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America and the Fiscal Cliff

Well folks, it seems as though we, as a nation, are heading for the big fiscal cliff all the politicians have been preaching about since last year.  You see, this mess is of their own making simply because they did not have the cojones to solve the problem during the last session.  They came up with this bright idea to “pass the buck” or “kick the can down the road” so that they would not have to do their job and make the tough decisions.  They thought that if they made the consequences so bad, then the next session would have to get it solved; or, the automatic cuts to defense and tax increases on the general populace would take effect automatically and that it would make it easier to decide on a plan of action.  Well here we are and those idiots still can’t make it happen.

If you will allow me, I’ll try to explain what is and has been going on in the meetings between Speaker Boehner and the President.  The speaker agreed two days after the election to the terms of revenue that the President spent two years campaigning  for all over the country.  The speaker proposed to raise the revenue by removing deductions on the higher income folks.  The President had asked for $800 billion; but when the speaker agreed, the President changed and said he wanted $1.6 trillion.  Folks, that is double what he had wanted.  Where I come from that is called dishonest and the person behind the change would be called “a dishonest SOB”.  Of course, when it comes to this President, that’s a way of life.  Think of it this way:  you want to by a house, and the person is asking 100K, and after you and the wife decide and make an offer he says, “If they will pay 100K then they must want the deal so now I want 110K.”  Would you even want to offer 110K? Because, he will then want 120K.  President O’liar did not go up a meer 10K he want up double.  This is the main reason the deal has not been made; plus, the fact that the President has offered no cuts in the entitlements to help us recover from this economic mess.  We should demand at least 2 dollars cut for every dollar of increased revenue.

You are going to hear on the news from the dishonest press that O’liar is blaming the House for this impasse; but, do not for a moment believe what they will try to sell.  This is the President playing politics with your lives and finances.  This man is a committed liar and is the most dishonest president of all times.  This man has no problem looking you straight in the face and telling you something that he knows, you know, is not true.  He would “go climb a tree to tell a lie, rather than stand on the ground in the shade and tell the truth”.  A liar is just as bad as a thief and neither can be trusted.

You see, by letting us go over the cliff, he gets the huge cuts in the military that the democrats have always wanted and large tax increases on everyone to pay for all the goodies he promised during his campaign, all the while blaming the GOP.  Do not take my word for everything; do your homework.

My Ol’ Dad always said, “Common Sense says, A liar will steal you blind and a thief will lie to you”.  This president qualifies as both; so hang on, it will be a bumpy ride!



As you all know, I think “Common Sense” in America is in short supply.  The recent debate on guns has shown me that I am 100% right.  Do me a favor, if you will, take a gun, a knife and a baseball bat and put them on your table.  Let them lay there a while and then one at a time command them to move to the floor or across the room to another table.   Now, if you are one of those idiots claiming the guns are the problem, I would like for you to hold your breath just until they move.  I think we just solved the problem.  Now wasn’t that easy. Bet you, who know me personally, never knew I was so smart.  You see it is not the guns, it is the people.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of folks on every T.V. channel calling for gun control.  We already have gun control.  You see, I have control of every gun I own and none will do a damn thing until I react, so the gun is under my control.  I have listened with disgust to supposedly smart people make complete asses out of themselves on T.V.   These are not all liberals.  There are also a fair share of, so-called, conservatives joining in on this nonsense.  Just a lot of jerks having a “knee jerk” reaction.  Let’s look at but a few of those calling for more control.  There is Mayor Bloomberg, Bill O’Reilly and Piers Morgan to name but a few.   I’ll bet you, if we walked up to them and handed them a AR-15 and said “here is the mag, bullets etc. now you load, handle and unload,” they could not do it.  If they can’t, then why the hell are they even talking about it.  You see, in their positions, they are only qualified to inform us of things that are happening in the news.  If anyone is going to lecture me about guns, let it be one of their staff.   That’s right, they all have staff much more qualified to speak about guns than themselves.  Does “bodyguards” ring a bell?  You see, they all are protected by the gun somewhere down the chain.  Every mayor in every major city, every governor, every congress person, the vice president and even President Obama and his entire family are protected by the gun.  They have all the protection they need but are against us and the 2nd Amendment having the same security in our life.  Most, if not all, of the Hollywood crowd who are on the T.V. ads pushing for “gun control” have bodyguards that are packing “heat”.  Just check out all the fire arms going to Hawaii to protect the President and his family.  All these people have protection of the gun, all the while, living in much safer places than most of the population at large.  Does the thought of double standard come to mind?

Bill O’Reilly seems to want us to register our weapons with the FBI.  As Bill would say, “You are a pinhead”.  If we follow his lead, the government would know where to go when they decide to move to the next phase–confiscation.   Piers Morgan stated just last nite that a semi/auto could fire 5/6 rounds per second which is completely false.  If he was knowledgeable of the weapon, he would know it is false.  Let me just point out to the tea sipper that we kicked their ass once for taxation without representation; and if he is not careful, he might get a dose of wup-ass over gun control.  Glad to have you here Piers, as you are somewhat a productive member of our society, and I assume a U.S. citizen; but if you do not like it here, go back to “Bloody Ol England” chap.

As this debate has unfolded, I have heard many ask and have been asked myself, “Why does anyone need an auto or semi/auto gun or rifle?” I would not think for a moment to try to decide for another what or why, he or she, might need any type of gun. Simply interpreted, the 2nd Amendment says nothing about “NEED”.  It says that I have the right to bear arms.  It does not specify any need or for that matter limit me to any type of arms. It is the government of today that is trying to reinterpret the 2nd Amendment.  As stated previously, the 2nd Amendment has served this country since its birth; and I, as a free American, do not want to see it trampled. I live out where they do not bring mail to my house; so, how long would it take for the law to reach me?  No thanks, I take care of it myself.

The gun rights folks are not trying to force their views on anyone else.  We do not care if you own a gun, or not. But do folks not realize, that by my owning a gun, it protects their rights as well as mine. Not just their gun rights, but all their rights.  All that we are saying is just “leave us to hell alone”, do as you please, and let us do the same.  I have been a gun owner since I was about 12 years old and have never shot anyone; although, I have used one several times to deter possible problems.  “Common Sense” tells me that I will never shoot anyone until they come up my road, yes my road, all mine alone, to take my guns.  When that happens, “All bets are off”.

As of just a few days ago, I exercised my 2nd Amendment right and bought myself a “JUDGE”. So, henceforth, you can address me as “YOUR HONOR” since I will be packing the “JUDGE”.  “HERE COME THE JUDGE, HERE COME THE JUDGE”.


It is horrible what has and is happening in America with all the mass murders.  Americans are harming one another at an alarming rate.  The shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut is but the latest in tragedies perpetrated against innocent victims in America.  Although no one knows just yet the true cause, it appears that the young man was a deeply disturbed person, to say the least.

The liberals, along with their lap dogs–the liberal press, are already out calling for gun control.  Will they never learn that it is the disturbed person at fault, not the gun, gun owners or the gun manufacturers? In fact, if you are going to blame a segment of folks, we should blame the far left or liberals, if you will; because, it is due to their policies that I believe we will find the root cause of these tragedies.

As I see it, we have raised a generation that is devoid of any of life’s foundations needed to progress through life itself.  I watched every politician on T.V. today ask for the public to pray for the victims and to pray for their families.  Even President Obama called for our prayers to console the families.  They and the liberal press called for these prayers all the while not realizing that they are the ones that have removed prayer from schools so the children know less about the power of prayer than any time in our history.  If you want people to pray for any reason, they must first be taught how and taught of the power of prayer.  We have no mention of the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” in school or any other public forum.  In Matthew 7:12 it is ,I believe, Jesus who says “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”; but, our children of today do not hear this  nor understand the meaning.  The children of today have no spiritual foundation on which to build their lives.  You can ignore this fact; but, the chaos will continue until we make an effort to give leadership, both knowledge and spiritual, to our young.  They hear of the thousands murdered in the womb and you expect them to value life.  Just how stupid are we?  We, as a people, need to be more consistent in our views and teachings.  Now, I’m no preacher. But, I did grow up in a time when we prayed and said the pledge everyday in school and it served to help give me a spiritual background, loyalty to my country and to value life as well as our way of life. I had a strong mother who taught me these same fundamentals and all the while being reinforced in my school each and everyday.

This young man at fault for this tragedy most likely had none of the background that I grew up learning; thusly, devoid of the foundation to process thru his problems.  Just think if he had been taught and believed in the “TEN COMMANDMENTS.” He would have known to “Honor thy Mother and thy Father” or “Thou shalt not commit murder”.  These two alone would have, or should, have deterred him of his actions.  Just think for a moment—If we all lived our lives according to the “TEN” how great would life be, with no need for police, lawyers and courts.  Of course, the lawyers would not like that and there are mostly lawyers in D.C. making laws for us.

Folks, I have always said that the T.V. is the greatest educational tool ever invented and it has proved me right over the years.  What is on the T.V. is what our children are learning.  It is sex, drugs and violence and this display of violence has been learned.  Just as all the liberals want “BIG BIRD” to remain on PBS for our very young, our teens are learning from the trash on T.V.   Now, I know the libs will come after me; but, you can’t have it both ways.  If “BIG BIRD” is educational, then so is the trash.  For God sakes, wake up and smell the coffee.

Finally, “Common Sense” tells us to live by the “Golden Rule” of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and to do what is right even when no one is looking is a great way to live your life.  So get off your lazy duff, get a job, get off the dole, stand on your own two feet, help your fellow-man when you can and help a child understand that according to “GOD” they are special.  If that is not “Common Sense,” then I’ll eat my hat.

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