My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, I know a lot will holler about my term “CHINK FLU”; but, I only do it to get your attention and to irritate the “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. I just love “poking them in their ass with a sharp stick”. HAHA! What can I say, it’s fun for this “OLD REDNECK COWBOY”.

But now, all kidding aside, let me lay out some facts as well as I can check them for you to consider. Let me ask you: how long has it been since you heard anything about the protest in Hong Kong? I bet it was just as all this virus stuff started in Wuhan City! If so, is there any coalition between these two things? Funny how the protesters just disappeared! I’m not sure; but, someone needs to check it out and I do not mean the “liberal bastages” of the main stream media because they are as bad as the Chinese when it comes to lying.

Another thing that sticks in my craw is that Shanghai is about 525 miles from Wuhan while Beijing is about 720 miles from Wuhan and neither of these cities have been hit as hard as NYC which is about 7500 miles from there. Shanghai is the economic center of China and Beijing is the government capital of China. How many of the leaders of the Chinese economic center have been stricken with this virus and how many of the government leaders or the military leaders have contracted the virus? I do not really know as you can’t believe any thing the leaders of China tell you; but, I certainly haven’t heard of any leaders of the government or of the economic leaders having been sickened by the virus. That just seems strange to me to say the least. All the business centers in China are now open; but, the same centers in Italy, Iran, US and most of the European countries are still in distress. Not even one of the leaders in China has even tested “positive” for the virus.

Just today Paris is closed, NYC is closed, Tokyo is closed as well as Delhi and Mumbai. Something is not right as Wuhan is open as is Beijing and Shanghai. Sure makes you wonder if the Chinese have more info than they are sharing. The markets of most of the other countries have taken a huge hit, but in China, “not so much”. Could this be a bio/chemical weapon to destroy most of the economies of the world so as to give the Chinese economic supremacy? I do not know…but then that is “above my pay grade”.

This is just a thought spinning around in my head. Some where in this, that stuff called “COMMON SENSE” has to grab hold and make me ask: Do the Chinese have an antidote/vaccine for the virus that they are not sharing? It may have started out to end the protest; but, then they realized they could put it to better use in destroying the economies of all these nations and making them the economic leaders of the world. Like I said it is above my “pay grade” but it is interesting to think about.  It only takes a little “COMMON SENSE” to question “what the hell is going on in the world”; and if you are not questioning these things, then you might be one of those “sheep being led to slaughter”. Let me know what you think.


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