize that the democratic party did in fact ignore them as to Bernie Sanders; and, Hillary just simply was a flawed candidate.  I would like to point out that the party has for years ignored them and will continue to do so if what they are saying on TV is to be believed. The party is “tone deaf” to the real reason they lost.  Please take a look at the map below and if it does not open your eyes then there is no hope for you.  The map is county-by-county and is in color to show you who, where and how each county voted.  It is amazing when you study the map and realize that if not for the “electoral college” almost the entire country’s vote would have been ignored.  In “fair disclosure”, I myself thought it would be a close election but leaned toward a Hillary win with “THE DONALD” winning the popular vote.  If that had come true, then I would have been unhappy; but, would have accepted the fact and moved forward.  It just amazes me that our founders established this system so many years ago and it seems to do the same today of not allowing the populist areas to dominate the rural areas.  If not for the system, a very small part of the country would elect every President.  Look at N.Y. and how N.Y.C. over powered the rest of the state.  Same thing in California. How were the founders able to do this and without a single computer?  AMAZING, just AMAZING !

I know it has been a great disappointment to the young people; but, the system worked just as designed.  They have been coddled their entire life and have now gotten out of college and entered the real world where everything “DOES NOT GO YOUR WAY”.  It is a lesson that they should have learned from their parents, teachers and any adult in the room.  The coddling has ruin them in so far as their expectations in their life.  Life is hard at times. And if, like these youngsters, they are not taught that early in life, then it is “horrible” when it happens.  They are so distraught that they can not go to class and have to have “social puppies” to make it thru the day.  Can you imagine what your parents would have told you back “WHEN”??

As mention before, please study the map and try to let it sink in as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.  Let’s all give this “barbarian” a chance and try to offer support to what is going to be a very hard job of “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.


As I watched the last debate and since then, I’ve been struck by Hillary, the head of the “CCM”, and her judgment or prioritization of the problems which we as Americans face today.  She seemed to think that the mentioning of what MIGHT have been said (it is not documented) toward a beauty contestant is worth wasting time on in the first national debate.  Are there not more important things or problems to discuss?  Things like terrorism, taxes, immigration and the rebuilding and education of the inner cities and its inhabitants.  She is such a partisan hack that she cannot see “the forest for all the trees”.  She wasted the Americans time on such stupid nonsense.  Why would I or anyone care what someone called someone else?  She is as bad as all the college students who want “SAFE ZONES” from words that may hurt their feelings.  I’ll give them a feeling, my “foot in their ass”.

The lady in question was asked to confirm the accusation on TV and she would not do so.  That tells me it is another of the lies formulated by Hillary and the lame stream media.  Remember, this was tried earlier about the women “Trump” had dated and the “Times” misquoted each and every one of them.  They all came forward and said that what was reported by the “Times” was false; and, they never said anything close to what was reported.  The media of today cannot be trusted, just like Hillary cannot be trusted.  Let me ask you this: “If, I, or yourself, have a leaky roof and you find a guy who can fix it. Do you really care what he might have called someone 20 years ago?”  Yes, 20 years ago!  It just shows she and the democrats are deflecting; because, they do not want to discuss the issues.  I could never “run for office” because I have called people names in the past; and in some cases, have “kicked the crap” out of some.  Not proud of that, but it is the truth. And if someone wanted to read the “newspapers”, they would find out the “who and what” I ran with years ago. So, I guess you would rather put a pot under the leak than have me fix it.  Strange, at best, way to approach a problem.

Trump, should very quickly, in the next debate point out all the things “Hillary” called all the women that “Billary” had affairs with such as “Bimbos and Trailer Trash”.  He should then advise her that he would like to move forward discussing how to solve problems for Americans, and that he hoped she would join him and refrain from the personal attacks.  That would also be advisable for the news hack Lester Holt.  He went after “Trump” several times and never mentioned the E-Mail scandal or the “Clinton Foundation”.  And he calls himself a “journalist”!!!!!  What a joke!  The “Donald” needs to expect this type of bias in the future debates and simply answer the question short and sweet, and I do mean short, then pivot to an attack on Hillary and her record.  No personal attacks unless she gets out of line; and then, and only then, “all bets are off ” so go for the jugular.

For years, the democrats have “brought a gun to a knife fight” while the republicans have brought a needle.  This is the reason the republicans have always had a hard time in elections.  They always want to save the other person’s feelings.  The hell with their feelings–as this is war!  If they bring a gun, then the republicans need to bring a “cannon”.  Folks, this only makes “COMMON SENSE” and it is high time for the republicans to “throw caution to the winds” and go after these “sorry-ass liberals” with everything in their arsenal.  The republicans have finally found such a man, in Trump; and, a lot of the leaders, who have failed in the past, think he is a bit boorish.  “TO HELL WITH YOU LOSERS”, get out of his way and let him “drag you, kicking and screaming across the finish line” to victory.  Yes, victory in November as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


I guess you would like to know what you’re getting blamed for; so, I will tell you.  Not only are you at fault for this Obama fellow being elected (twice you dumb asses), but also for this mess we call Oscamacare.  Is this not the biggest scam ever pulled on the American voters?  But, as I said, “it is all your fault”.  You, the American voter, put in him office twice.  “COMMON SENSE” says “screw me once, shame on you; but, screw me twice, shame on me”.  Well, it is shame on me time for the voters.  I’m sure that some of the blame goes to the Obama campaign because they could not help but cheat; but, that does not relieve you, the voter, of your part in this scam.

This law was passed without one republican vote, so the democrats truly own it.  They, the democrats, passed the law and have stood still for 27 changes in the law.  It is not what they voted into law; but, these spineless bastards just keep allowing this to happen.  The House could start “impeachment” proceedings; but, it would be blocked by the democrats that control the Senate.  If the democrats in the Congress or the Senate want any chance of reelection, they should start the process as it is their law that is being trampled upon.  Are they really that stupid that they cannot see the “big middle finger” that Obama is flashing their way?  He has told them in effect that they are too stupid to handle this; so, he will over ride the bill and make the changes himself even if it cost them their jobs.  We, the “COMMON SENSE” folks, tried to tell them from the start of his term that he “cared only for his well-being”; but, they were blinded by the “black hood” over their eyes.  The democrats have no one to blame for the “black cloud” hanging over their heads except themselves.

The President has just changed the “employer mandate” yet again.  Everyone was saying, “just wait until the  employer mandate kicks in just before the mid terms” it will be mass mayhem.  The administration realized everyone was right; so, they postponed the mandate until after the election.  “ALL ABOUT POLITICS”.  Talk about trying to “rig” elections.  They, the democrats, know that will postpone the pain that the voters will experience until after they have been reelected.  You know what?  It just might work as the American voter is just that stupid.  I challenge anyone reading this to walk down the street in any town they choose and ask the people on the street about the delay of the “employer mandate” and I will “kiss a fat man’s ass” if more than 20 percent even have a clue.  Therefore, my conclusion is “AMERICA, IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT” and it really pisses me off.   We have men/women fighting and dying so that you have the right to express yourselves by casting an informed vote and you just throw it all away.  Again, “SHAME ON YOU AMERICA”!!!

It is time for all you “liver-lilied dumb asses” to educate yourselves about the issues before you cast your next vote.  Get “off your ass and on your feet, outa the shade and into the heat”.  This is your country so get out there and take it back from this “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER” and his minions.  They are leading you to slaughter and you are dumbly following along.  I, myself, am embarrassed for you since it seems as though you are too “brain washed” to be embarrassed for yourselves.  You are going to wake up someday and say, “what the hell happened to my America?” and I’ll simply tell you that the “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER” just screwed you while you were sleeping.  Please do not let this “fool” steal this great country from you.  I know most of you are not like me as “I would like to pinch his head off and swear to GOD he just died” but at least make yourselves aware of the issues.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


I just caught a segment on cable where they were interviewing Congressman Rush and he made a complete fool out of himself.  Not only did he show he has no business being on TV, he also verified the fact that he should not be in the Congress. He was an embarrassment to the black community that he was elected to represent.  I do not know if he is too old and the senility has set in, or if he is just uneducated.  I am sorry to be so blunt; but, I know no other way to approach the subject.   This man could hardly hold a thought much less deliver the thought in a somewhat straight fashion.  The interview was, of course, about the Trayvon Martin tragedy and he was grossly misinformed, or he is just a racist, and was telling complete lies.  Let’s hope that he was misinformed; because, I would hate to think that the people of his district are dumb enough to continue to elect a person of this caliber to represent them.

He stated that Mr. Zimmerman quoted things from his mouth that were racial thus proving that he, George Zimmerman, was a racist which he, Bobby Rush, said justified the pursuit of civil rights charges.   That probably would be correct and prove Rush right if it were true.   But, alas, it is completely false only proving that Bobby Rush is a liar who knows better or he is a bigot.  My personal opinion is that he is both a liar and a bigot. The Martin family, their attorneys, and the Attorney General of Florida, that filed the charges, have said it is not and was never about racism, period.  He and all the race baiters, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are the problem when it comes to race relations in America.   They do not want the word “Nigger” or “Nigga” used but there they go acting like one.   I grew up playing football with a black kid named “Preacher” and we called each other names all the time.  I was “whitey” or “cracker” or “honky” and I sometimes called him “nigga”.  All these terms were “terms of endearment” and we had many good laughs.  Notice, he had more names for me than I of him.  I remember  once we got into a fight after a game, and he and I stood back to back to defend ourselves.  By the way, I had it worse than he because I happened to have one of the guy’s, that I beat on, father for civics class.  I do not remember my grade, but he was hard on me afterwards.

Folks, we need to get over this race stuff.  I have no problem with other races as long as they get educated, get a job and take care of their families and do not want my help in the raising of their kids.  If they act like a man, I’ll certainly treat them like a man. I am no better than or worse than any other race as long as the person of that race stands on his own two feet and behaves as “GOD” intended him to do.  I know some have, or will have, a problem with my bluntness; but, I truly feel it is the only way to over come this nonsense of a racial divide in this country.  They have to quit playing the race card to try to win arguments; and when we find racism, we have to help stomp it out.  We must learn to live and let live and the “haters be damned”.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. If we want this country to be as great as it can be, we must be as “brothers in the foxholes of war” and have one another’s backs.


Hey, hopefully all of you who know me see me as a “COMMON SENSE” guy.  I try really hard at this “common sense” stuff; thusly, the title for this blog, “WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE”. Meaning that if you see smoke, there is fire somewhere even if you do not see it.  I feel this old saying applies very well to the Attorney General’s situation.  If you have not been paying attention, he has a mess on his hands. This mess is of his own making and one lie is bad enough. But, this man is only surpassed in the lying category by none other than his boss.  I will, in the following, point out not just one but a whole fist full of lies he has put forth to conceal his actions and to try to fool the American public.  It is past due time for him to be held accountable for his actions and his false accounts of those actions.

I have no “ax to grind” here but his latest lie is just one of many he has been caught up in; and when it becomes a pattern, then it is time for his boss to take action.  The latest of his misstatements, hell, let’s call it what it really is–a lie, is that he had no knowledge of the process to obtain a warrant to investigate James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, and his family.  As it turns out, he lied to Congress, a crime in itself, when he stated, “he had no knowledge of any investigation about any news organization and that he thought it a bad idea”.  Turns out that he, Mr. Attorney General, Eric Holder, himself, signed the warrant or the application for the warrant sometime before his claim to Congress that he had no knowledge of the investigation.  If I signed the application for the warrant, then I would have knowledge of it and anything to the contrary would be a lie.  And if it was a lie, then I am a liar, plain and simple.  I think the old adage applies here that “a thief will lie to you and a liar will steal from you”.  Truth be known a liar is a thief because he has stolen the truth from you.  Now if that is not good old “COMMON SENSE”, then I’ll “eat my hat”, and if you do not recognize it for “COMMON SENSE”, then I am really wasting my time here.

The Attorney General has lied and been complicit in the Benghazi scandal by going along with the lie of the video as the cause of the attack.  That has been proven to be a lie; but the administration, including the attorney general rode that horse into the ground.  Why hell, he even stood by along with the rest of the administration, while the maker of the video was arrested and imprisoned.  Imprisoned for making a video!!!  By the way that man is still being held even though the lie the administration told has been debunked.  How would you feel if you were in that person’s shoes?

If you are interested in the truth, then investigate for yourself the following actions of this attorney general.  Just simply get on the internet and check out all the things this attorney general has been a part of and I think it will open your eyes.  Things like the black panther voter intimidation where he refused to prosecute and lied, the “Fast and Furious” gun running debacle where he lied and a U.S. Border Agent was killed, the IRS scandal, where the attorney general’s office approved of the FBI investigating conservative groups and he lied, the AP scandal where they obtained the records of reporters phone records and he lied, and not to mention he is touted as the architect of the Marc Rich pardon during Clinton administration as assistant attorney general.  This man is credited with being the grandest “tax cheat” of all times.  They say he was even greater than “tax-cheat Geithner” who severed as your  U.S. Secretary of Treasury.  Now, isn’t this a fine “den of thieves” serving, or having served, at the pleasure of the President?  Doesn’t bode well for the President, now does it?  What is that old “COMMON SENSE” thing about “birds of a feather flock together”.

I did not elaborate on all the issues facing this attorney general to save space. But, let’s just say that “where there is this much smoke, there is a fire”.  Remember, these are just the lies we are privy to and you can “bet the bank” there are more.  It just makes “COMMON SENSE” that “if you will lie to me once, you will lie to me again”.  I truly believe that this Attorney General and our President, as well,  would “climb a tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground in the shade to tell the truth”.  A sad state of affairs to say the least.

America and the Fiscal Cliff

Well folks, it seems as though we, as a nation, are heading for the big fiscal cliff all the politicians have been preaching about since last year.  You see, this mess is of their own making simply because they did not have the cojones to solve the problem during the last session.  They came up with this bright idea to “pass the buck” or “kick the can down the road” so that they would not have to do their job and make the tough decisions.  They thought that if they made the consequences so bad, then the next session would have to get it solved; or, the automatic cuts to defense and tax increases on the general populace would take effect automatically and that it would make it easier to decide on a plan of action.  Well here we are and those idiots still can’t make it happen.

If you will allow me, I’ll try to explain what is and has been going on in the meetings between Speaker Boehner and the President.  The speaker agreed two days after the election to the terms of revenue that the President spent two years campaigning  for all over the country.  The speaker proposed to raise the revenue by removing deductions on the higher income folks.  The President had asked for $800 billion; but when the speaker agreed, the President changed and said he wanted $1.6 trillion.  Folks, that is double what he had wanted.  Where I come from that is called dishonest and the person behind the change would be called “a dishonest SOB”.  Of course, when it comes to this President, that’s a way of life.  Think of it this way:  you want to by a house, and the person is asking 100K, and after you and the wife decide and make an offer he says, “If they will pay 100K then they must want the deal so now I want 110K.”  Would you even want to offer 110K? Because, he will then want 120K.  President O’liar did not go up a meer 10K he want up double.  This is the main reason the deal has not been made; plus, the fact that the President has offered no cuts in the entitlements to help us recover from this economic mess.  We should demand at least 2 dollars cut for every dollar of increased revenue.

You are going to hear on the news from the dishonest press that O’liar is blaming the House for this impasse; but, do not for a moment believe what they will try to sell.  This is the President playing politics with your lives and finances.  This man is a committed liar and is the most dishonest president of all times.  This man has no problem looking you straight in the face and telling you something that he knows, you know, is not true.  He would “go climb a tree to tell a lie, rather than stand on the ground in the shade and tell the truth”.  A liar is just as bad as a thief and neither can be trusted.

You see, by letting us go over the cliff, he gets the huge cuts in the military that the democrats have always wanted and large tax increases on everyone to pay for all the goodies he promised during his campaign, all the while blaming the GOP.  Do not take my word for everything; do your homework.

My Ol’ Dad always said, “Common Sense says, A liar will steal you blind and a thief will lie to you”.  This president qualifies as both; so hang on, it will be a bumpy ride!

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