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Well for all you “political junkies” who expect me to rant and rave this will be a disappointment.  I want to share something in a “musical” sense.  As many of you know, a couple of years ago I began learning to play “MY DADDY’S OLD GUITAR”.  The journey has brought untold pleasure into my heart as I progressed to write song after song. I was unaware that I had the talent to write although I had already begun to write the blog before I began to write songs.  And I thought, “Who would want to hear what I thought?”.  Well, many did want to know what I thought and have subscribed to the blog; and some, but not as many, have purchased my CDs.  I realized that I do have a talent however simplistic it is.  There is a button on the lower right of this blog where you can sign up to receive every time I post; and I have included a link to purchase my CDs. But, please understand that this is not a commercial.  It will come to light as I explain the profound message I received as I listened to a video link which I received from a friend.

Some years back I had a heart attack, went to the hospital and endured “open heart surgery”.  The doctor said, “I do not know how you survived. As, almost all that have this type of attack die before they hit the floor.”; but, he assured me he could pull me thru the “eye of the needle”.  He did his part. As did a black lady, supposedly a nurse, but no one in the hospital knew her. She prayed over me for forty-five minutes the morning of the surgery; and I did recover; but, always in the back of my mind I wondered, “WHY ME LORD”.  I told many people that there must be something I had not yet accomplished that “HE” had in mind for me.  Now, every night as I “lay me down” I say my prayers.  Just after I thank “HIM” for my blessings and ask “HIM” for forgiveness of my sins, I ask that “HE” watch over my family whom I call by name; and then I ask that “HE” give me long life so that I might be of “SERVICE TO HIM” and to them, the family. One of my dogs, TUGGER, lays with me during my prayers. I have always pondered long and hard about what that service might be; and although I have several ideas, I have often thought I had failed.  Until I heard the following link, I was still wondering “WHY ME LORD”.  As I listened to the “CHRISTMAS SCALE”, the profoundness of the message came forth.  My writing of the blog and “MUSIC” is at least a part of what I was to accomplish.  Thru the blog, but more so thru “MY MUSIC”, I have reached people and made them “think” and in some cases “SMILE”.  I realized that I had not “FAILED”; but, I was doing what “HE” wanted and that was touching other people’s lives ever so minutely.  The music scale was key.  I hope all my friends in “MUSIC” realize that they too touch people’s lives and approach the rest of their lives accordingly. Let me provoke this thought, if I might, YOU are the messenger but the “TALENT” comes from “HIM”.  DO NOT EVER FORGET IT!!!!!

My “gift” is lyrics and my playing is only to help expand on thought and to try to use music to spread “HIS” word.  I recently attended a “gig” in which a friend was playing; and I met a couple from Minnesota. We visited and I felt that although I was not part of the “gig”, in some small way, I helped spread a “musical message” along with the players. Again, helping to spread the “NEWS” not in words but by actions.  “ALL” attendees that night had a part of helping to bring smiles to people’s faces.

I have finally realized that I am “provoking thought”, making people “smile for a while”, and trying to befriend people; and, this is “MY” answer to “WHY ME LORD”.  Hopefully, you will find “YOUR” answer in something I write–be it thru the blog or thru some verse of some song.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to hope so. And, for everyone who has read my blog or purchased a CD for themselves, or to pass on to others, please know that you are helping to fulfill my “mission”,  that you are appreciated and that I sincerely “THANK YOU”.

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Well folks, here we are trying to complete the election process and the democrats are out in force interfering with the process which was put in place by our “FOUNDING FATHERS”.  The process is supposed to be free from “undue influence”; but someone needs to inform the democrats what that means.  The voting, notice it is voting, is by the electors which have been elected to represent their states preference.  That is a simplistic view but that’s it in nutshell.  These protestors/harassers are calling by phone and texting, approaching electors at work and demonstrating outside their homes.  This is wrong in so many ways.

Now, the same bunch of malcontents are in an uproar over Russia’s possible interference in our election process, but they have brought forth no true evidence.  It is supposed to be the “email dump” that the Russians might have been backing that has these people calling for an “interference flag”.  None of the democrats have stated the emails were false. But the fact is they wrote them and just did not want you, the public, to know how they thought.  It simply showed how the democrats really think about the public.  It showed they are elitist and think of the “working man” as beneath them and that they the elitist democrats need to make decisions for these poor stupid souls because they are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.  We, on the other hand, know better and that is exactly why they got the “boot”, their “elitist attitude”.  They still do not realize what happened. And if they did, they would not be trying to interfere with the process.  They still think they, the democrats, know better.

Now let me ask you a question, please?  Russia, as I see it, may have been somewhat involved with the “email dump”. But, that in no way changed the election other than the people got the info the democrats were hiding.  After getting the info, I will admit that some might have said, “well I’m not voting for that puppy”.  Now back to my question as I think I got off track a bit.  Is this interference involving them and the “electors” not what they are “bitching” about Russia doing?  It is even greater because they are “directly trying to influence the elector’s vote”.  This would not be allowed at the voting booth and should not be allowed in this situation either.  Plain and simple it is “voter fraud”.  It is lucky for them that OBAMA’S DOJ is still in position to fade the heat.  The DOJ stood by and did nothing in the election when they had video of two “black panthers” trying to harass voters with bats.  Even with a video, the DOJ hides under its desk.  The AG at that time was Eric Holder just a flunky for Obama.  I wonder were this SP has landed.

Think about this long and hard and you will see that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that they, the democrats, are trying their best to spoil our “free and lawful” election.  We will by the time this hits the presses already know that the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” have once again spoken and rejected their ideas altogether.  Just another win in the process to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

If you like  the following video “Make America Great Again” you can download the song at:

Thanking you for your help in advance.

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