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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know of the good work that this troop, 0318, did on their “THANKS TO VETERANS” assembly this last week. I was lucky enough to score an invite as an old VET and it was a great get together. We had all the girls and families in attendance; but, I was also one of six veterans who attended the function. I really thought of maybe not attending. Although I am a Vet, I do not feel special and did not want anyone making a big fuss about my service. Looking back in retrospect, it was my honor to have served this great nation. Boy am I glad I did attend! It was an additional honor to address and associate with these wonderful young ladies.They made me and all the Veterans feel appreciated in every way possible!

I happened to take along my “dog tags” and they were interested in them; but, the thing that caught their eye the most was my “Basic Training Book” from the time I spent in training at Fort Bliss, Texas. The book is a walk back thru time in all aspects of the training we received during our 8-week time on base. We also spent some time training in New Mexico; and when I completed my training, I was shipped to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The girls really got interested in the what’s and when’s of the training and listened intently to the stories this old VET had to tell. There were many questions about the old days and the old ways from back then.

I received the invite as my granddaughter is a member and my daughter is one of the wonderful group of lady councilors who are furnishing guidance to these young girls. They are trying to instill in them the respect and reverence for the flag, their country and for their elders. From what I saw, they are doing a great job. The girls had made gifts for the Vets, and they furnished snacks for everyone.

I wished I had thought earlier about what I wanted to take; because I would have taken the song,”My Marine” that I wrote for a friend whose son had joined the Marines and it was really hard on her to let go! The song might have helped the girls realize even more so of the sacrifices made by the soldiers themselves; and, also the sacrifices made by the families of all military personnel. If you would like to hear the song, please check the link below.

And once again, I’d like to thank all involved for the work in making all of the VETS feel such appreciation! Believe me it will be remembered! I visited with each, and every VET and they all felt the same. It only makes COMMON SENSE to teach our young people about what our VETS have done for this country.


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