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AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT IS COLD! THE SNOW IS FLYING AND THE SLEET IS FALLING; BUT, IT IS STILL NOT AS COLD AS A “LIBERAL BASTAGE’S HEART! THEY SEEM TO HAVE NO COMPASSION WHEN IT COMES TO PRESIDENT TRUMP. THEY HAVE THROWN EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK HIS WAY AND HE IS STILL STANDING TALL. They never seem to learn that lesson of just go on about YOUR business and let him be. He has beat them at every turn in the road. And, they have even walked all over the constitution trying to defeat him and that has failed also. The democrats are following “PEGLOSI” and the “SQUAD” and it is leading them towards defeat in the ’22 elections not to mention the ’24 election. I would like to remind the liberals that President Trump has about 75 million votes going into the ’24 election already secured if he decides to run and that scares the hell out of them because he exposes them and their “swampy ways”. They know they cheated; and, they know no way to stop him without cheating. The average number of people voting in national elections is about 120/125 million voters. There is no doubt that President Trump got about 75 million votes; so, to hit the average leaves only about 50 million votes. Where did the huge increase come from? It came from the democrats cheating in the middle of the night under cover of darkness; and, they know now that conservatives are aware of this and that is what scares them.

Have you noticed you see nothing or very little about how the liberals think “JOE THE HOE” is doing such a great job? He is destroying, or has destroyed, thousands of jobs. He has, or is allowing, thousands of “illegals” into the country with no testing for covid. He is allowing them to come to take jobs that even our American citizens can’t find. Now, let me ask you, does it make any COMMON SENSE when you do not have enough jobs for your people to bring in more people? Just use your COMMON SENSE and you will see it is simply stupid. And, not to mention, he wants grown men to have access to your daughter’s locker room and bathroom. He and the other “liberal bastages” have lost their minds which are filled to the brim with hate for President Trump. President Trump was draining the swamp but was not completely successful. However, he drained it enough for all to see what creatures lived in it.

So, to continue to point out more reasons the liberals are all wrong for America would simply be redundant and that makes no COMMON SENSE. So, just use the COMMON SENSE GOD gave you to navigate all the BS that you will get from the main stream media. After all, the media is simply the promotional arm of the DNC. The media along with BLM/ANTIFA are all funded by the DNC. ACT BLUE has been raising funds for these organizations and ACT BLUE is the fund raising arm of the DNC itself. America is going to have to fight like hell to keep herself upright for the next few years as we battle to fend off the “liberal bastages” and their sick ways. Just remember, it is now our time to defend this great nation just as many in the past have done. It is now our time to save “AMERICA and HER FLAG” and to gift it to our coming generations as older generations gifted us. As I see it, it only makes COMMON SENSE to do so. So, in closing, just let me say, STAND TALL, SALUTE THE FLAG AND ASK GOD TO CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!


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