My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, here he comes again folks! He showed up on CNN for a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire and was in his regular form. He sat for about an hour and answered many questions from the public and did a fair country job. No notes or help from the teleprompter whatsoever. He did take the bait that the commentator threw his way about the 2020 election which he should have passed on. He should have simply said, it is what it is, and is in the past and let’s talk about the upcoming election. But alas, he just can’t help himself and has to always be the center of attention.

He should have simply moved on and told her and the public he was there to talk about how he might help the average American family in the future. And, continue with that line of attack all the way until he is either elected once again or “put out to pasture”. But Trump being Trump, he always wants conflict, and he seeks it out. There is something in his makeup that causes this; so, although he did a good job running the country, and IMHO will do so again, he just can’t help himself and it does turn a lot of people off. He has always been confrontational and always will be.

He was correct in that remark about Putin being a war criminal which IMHO he is but it is a negotiating tactic not to call him one at this time. He wants to try to negotiate an end to the war; and, it makes it harder if you are bad mouthing Putin. He said he would end the war in 24 hours meaning he will get a “cease fire” then an agreement from both sides once the “cease fire” is in place. I think!

He will also bring back the wait in Mexico deal, which this administration did away with, to help the crisis at the border. The best thing the public can do is to listen to what the border agents tell everyone who will listen. They say it was much better under President Trump to control the flow of illegals. The news media in many cases does not publicize that fact because they are corrupt and do not give fair and true news. The flow of illegals was much, much lower under President Trump than it is now. That is simply a fact and it shows the stupidity of this administration for not keeping what was working in place.

He also made a great point about what he will do about the high energy and inflation of everything when he said, “drill baby drill”! If you remember, one of the first moves Biden made was to restrict oil production which drove up gas prices. It also drove up diesel prices which is the fuel needed to plow the fields, to produce food, and also to deliver it to your local grocery store. It is also the way your clothes are delivered to the department store and all other products are delivered with the same fuel pushing the inflation to record levels.

Folks, I can’t say if I would like him personally or not. But, if he could simply reduce the price of energy, he could help every American family; and from that standpoint, I’m all for him. We need to get this country flowing again and it all started with the “automobile revolution” and energy is still one of the most important products produced in this country. It is what America runs on and never forget it is what produces all that food that draws your “fat ass” to the dinner table every night. o vote accordingly. After all it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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