My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Listening up now, as I have something that has been eating away at me for some time. And, I do not want to assume anything as we know what that does! But, the new polls that have surfaced in the last few days are of grave concern to me. Not so much for myself but for my child and grandchildren. I’m of the age that more than likely these polls or attitudes of the country will not affect me much. But for them and all you “whipper snappers”, it might make your life “HELL ON WHEELS”!

These polls show a huge decrease in the people who feel patriotic about this great country called America. Whether you realize it or not, we, Americans, are living in the greatest country to ever exist. We have untold freedoms, although some are trying to limit them. Please wake up and realize that if you do not become patriotic and stand up for the fight, the country will wither on the vine. I still get a tear in my eye when “OLD GLORY” goes marching by in a parade. It is a symbol of what I and many others served our time trying to preserve–the freedoms you have and don’t appreciate, and it makes me mad as hell. The price for all the freedoms you have today is the “blood, sweat n tears” of the men and women of the past that gave of their time energy and love for this country! And it is high time someone explained it to you. So, the next time you meet a veteran thank ‘um and ask them what you might do to repay the debt you owe. Yes, it is a debt; but, one you will never fully be able to repay no matter how hard you try.

It also came to light that many feel they no longer need or believe in religion. Let me tell you, I’ve never met anyone who ever met or served with a veteran in a “FOXHOLE” who did believe, and I mean really believe! When the chips are down, and it comes down to the time for nut cutting, somehow most will fall to their knees and ask for his grace. I know because I have been to that point several times in my life and believe you me it will bring you to your knees if you have the strength to kneel. It breaks my heart to realize that so many may not believe in the “ALL MIGHTY”! Just stop and think of the miracle of life and how it came to be that you are here on earth! Then just thank the “GOOD LORD” that he placed you here in America! It makes me no better in “HIS” eyes, but I have read the book from cover to cover. If you do so, you will recognize times in the book that remind you of times in your life where HE has delivered you from evil and hard times while you were oblivious to the fact. The recent revivals at some of the colleges are wonderful events and is lifting my spirits some; but, we need a complete Christian reawakening in this country.

Now, to the last point, and I will crawl down off my soap box! The polls show that many are abstaining from marriage and raising a family. Let me once again tell you youngsters that there is nothing more satisfying than finding the love of your life and bearing forth children from that love. Believe me I know as I speak from personal knowledge on the subject. I have been blessed by “HIM” WITH A WONDERFUL WIFE OF 48 YEARS, A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER, A GOOD CHRISTIAN SON-IN-LAW, AND MY TWO ROWDY GRAND KIDS! And they are the “APPLE OF MY EYE”! HERE IS HOPING THAT THIS MIGHT SPUR YOU INTO THINKING DIFFERENTLY ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND THE CONTRIBUTION TO THIS GREAT NATION, “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”!

And never let anyone at any time convince you otherwise about how great this country has been, is, and will be in the future if we simply put forth the effort and turn to GOD always. After all it has brought us thru some tough times and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to continue to march forward praising HIM all the way!


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