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Everyone has an opinion on this “CHINK FLU” thing that seems to have the world on hold as we speak. I really do not want to try to influence you one way or the other; but, I will try to give you something to think about so that you might make an intelligent decision for yourself. I try hard to discern that the stuff I show here is true; but it is hard, as everyone knows, to wade thru all the info about the virus where there is a lot of misinformation being represented as fact. So, I will try to give you things you can check out. Most of what I put here in this blog is as close to the truth as I, just a “COMMON SENSE” guy, can get it. Always check things out no matter “WHO SAYS WHAT”. Please review the following and try your best to make the right and safe decision for you and your family as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Dr. Fauci, has said that President Trump has taken the virus outbreak seriously “from the beginning”.


In January, when Trump declared a “humanitarian and security crisis”,  Senator Schumer, speaking while standing next to Speaker Pelosi, said Trump was trying to “manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration” or something very similar. Might that be trying to negate the effects of the impeachment hearings they both were invested in other than the virus?

  • The leader of the DNC also called the virus crisis “manufactured”.
  • Senator Warren also tweeted, “we are not falling for the fake crisis”.
  • AOC described it as a “crisis that doesn’t exist”.
  • Jan. 14th—the WHO (World Health Organization) sent out a tweet stating no human to human transmission of the virus.
  • Jan.24th—Dr. Fauci (NIAID) said Covid-19 is not something the American public should be concerned about.
  •  Jan. 24th—Joe Scarborough and Minka tell everyone to worry more about the seasonalflu than about the Coronavirus.
  • Jan. 29th—Joe Biden said that the travel ban between US and China was “XENOPHOBIC”.
  • Jan. 30th—WHO calls the virus an emergency.
  • Feb. 2nd—NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot says, Risk to New Yorker’s is low.
  • Feb. 24th—Speaker Pelosi calls for all to come to “Chinatown” it is safe to gather. No virus.
  • Mar. 2nd—NYC Mayor DiBlasio and Bernie Sanders both said they would not restrict travel because of the virus.
  • Mar. 20th—MSNBC’s Rachel Maddcow bashes Trump for talking about  hydroxychloroquine calling it a “fairy tale”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            More info— Deaths from different things world wide, most are annual figures:
  • Covid-19 virus—46,438
  •  Seasonal Flu—121, 122
  • Malaria—246,121
  • Traffic Fatalities—338,715
  • HIV/AIDS—421,808
  • Cancer—2,060,730
  • Abortion—10,665,130

As you might see from the numbers and the statements above, there is enough “BLAME” to spread around; but, that is not what this about. This is to get you to think for yourself and to try to help you do so. Has the Trump administration made mistakes also? Sure they have. The “only way to not make mistakes is to sit on your as and do nothing”. How do you like that “COMMON SENSE” and how it just got slid in there? Please use all the “COMMON SENSE” you can “muster” to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound during this mess. As I always say, “IT only makes COMMON SENSE to do so”.


Disclosure: The info within was gather from a variety of sources and I have checked them as best I can. The numbers are, of course, changing so fast that they are false before you can get them printed. Please accept this “with a grain of salt” and please, please use “COMMON SENSE” and be safe.



























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  1. Elaine W on said:

    Here’s my two cents: These figures are taken from an article written by Don Huffines, “a disproportionate response to the fact that, as of April 14, 318 people have died out of 29 million Texas residents, which is a 0.0000109 percent total fatality rate.” Given that, we have been duped into doing all this stay-at-home, ruining business, loss of jobs, government spending out of control….and for what?
    Yes, we might save some lives, but folks this is no worse of a death rate than everyday deaths as stated in figures in blog.


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