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Boy, now that title says it all! Where the hell have people with “COMMON SENSE” gone? Look around folks and in every walk of life you will find people that “can’t find their own ass with both hands”! It has all come, in my humble opinion, from the education that we seem to value so highly. I’ll be the first to praise a good education; but, what our kids are getting today is not what you and I got back in the day. And, I even wonder about some of you at times! But, I have figured out how you can let me know right up front if you have any common sense and that is by disclosing your party registration somehow. Maybe have it “TATTOOED” ON YOUR FOREHEAD SO THE WORLD WILL BE WARNED! You see not very many democrats, if any, have the common sense gene, and most are also missing the gene for moral/ethics. Funny, but i swear, it works out that way most of the time.

If you think I’m wrong, let’s just take a look. Let’s look at the border crisis and you tell me this administration is using common sense in the effort or non-effort at the border. If you think it is going nicely, then you are a huge part of the problem and then again, we go back to the above, to the part about common sense, and morals/ethics. If you do not recognize the problems, then nothing I will say can help you.

If you think the gas problem or energy of any kind is running along ok, then again refer to the above about common sense and morals/ethics. Open up drilling and watch what will happen to the price at the pump which will also show up at the prices you are paying in the grocery stores.

I could go on and on. But, I’ll only point out one last point as if you haven’t caught on just yet then you have no common sense and are most probably a registered democrat. Let’s look to a problem that we country folk have every year. And, that is the problem of the swallows making nest in and around all our porches, barns and patios. The problem is they are messy as hell, and they attract snakes. Snakes love to raid the nest for eggs and young birds. We as farmers/ranchers love to watch as they raise their young, but it is a problem. Well, along comes the government and passes a “law to protect the eggs in the nest”. So, even if you accidentally destroy a nest or kill the young birds or the eggs, you have “broken” the law. Yes, you heard me right that there is a law protecting the eggs or young birds in the nest.

STRANGE ISN’T IT THAT WE HAVE A LAW TO PROTECT THE EGGS OF THE UNBORN BIRDS BUT THE DEMOCRATS WANT NOT TO PROTECT THE UNBORN HUMANS! But, if we use the new “gender rules”, maybe, just maybe, this unborn may identify as a bird and therefore is protected. Now again, does this not point back to the above mentioned, of common sense and morals and ethics. In full disclosure, I have not completely checked out all the points of the law but it appears to be true and simply wanted to point out the fact.

If you disagree with me, that is your right in this country, but you are most probably wrong. It is a curse that I must carry thru life; and, it is sometimes heavy, but I will struggle to carry the load!


Really, the time has long passed for the American public to stand up for what is right and to retake our country! I have, in past blogs, listed so many of the problems within this Biden administration. So, I won’t do it again; but, I would like to point out a couple of articles which I noticed and feel every American should be made aware. I try to research different sources and relay the information I find in this blog and I hope it helps. I think, by now, most people have decided the DNC is next to a terrorist organization with no morals/ethics. If that is not your opinion, you are welcome to review the following information and feel free to respond. I ask you to respond because unlike the DNC/media in this country I still believe that all have the right to their opinion and to have it heard even if it is stupid, wrong, or even if I do not agree.

Now for the latest, I would like to point to: the Biden crazies have admitted to talks about using Veterans Benefits to serve the “illegals” streaming across our southern border. The fact that we have a crisis at our border is bad enough; but, to take valuable resources from our veterans and transfer those short benefits to “illegals” is completely off the scale. Do those idiots in DC not realize that the veterans benefits are in short supply as of right now? How the hell can anyone even have such a thought form in their heads? If anything, we need to expand the benefits for those who have fought to protect our American way of life. I wrote a song once about our veterans, called “My Marine” and it was to try to pay tribute to all they have done to make our lives better and safer. Check it out at and hope you enjoy. While there, you can check out my other music, too!

If that last paragraph wasn’t enough to get you off your “duff”, then maybe this will stir you up to the point of taking action. The latest remark by President Biden at a union meeting of teachers was that “they are not your children (meaning the parents) when they are in the classroom”. Let me explain that for you people who do not get it! He is saying that when your child is in the classroom that you lose all control and have no parental rights. This is truly how the democrats think! This is not the first time this has been expressed by democrats; if you recall, it was a big factor in the Virginia governor’s race of late. We have laid back and allowed the educational system to be taken over by “liberals” for far too long and it is time to retake the system and in doing so we will retake our country. All these stupid ideas floating around our country today are being made by “idiots” that have been raised by the system. We should have never allowed this to happen and it will take years to correct the problem. I feel it is not the “liberal bastages’s” fault as we allowed our system to be corrupted. And, the sad part is that you, or we, have paid for it with our own tax money. Now is the time to get involved at the local level such as electing good thinking neighbors to help run the local school boards. It is now time for us all to get involved.

I know these points might bother me more than they might bother you; but, let me point out that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to be concerned and to get involved in the way your government is organized and processed. After all, that is what the right to vote is all about–so do it!


Well folks, I have held off for some time hoping this country would wake up but it seems we may be headed for the long eternal sleep! I have never seen such crazy people running their mouths with such crap. Just look at the Jan. 6th committee and the nonsense they accuse people of; or, look at the people they have in prison for over a year and no charges filed. What the hell happened to “YOU’RE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”? I do not approve, nor would I be a part of such a movement; but, the people they have in prison should be charged, given a trail or be released. This Biden administration is not even trying to follow the Constitution. Damn near everything they do is against the Constitution, and no one seems to have the “gonads” to step forward to protect them or our Constitution.

This Biden administration is and will be judged the worst of all time. Just let me make you a list of the things he has done.

  1. Shutting down the Keystone pipeline. (Gas prices thru the roof)
  2. Afghanistan withdrawal (Common sense tells that you keep troops in country until you get all personnel/equipment out)
  3. Open Borders (And then lie after lie as you move illegals with no vaccinations all over the country on flights with no IDs)
  4. Tries to float in paying each “illegal” $450,000 dollars because they were separated from their families. (If they were not entering the country illegally, they would have never had the problem)
  5. Allowing illegals to board flights with arrest warrants as IDs.

Now, after you have read the above and have let it sink in, is there any way you would like to defend any of these points? These are but a few of the things this “JACKASS” has done to try to destroy America. And, we haven’t even touched on the subject of Ukraine and the war that just might ensue. Or, we haven’t mentioned how he is in the pocket of China and Ukraine. He and his entire family are nothing more than a “KLAN OF GYPSY GRIFTERS”! It is a shame that a once strong DNC has been reduced to a communist party trying to destroy America.

None of this makes any “COMMON SENSE”; and, if we, as Americans, do not stand up against this assault on our freedoms, our lifestyle will “go straight to hell in a hand basket”! I am, as a VET, very worried that the liberals have taken over our education system and are producing a generation of sheep. We must take back our entire system from this communist loving Democratic party or we will face an America that none of us will recognize.

Please heed this warning and please do your part to stop this destruction of America. They, the democratic party, have removed GOD from the town square and will soon be coming into your home. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, as they are brewing up a special batch!


You know we only do this once a year; but, I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all of our great veterans and let them know that I know of the gift they have given to this great country we call AMERICA! Without their service and sacrifice, we, as Americans, would not have the freedoms we share. And, if truth be known, we all take these freedoms much to lightly. We never think about how our lives could very well be different if not for the blood shed to insure that we are free. Just to mention a few that we have the right of:

  1. FREEDOM OF RELIGION. To practice our religion without the interference of or by the government.
  2. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We can express our thoughts freely on a world of issues and even upon our dislike of government programs and of our leader’s policies. (Try that in North Korea)
  3. FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. We can gather in groups unlike in other countries.
  4. FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS. The most important because without that right all the others would cease to exist. Please remember that fact because our right to carry arms is now under attack and it is the foundation that all our rights rest upon.

There are more, but these are the most important to me. You will never, as a young person in the world of today, be able to truly understand the importance of our freedoms until you no longer have them. The colleges of today preach about freedom; but, they mainly mean freedom for only one view. That is not freedom! You need to listen to both sides of any idea and make up your own mind after you have been taught the process of “CRITICAL THINKING” and the application of using “COMMON SENSE”! This is where the “RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD”! If neither of these things are present, you are very likely to be swayed by a party that backs someone like “BEIJING BIDEN”. THEY HAVE RUN, NOT WALKED, WAY TO THE LEFT OF CENTER IN THEIR QUEST FOR CONTROL!

Let’s just touch on the freedom of speech issue. Do you think people like the SQUAD, I CALL THEM THE SQUAT TEAM, as they really do not know SQUAT about our freedoms, want to use government control to force their ideas down your throat? They do not believe in freedom of speech unless it applies to their speech. That is what I call “COMMUNISM”. Ask anyone in North Korea. Oh, that’s wrong because they can never disagree with their “DEAR LEADER” for fear of death or being placed in a work camp.

Our freedoms are being removed by mandates which are unconstitutional. The government is trying to mandate such things as masks and vaccinations. This is just one area; but, it serves to show that too powerful of a centralized government is always a bad thing. What’s that old saying, “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?” Remember that the next time you go to vote and vote accordingly. Just one more fact or question for you to consider. Do you ever consider how they come up with retirement age being somewhere around 62/65 years of age? Well, when you get there you will know why. But let me point out that “PIGLOSI and BIDEN ARE 82 AND 78 AND NEITHER OF THEM CAN CARRY A THOUGHT. They are both idiots way pass time to pasture, if you get my drift.

Again this started out and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to end on our main point which is…that if you feel free to do as you wish, be damn sure to THANK A VETERAN AND NOT SOME OLD FACE-LIFTED WINCH OF A POLITICIAN! I know it was just another cheap shot; but, I just could not help myself. I am a vet although not one of war, only one by the grace of God.



Alright, now that you have made that decision, let me point out that there are a few hoops that Nancy Piglosi and “Joe and the Hoe” will require you to jump thru before you can even be considered as a qualified applicant to join their party. You know it is a very exclusive club and they only want people of a certain mind set to even be considered worthy of consideration.

First, you have to “pledge allegiance” to all of their stupid ideology beliefs. The first and most important is to destroy the most innocent among us. They believe in destroying life in the womb. They say, “my body my choice”; but, then they say in direct conflict, “you must take the vaccine”. No choice about my body when it comes to that subject.

Next, you must be prepared to call anyone who disagrees with their thinking on any subject a racist. You must, by all means, see skin color, as the most important aspect of anyone. If you believe that character might be important in a person way before skin color, then you can not even be considered. You must believe that teaching children to behave in class and learn reading, writing and arithmetic is racist and was developed as a means to “white supremacy”. And, you must see the whole world today as racist no matter who, what or when.

Next, you must be approving of rioting, burning and looting while calling it a “peaceful process of protesting”. If lives and businesses are destroyed and burned, you must deny the fact and continue to destroy private property. You must rely on government “handouts” and complain constantly that the world is unfair because those that work have so much. Never let anyone convince you that you are not the victim. (Let me tell you here, right now, how to turn $40 into $400. Use a portion of that forty dollars to put gas in your car and go to WORK. Yes that dirty four letter word for a liberal).

You must also be willing to turn over your children lock, stock and barrel to the government. They will raise them from the womb (if they survive) to the tomb. You will not have any part in the raising of your kids. You can not teach them to respect their elders or for that matter each other. And by all means, do not think you know better of how to teach them morals/ethics as you will have to discard any of those that you might have been taught as a child yourself.

These are just the beginning steps as their are many more stupid ideas you will be asked to accept without question. And for THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER LET THE WORDS OF “IN GOD WE TRUST” EVER SLIP PAST YOUR LIPS. To be a member of the club, you must think and repeat that all your rights come from the government, not from “OUR ALMIGHTY GOD”. Now that I have said it, I can never be a “liberal bastage” which is fine with me. The other thing you must never do is to show any common sense on any subject or you will be required to-go-to, sent to, the re-education camp until they are sure you will never think that way again.

Prepare to as John once said, “TO WALK THE LINE” and follow and never think for yourself as that is considered stepping out of line and is “BAD”. They will tell you when to eat, what to eat, when to sleep and when to get up each morning. You will be required to loot and burn when they tell you and never ever be a friend of a policeman as they are bad people according to them and should be “DEFUNDED”.

Defund the the police and then scream and wonder why crime is rising. There again, you must not use the “COMMON SENSE” GOD gave you that proves that without police those “thugs” will prey on the innocent. And, no way, should you protect yourself and your family with one of those awful guns. Just another thing you will be required to believe is that “GUNS ARE BAD” and it is not the criminal that is bad.

I think I have gone far enough now for you to make a decision on whether or not you truly want to be a “LIBERAL BASTAGE”. So, now, you make the decision. Do so wisely, by using the “COMMON SENSE” that GOD gave you!


Well, everyone should be happy as we have now found all the knowledge you will ever need.  Just ask a “teenager”.  CNN, and all the media, have just discovered this “river of knowledge” that we have been ignoring for years. Teenagers, as it turns out, now have all the answers to how to stop “school shootings”.  Now, “COMMON SENSE” would tell you that if they are that smart then we should be listening to them on a wide range of subjects.  They, the teenagers, have said they know about government and how it works.  They have said that more “gun control” will stop the shootings and that the NRA is “BAD”. If they are really that smart, then “you” should also have them handle all your finances.  Good luck on your retirement. They blame “TRUMP” for the shooting in Florida; but, who was responsible for the “SANDY HOOK” shootings, OBAMA?  This is just pointed out to make a point that the “President” isn’t and never has been responsible for any of the shootings.  BUT, remember now, this teenager thing is our new wealth of knowledge. BS. Like “putting a fox in charge of watching the hen-house”.

Let’s just look at a few cities that have the strongest gun control. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, D.C., or NYC.  All of these cities have been controlled by democrats for 30/50 years and have horrible crime ratings.  Whatever we are doing in Fischer, Texas is what we need to follow in the rest of the country because there is very little crime here.  AND WE HAVE NO GUN CONTROL HERE. I guess that is wrong because most of us have a lot of guns and we control them.  Funny how it works here but would not work everywhere.  I can’t even remember the last “murder” we had here. We have very few to no “home invasions” as everyone knows if you break into a house here you will be shot. And, I should point out, that if you come up any drive to “take away” someone’s guns you will be shot.

Let me run this “COMMON SENSE” stuff by you once more.  The AR 15 used in the school shooting did not go to the school by itself.  It did not load itself. It did not pull the fire alarm.  This was all done by someone.  Now think about this long and hard! Maybe we ought not blame the AR 15; but, blame the person that did all this. Plus, maybe, he is the one to blame for pulling the trigger. “YA, THINK”?

All the anchors on TV like to call this AR 15 an “assault weapon”.  It isn’t such a thing.  They talk about it as if they have knowledge of it; but, hand one of them a weapon and have them take it apart and put it back together.  They can’t! But, they can damn sure talk it to death. The AR 15 is not an automatic weapon, it is a semi-auto weapon. Just like many deer rifles. And I’d like to point out that I have had them since they first started to manufacture them and none of mine have killed anyone. If it was this awful thing the news people talk about, then at least one of mine would have jumped up and killed someone.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t think this thru and try to solve this problem. But rather I’m saying that listening to a bunch of teenagers is not going to get us very far.  Maybe we should try “HARDENING” the target.  Most of, if not all, the shootings are happening at schools.  What do most or all schools have in common. They are “gun free zones” and the shooters know it.  Ever wonder why they don’t go to banks, large business buildings or most government buildings, like Congress, to do their shootings. Of course, you didn’t ever think of that because it makes “COMMON SENSE”.  You would rather listen to a teenager than use “COMMON SENSE” and there in lies the problem. Maybe we ought to figure out how to spot those individuals who lean to the “crazy” side and put them away or take away their guns. But leave me and mine alone.  Now, who do you want to make that decision, ME? I will be “KING” and I will decide who can have a gun and who can’t.  Do you see where this is heading? Because if you will give up one freedom because the decision is hard, then I’ll make all the decisions for you.  I’ll decide where you can work, what you can drive, what you can eat and who you can love. “KING JERRY” will lay down the law and you will follow it or “there will be hell to pay”. I promise you I’ll treat you good.  Now does this make you like this “COMMON SENSE” stuff better? If you do not like this idea, then how the hell does it make any sense to listen to a bunch of teenagers?


I have met my share of “liberal bastages” in my life and I’ve found that most, not all, but most really have no “COMMON SENSE”.  That is not to say they are not “educated” because most are. But, they are educated to the point that they think everyone else is below them.  Can anyone say “elitists”? And many were raised without social skills. Not that I’m a “social butterfly” because I’m not.  BUT, BUT, BUT, I was raised to sense when to “keep my mouth shut”. Evidently, the “liberal bastages” were hiding behind the door when this lesson was taught. My Mom always taught me that when I was a “guest” in someone’s house to “bite my lip” so to speak so as not to offend my host. After all “it is their home” and my opinion really does not matter.

A short while back, my wife and I had a party and some of the guests happened to be “flaming liberals” and some of them seem to think they know better how we should live our lives. I was sitting on my back patio alone when one of them approached me and the discussion came up about “wild hogs” as they had seen the damage they do around our property.  I explained that they were very destructive and could be dangerous but most of the time not. I explained they run in packs of twenty or so and mentioned that I wrote an article about them and showed a photograph of one with 4″ tusks. This person asks if they were really dangerous; and, I explained that when cornered they could do horrible damage with those tusks. I said that the article pointed out that people in NYC/D.C. did not understand why we needed “automatic” weapons as they do not walk out their door and step into a group of these varmints. He said I was over reacting and no one wanted to take my “guns” away. He went on to say that “Obama” never wanted to take my “guns” away and would not do so even now.  I told him he was half right in that “Obama” or no one will take my “guns”; but, that if he thought the left would not confiscate weapons, he was “dumber than a rock”.  That is a sanitized version and for those who really know me, well you can imagine. He went on to say there were better ways to influence and manipulate people and that I was being manipulated by watching Fox News and all Donald Trump’s racist stuff. In a sense, he was calling me a racist and on “neutral ground” calling me that would and will have a much stronger response.  BUT, just like my Mom taught me, I, as a host, also have a responsibility to try “my hardest” not to offend someone who is a guest in my home.  I’m sure I did offend and for that I’m sorry; but, when you “step on my toes,” I’ll get you off and especially in my own home.  BUT, as Mom always said, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. BUT, I think Mom would have done the same as it was completely wrong to try, on purpose, to offend a person in their own home. BTW, it is always the way “liberal bastages” argue.  They pull the “Racist” card because they can’t win with a COMMON SENSE” approach.

Now having said all this, we as Americans have to find a way to live together and respect one another.  I think I might have just hit upon a way.  If we can just teach some “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”, then it might just work out.  I know we can teach “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”; but, we may have to “beat it into the hard-headed liberal bastages”. And maybe, just maybe, they can teach us “deplorables” something, but I doubt it.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try.



As you might guess from the title, “ME THINKS” this “Queer thing has got plum out of hand”. Maybe I do not understand as it may not even be a “queer thing” but a “TRANSGENDER THING”.  I am no authority on such matters; so, I will only try to approach it from a “COMMON SENSE” standpoint.  I admit I get a little confused with the subject; but, as best I can tell, if you happen to feel like a female today, then they, whoever they are, want you to be able to use the lady’s room although you’re 6″4″ tall, have twenty inch biceps, and have one large enough to do yourself.  Am I missing something?  Yes, again, “Me Thinks so”!  What has this world come to and where the “HELL” is it headed?  I saw a show last night called “Tucker Carlson”.  And, the guest said that people need to ignore science and do as they feel.  The fool even tried to imply that if I feel black, then I must be allowed to change my race.  I thought he was kidding at first, but, this dufuss was “serious as a heart attack”.

I know everyone is going to call me a racist/homophobe but I think of myself more as a “COMMON SENSE BIGOT”.  It does not bother me for someone to feel that I’m whatever they can think up; but, just be careful about expressing your thought about me out loud.  I try to get along with most, but this has finally gone to far.  If you insult me in public, you might just find yourself involved in a “good old ass whooping”  contest and win or lose you ain’t going to want a second helping.

Now, what if I feel like a female? Can I mark that on an app for college entrance or to help acquire a small business loan from the government? What if I feel black? Do you not see where this is headed?  I am a “CHRISTIAN” and do not believe in “QUEER MARRIAGE” which is my right; but, I do not believe in going out of my way to harass anyone.  I try to “live and let live” but just don’t step on my toes.  If I feel like a billionaire, can I have the credit rating of a billionaire and spend like one? Do you not see the stupidity that this all leads to in the end?

The “liberal bastages” of this country have lost their minds.  They have completely lost hold of any small portion of “COMMON SENSE” they might, and I stress the word might, have had in that vacuum they call a head. They argue that we “MUST” pay attention to science when it comes to “global warming” and how the earth and life came to be; but, when it comes to the science of “biology,” they ignore the fact that I have “one and a set to go with it” and women do not.  They also think that if I feel female then I should be able to go into the women’s bathroom.  Let me say this, if you look like a woman and have been going in the stall in the lady’s room and no one has confronted you, “have at it”.  Like wise if you are a “dike” and have been going in the stall in the men’s room then again, “have at it”.  No one will probably ever say a word to you.  Now if I go in there, the women are not going to like having me in their locker room cause I’m telling you I’m not just going to peek, “WHY HELL I’M GOING TO LOOK and enjoy it.  “HELL, I’LL EVEN LOOK AT THE UGLY ONES IF THEY ARE NAKED”.  They may have not been looked at in a long time, and as you liberals always say, we need not discriminate.

So, here I go out into the world trying to convince everyone to just use “COMMON SENSE” and your life will be much simpler and happy.


Hey folks, as all that follow me, and keep up with not only my blog, but also those of you who have purchased one of or both my CDs, know I am concerned about the excesses in our government.  Well, I have discovered another area where we as a country have over extended ourselves for the sake of immigrants.  Sometimes, it is not just for immigrants but we do foolish things for our citizens.  At times, we spend a lot of money to help a segment of our population when it is not necessary.  We do things to solve problems when there is a much easier solution.  BUT NO, our leaders in all their glory and smarts just throw money at the problem.  Your and my money, not their own. And by the way, I thought no immigrants were to be covered by Obamacare.  Just caught that “FOOL” in another lie.

One such problem arose, or came to my attention, the other day when I got a letter from the health insurance company that covers my wife.  Most, if not all of you, have received this letter but like so many things you simply did not notice.  Maybe I noticed just because I’m a GOBY.  Let me explain the term GOBY for you.  When my first grandchild came along, my daughter and son-in-law asked me what name I wanted to use.  I told them it was their job to name the child; and they made me understand, “What name did I want to be called?”  I thought for just a second and replied, “grumpy old bastard” fits me pretty well.  So they took the three letters, added a “y” so now I am “GOBY”.  True story and by the way I’m proud to wear the title and proud of it.  It is like a “badge of honor” and I sparkle with delight when the kids holler, “GOBY, GOBY come here”. I even have other people who have taken to calling me “GOBY”; and it does not offend me even the slightest. Now, back to the insurance “thing-a-ma-jig”.  They, the company, had included a couple of pages, front  and back, of the info in different languages.  I did not count how many languages but there where about 30, maybe more.  Some I had never heard of.  Let me ask you if you have ever heard of Chamorro? How about Telugu? How about Punjabi or Yoruba?  Just how many people or we talking about?  It can not be more than a very few.  For you doubters, just walk around all day and ask everyone you come in contact with if they speak one of these.  And I mean everyone, in business, at WalMart, everywhere you go, then report back to me. If you can find even one, then maybe I’ll “quit my bitchin'”.  They even have it printed in Navajo, Cherokee and Choctaw.  These are native American languages.  Just how many Indians do we have in this country that do not understand and speak English.  None is the answer for all you “liberal dumbasses”. Thank you so very much!!! In order for the government to produce such a document they have to employ someone who can speak and write in these languages.  That cost “MONEY”, lots of “MONEY”.  That is money from you and me as in “TAXES”.  This is done with all government correspondence and is a “WASTE”.  The taxes are higher because they have to pay someone to “sit on their ass” until they need them to write something, I guess.  It is the same thing that WalMart does when they and Home Depot list every item in Mexican.  They have to charge you and I more for every item to cover the cost of doing so; and it does not benefit most of us a bit. Call me racist, or what ever, I do not care; for I have broad shoulders and can carry the load.  Just don’t do it to my face because it might just lead to an “ass whupping.”  Yours or mine, but an ‘ass whupping” just the same.

I can hear it all now, all you people saying, “this is no big problem” and you are right I guess. But, do you not realize all these little things add up to a lot of expenditure that could be avoided?  Always remember, “A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED”.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to save what you can.  It’s a “penny here, a penny there” and soon you have dollars.  So, go out today and do the survey so you can report back to me.  Also, go out and use some “COMMONSENSE” as it is free unless you send me a donation or you buy one of my CDs from the link below.

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Well folks, here we are trying to complete the election process and the democrats are out in force interfering with the process which was put in place by our “FOUNDING FATHERS”.  The process is supposed to be free from “undue influence”; but someone needs to inform the democrats what that means.  The voting, notice it is voting, is by the electors which have been elected to represent their states preference.  That is a simplistic view but that’s it in nutshell.  These protestors/harassers are calling by phone and texting, approaching electors at work and demonstrating outside their homes.  This is wrong in so many ways.

Now, the same bunch of malcontents are in an uproar over Russia’s possible interference in our election process, but they have brought forth no true evidence.  It is supposed to be the “email dump” that the Russians might have been backing that has these people calling for an “interference flag”.  None of the democrats have stated the emails were false. But the fact is they wrote them and just did not want you, the public, to know how they thought.  It simply showed how the democrats really think about the public.  It showed they are elitist and think of the “working man” as beneath them and that they the elitist democrats need to make decisions for these poor stupid souls because they are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.  We, on the other hand, know better and that is exactly why they got the “boot”, their “elitist attitude”.  They still do not realize what happened. And if they did, they would not be trying to interfere with the process.  They still think they, the democrats, know better.

Now let me ask you a question, please?  Russia, as I see it, may have been somewhat involved with the “email dump”. But, that in no way changed the election other than the people got the info the democrats were hiding.  After getting the info, I will admit that some might have said, “well I’m not voting for that puppy”.  Now back to my question as I think I got off track a bit.  Is this interference involving them and the “electors” not what they are “bitching” about Russia doing?  It is even greater because they are “directly trying to influence the elector’s vote”.  This would not be allowed at the voting booth and should not be allowed in this situation either.  Plain and simple it is “voter fraud”.  It is lucky for them that OBAMA’S DOJ is still in position to fade the heat.  The DOJ stood by and did nothing in the election when they had video of two “black panthers” trying to harass voters with bats.  Even with a video, the DOJ hides under its desk.  The AG at that time was Eric Holder just a flunky for Obama.  I wonder were this SP has landed.

Think about this long and hard and you will see that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that they, the democrats, are trying their best to spoil our “free and lawful” election.  We will by the time this hits the presses already know that the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” have once again spoken and rejected their ideas altogether.  Just another win in the process to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

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