My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


It is amazing how many people have overlooked the fact that Hamlin’s misfortune got a complete stadium praying along with 2 football teams of players and coaches, thousands of viewers on TV not to mention Twitter came alive with prayers! Stop and consider what this says in today’s “woke world”! In today’s world, you can’t hardly mention the “ALL MIGHTY” on a TV program without catching fire from the woke community. The old saying is “GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS” and that seems to be true in this instance. This was prayer from millions of people for the recovery of this player and it seems right to everyone. Where is the “woke world” with all their hate filled stances on this subject? I’ll tell you where! The sheer numbers sending prayers had them running scared! They, “the woke”, realized they would have everything thrown in their faces if they made any remarks during this accident! This is not normal for “the woke” to run and hide!

Maybe this is simply “HIS” way of showing the world that “HE” is still in charge. Now, I know this will offend some that might stumble upon this blog; but, I do not care. I have always been a “BELIEVER” and will remain so no matter the fire that they, “the woke”, might throw my way. After all, that is one of our rights granted by “GOD” not by man! I fully intend to stand up for all my rights; and, “here it comes again”, I pray that the millions who prayed for Hamlin will stand with me! “THE ONLY WAY WE LOSE IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING”! I for one intend to stand and fight until the end for my “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”!

Simply stop for a second and realize no preacher in the world could get that many of millions of people praying at one time! The only one with that power is the “MEGA PREACHER” of all time! Yes, and that happens to be the “GOOD LORD” himself! He drew crowds of thousands back in biblical times and is drawing millions to prayer in today’s world. Maybe, just maybe, you should pay attention if you haven’t already. Maybe it is time for you, as the song says, to admit “I SAW THE LIGHT”. What a great old song! It is by one of country music’s greatest stars, OLD HANK, himself. BTW, I will have a new song up on my site soon called “I FOUND THE LORD”. Check it out if you have a chance at Hope you like it.

After all the smoke clears, maybe, this might convert a few to follow Christ; and, if so, then I have been a “PRAYER WARRIOR” and maybe that was my calling. Remember prayer still works in today’s world and it never hurts to hedge your bets. I’m going to continue with my prayers and here is an invitation to each and all to join me. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. Remember, once you start you will have a direct line to “HIM” and he will always be there for you in your time of need.


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