My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey folks, I happen to be watching “Gunsmoke” last night and the moral of the story was about education. It was about a father back in those days that did not see the benefit of learning from a book; but, felt practical experience on the farm was all that a kid might ever need. In the end, he did realize how it might help to have book learning along with the practical stuff. It brought out the point that the “Farmer’s Almanac” would help his crop production. It got me to thinking about how our education system might or is failing so many kids of today. Now, I’m no wizard as all can note from my writings; but, I can at least write. It came to me that we just might need to change how we educate the children of today to give them what they will need to be successful in our world of the future.

Now, having said that, I feel we are not giving the children of today a fair shot as we are not concentrating on reading, writing and rhematic! A large percentage are not taught critical thinking in higher ed and seem to want to yell down speakers instead of listening and making a thoughtful decision about the topic. It seems that the schools themselves have become basins of liberalism where the educators themselves have been “brain washed” into thinking social situations are more important than actual hard-core subjects. It is fine and they certainly need exposure to the LBGTQ world or the Trans world, etc. but come on folks, “DRAG QUEEN” shows for elementary school kids? Something is “DEAD WRONG” with this kind of thinking. It starts out early and continues all the way thru college. Most of the college students of today can’t think their way out of a paper sack. They are not smart enough to out think “their own ass if it turns on them”! I know this is true because the industry I happen to be in has a lot of younger people and most can’t find their ass with both hands and a flash lite!

It seems we have allowed the educational system to become rotten from the liberal policies of the left. How does it make any “COMMON SENSE” to shout down someone simply for stating their opinion which happens to be different from yours? I run into people on a daily basis that have opinions on a variety of ideas that are different from mine; but, I must be able to work thru those differences to complete the task at hand. That is what I call critical thinking; although, it is not a true definition. Sometimes it is evident from the start, or it may take a while to learn, that the person thinks differently from me. But, it is my job to stay calm and get the job done anyway.

We must turn this education thing around or we will fall behind the world in most all industries. Our system has turned from an educational into an indoctrination system and it is failing the needs of all industries. We have turned into the opposite of the “Gunsmoke” situation. We are trying to produce robots that think just as the “professor” thinks and he has never held a real job in the real world. It is a lot like a lot of our politicians in the world that want to tell us “How to” although they have never had to do it themselves. It is not really their fault as that is what our system has produced. Does the name Joe Biden come to mind? Well, it should as he is one of those politicians who has never had a real job in the public sector where he was required to produce benefits or he was fired. All he has ever done is work for the government. Just for clarification that is kind of what we are producing out of our colleges today.

This is the reason we have seen so many families choosing to “home school” their kids and why the enrollment in “Christian” schools has jumped as of late. The state collects taxes for education; but, does not produce a product that the parents can except, so they find a better mouse trap. This means that many are paying double to get their children educated and that is not what the system promised. So, we will only see more families abandon the system in the future and the educators will be out of work; but, only because the system failed them also. It is only ‘COMMON SENSE” that this will happen as the parents and employers only want a better educated public.


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