My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


That should be the question before any more funds or equipment are released to Ukraine! We do know one thing for sure. The President of Ukraine was the same guy that all the media was calling President of a corrupt government when he and Trump had their phone call. All, and I mean all, the democrat support staff, the mainstream media, were yelling as loud as they could that Trump was doing business with the corrupt President Zelensky and asking him to find dirt on the democrat candidate. Now all of a sudden, this same President, according to the media, is such a hero; and we, the United States citizens, should send him over 100 billions of dollars of our tax dollars in equipment and cash.

Kind of like send Al Capone money back during probation period and thinking he would do good deeds with those funds. I know, everyone will holler that Capone was a crook and gangster. Well, open your eyes so is this Zelensky guy! That is according to all the media when he and Trump had their conversation. But it seems he is now the media’s new “GOLDEN BOY” that they want to use. Nothing to see here so move on they say. It is funny or sickening how they speak out of both sides of their mouths.

There should be an in-depth investigation as to where all the funds are being spent before he is given any more funds. If they look hard enough, I’ll bet they will find that a large portion of the funds are directed to a private account under his control. Remember, “TIGERS DO NOT CHANGE THEIR STRIPES” so I’m betting he hasn’t changed his stripes either! It is a shame; but for some reason, Biden wants to send him unlimited funds! Do you think it might have something to do with the funds Biden’s son was paid for his time on the board of the gas company. As for my own self, I feel the Biden Criminal network may be the beneficiaries of some of those funds or at least it is a payback.

It would not be a surprise to find there is a lot of corruption in the funds you are sending to a corrupt person. As mentioned, you can certainly go back to the film for Trump having those calls and verify that the media was saying the whole country of Ukraine was corrupt. The media reported at the time that Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I guess it is only COMMON SENSE to realize that a corrupt county has to have a corrupt leader.

So, here we are still sending billions of dollars to what the media knows to be a corrupt leader and country and expecting good to come of it. What is that old saying about the definition of insanity? I for one think the people in charge of sending all these funds just might be insane or there is more corruption than ever thought. With all the electronic info we have in today’s world, I’m sure if the media wanted to know then it would be an easy task. The media is simply so corrupt that they will use a double standard when certain people or subjects are brought up.

The media in this country has to look the other way on so many subjects and it should cause them sleepless nights. These other countries of which we spoke and of which the media speaks are not the only ones which are corrupt. The media here in the USA needs to cleaned out as they have become complicit in the corruption in this country. It is a shame, and it has ruined a fine profession. It only makes COMMON SENSE to question where you get your information in today’s world.

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