My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, this is the question of the day! I really feel the country has lost its way under Biden! He can’t seem to get a grasp on all the problems; and he can’t seem to tell the truth! He has completely lost touch with the country and cannot furnish the leadership needed to “right the ship” and set sail on a new course.

The border crisis is going from bad to worse under his leadership. He hasn’t been to the border to observe the crisis and he has no representatives there to advise on the crisis. He seems to think it will disappear if he simply ignores the whole deal. The powers to be, along with the help of the media, keep discussing Title 42 as though it’s some type of magic cure. They are simply using it as a shield to hide behind, or to keep from discussing the real problem. It is what they always do. They show you a shiny object on one hand while hiding the truth behind their back with the other hand. Simply line the border with the military and fire a few shots and turn everyone away. No “ifs, ands, or buts, no one allowed to cross”! In short order, the flow will be stopped. Some say some will die and that is true; but, there were some 900 killed trying to cross this last year. If only 8 or10 are shot, then the rest will turn tail n run! The cartel are war combatants; so, does it really matter? It is time for Americans to stand up for Americans and improve our country and the opportunity to find decent jobs and houses for our people. High time to worry about our folks and not folks in faraway lands where most of the residents hate us!

It is also time to reverse the “satanism in our schools”! What has happened in our schools is nothing more than horrible. We are promoting “drag queens” and “transism” in our schools which has a direct tie to the removal of God and his “TEN COMMANDMENTS” AND A TIE TO “SATANISM”! Boy did Madeline O’Hare make a mess of our schools. We need to put prayer back in our classrooms and teach the “TEN” in order to see an improvement. Remember we have the right to “freedom of religion” not the right of freedom of religion. Although, if you do not want to pray, you should not be forced to do so. Remember, “HE” gave us free will to choose and choose we must. We need to get back to teaching discipline, work ethic and reading, writing and ‘rithmatic! It did wonders for me! HAHA!

I prayed for years every night for the “GOOD LORD” to intervene in the killing of the most innocent and sure enough HE did so. I admit it took years; but, that is a lesson in itself. HAVE FAITH n KEEP PRAYING as HE will hear and answer sooner or later. HE will do so on his schedule not on yours. It took some time; but, “HE GOT-ER DONE”! I now pray every night for HIM to restore common sense and to help us solve our border crisis. Laugh if you will; but, I know HE is working on those things as well.

Always remember, GOD makes no mistakes; but, HE “does work in mysterious ways”. I have always believed in the power of prayer and will continue to pray for our country and would love to have you join me in that effort. This blog is meant to jog you into trying to use the “COMMON SENSE” HE gave you to help solve your problems. Therefore, it only makes good old “COMMON SENSE” to use it and to pray for the improvement of our country. Let me slip in one more fact for you to consider. America is the best n last hope for our freedoms. So, if she fails, you have nowhere to turn to. So do us all a favor, and tonight when you “LAY ME DOWN TO REST”, please pray for her to survive!

I will stop for now. But, there is more to cover; so, stay tuned for more things to ask Him to help put our country on the straight and narrow!


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